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Tayo Odueke (born 21 February 1976) professionally known as Sikiratu Sindodo is a Nigerian actress and producer.


  • I know I will make a good wife. I cook well; I am not the outgoing type. If I am not working, I am at home. It is sad that when people see me outside, they have a different impression about me.
  • Some people that do not have all these things are worse. I do not sleep around; they have a very bad impression about me. When I am dating a person, I make it known. I do not have to hide it that I am dating somebody. If I am dating a person and the person trusts me, my family knows about the person and knows what I can do. I don’t care about what anybody says.
  • I acted as a bodyguard to Segun Arinze’s character in the movie. While on that set, Segun Arinze directed me to a woman who was about shooting a Yoruba movie and that was how I really got into the movie industry.
  • As a child my dad wanted me to become a newsreader while my mother wanted me to become a Lawyer.They have always known that I have passion for acting but my dad didn’t like it. However, when I eventually became famous, he became proud of me.
  • Nowadays, the internet has taken over completely, compared to when I got into the industry. These days, people only watch cable TV, Youtube and other platforms. The number of people who watch terrestial TV has greatly reduced. In a way, it has also killed the industry because people no longer buy DVDs and the marketers are complaining bitterly. We need government to support us so that we can do cinema movies.
  • I am somehow in a relationship right now. My man must be ready made. I also like my man to be very prayerful, loving and caring. I am a very jealous person: I like my man to myself.. I don’t like sharing. I can marry an entertainer because we are in the same industry.
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