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Singham Returns is a 2014 Bollywood film directed by Rohit Shetty and revolves around DCP Bajirao Singham who is on a quest to track a black marketer with tremendous influence within the political system.

Bajirao Singham[edit]

  • This country wants you not jail [Singham to the youth biker gang]
  • Daya ! break the doors." [Angrily orders to Daya]
  • I dont take, I GIVE
  • Staright and simple countdown of all has been started."
  • I am here to investigate not to hear your ramblings" [Singham to Baba]
  • I have your record since when you blacked tickets at Geity Galaxy cinema. [Singham to Baba]
  • So what's the use of this uniform which makes an officer weak instead of strong? [Singham to CM]
  • Myself Bajirao Singham and I am a Maratha!
  • I cannot arrest them (women) as its against law. Only a female police officer arrests them. [Singham to Prakash Rao]
  • My mind gone mad! [In Marathi]
  • One who has courage ... that is only Bajirao Singham! I am coming."
  • Whoever blamed an honest cop for such a crime, I swear, I'll wreck his life. [Swearing angrily]
  • Your job is to represent the truth and not to increase your channel's TRP[An angry Singham to Reporter Meena]


  • Dont let those bastards!" [in Marathi]
  • You are hiding something from me Singham and whats that? [Questioning to Singham]
  • Want to open my business of Salon all over India" [Sharing her experience with Singham]


  • "People used to get fooled easily. Here we ask your favorite fruit is mango and mango is everyone's favorite. [Talking with Prakash Rao]
  • We will attack on hopes of every candidate of Guruji [Angrily to Prakash Rao]
  • If you complete B.A two times still you cannot reach uptill my level [To Prakash Rao]
  • Singham, your brakes are in my control and I have your full kundli (data) in my hands [Taunting Singham]

Reporter Meena[edit]

  • You won't improve, will you, Singham? [To Singham]


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