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Silent Hill is a 2006 film about a mother who takes her daughter to the town of Silent Hill to confront her debilitating nightmares. When they become separated, the mother must confront the horrors of an alternate dimension, while trying to learn the history of where her child comes from.

Directed by Christophe Gans. Written by Roger Avary.
Enjoy your stay.taglines

Cybil Bennett[edit]

  • You people. You get off the highway from whatever big city, bringing all your sick problems with you.
  • Mother is God in the eyes of a child.

Dahlia Gillespie[edit]

  • Fire doesn't cleanse, it blackens.
  • Evil wakes in vengeance. Be careful what you choose.


  • Dahlia was cast out. Not even the darkness wants her.


  • And I saw the dead, the great and the small, and they were judged according to their deeds.

Dark Alessa[edit]

  • Now the dream of this life must end and so too must the dreamers within it. For over 30 years, they've lied to their own souls. For 30 years, they've denied their own fate. But now is the end of days, and I am the reaper.
  • But you should be careful how you fight evil. Your weapons can turn back on you.
  • When you're hurt and scared for so long, your fear and pain turn to hate, and the hate starts to change the world.


Officer Thomas Gucci: What's it gonna be, city boy? I can put you in jail, or you can go home.
Christopher: And that's your definition of justice, huh?
Officer Thomas Gucci: Many different forms of justice, Chris. See, you got man's, God's and even the devil's. Certain forms you just can't control.

Christabella: Are you a person of faith?
Rose: I love my daughter.
Christabella: That's not what I asked.


  • Enjoy your stay.
  • Not so silent anymore.
  • Once you enter Silent Hill there is no turning back.
  • Population. ZERO.
  • Some towns should never be entered.
  • The game is on.
  • The silence will be broken.
  • Welcome to Hell.
  • Welcome to Paradise.
  • Welcome to Silent Hill.
  • We've been expecting you.
  • Hell has an open door
  • If you wanted a nightmare you've come to the right place


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