Silent Night, Bloody Night

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Silent Night, Bloody Night is a 1972 American horror film directed by Theodore Gershuny.


[Conversation over a telephone switchboard]
Tess: Mr. Butler, are you dialing?
Wilfred Butler: [hushed whisper] Tess, I've come back.
Tess: What's that?
Wilfred Butler: Tess, I want to see you again.
Tess: Hello? Who is this?
Wilfred Butler: You know me, Tess. It's Marianne. Tell the mayor. Tell them all. I'm waiting in my father's house. Tess... it's so lonesome here. Don't be long. [hangs up]
Tess: Hello? Hello? Hello?!

Diane Adams: How old are you?
Jeffrey Butler: You mean how many years have I lived?


  • Patrick O'Neal as John Carter
  • James Patterson as Jeffrey Butler
  • Mary Woronov as Diane Adams
  • Astrid Heeren as Ingrid
  • John Carradine as Charlie Towman
  • Walter Abel as Mayor Adams
  • Fran Stevens as Tess Howard
  • Walter Klavun as Sheriff Bill Mason
  • Philip Bruns as Wilfred Butler (1929) (as Phillip Bruns)
  • Staats Cotsworth as Wilfred Butler (voice)
  • Jay Garner as Dr. Robinson
  • Donelda Dunne as Marianne Butler (age 15)
  • Michael Pendry as Doctor
  • Lisa Blake Richards as Maggie Daly
  • Grant Code as Wilfred Butler (age 80)
  • Debbie Parness as Marianne Butler (age 8)
  • Charlotte Fairchild as Guest


  • The mansion. The madness. The maniac. No escape.

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