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Simon Singh in 2009

Simon Lehna Singh (born 1 January 1964) is an Indian-British author of Punjabi background with a doctorate in physics from Emmanuel College, Cambridge, who has specialised in writing about mathematical and scientific topics in an accessible manner.


  • We are 13.7 billion light-years from the edge of the observable universe; that's a good estimate with well-defined error bars and with the available information, I predict that I will always be with you.
  • Romantics might like to think of themselves as being composed of stardust. Cynics might prefer to think of themselves as nuclear waste.
  • What seems certain is that Pythagoras developed the idea of mathematical logic... He realized that numbers exist independently of the tangible world and therefore their study was untainted by inaccuracies of perception. This meant he could discover truths which were independent of opinion of prejudice and which were more absolute then any previous knowledge.
    • Fermat's Last Theorem (1997)

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