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Sinister Hands is a 1932 film about a millionair that is murdered during a séance.

Directed by Armand Schaefer. Written by Oliver Drake, based on the Norton S. Parker short story "The Seance Mystery".


Mrs. Lang: No, I couldn't get it Swami.
Swami Yomurda: He would not give it to you.
Mrs. Lang: Not only that, he was cruel in his refusal, abusive.
Swami Yomurda: The present is filled with evil foreboding Mrs. Lang.
Mrs. Lang: What do you see Swami?
Swami Yomurda: I see great trouble, disaster, I see the cause of your present unhappiness. I see great crowds, confusion and excitement, I see a tall dark man, who will have great influence in your life.
Mrs. Lang: Can you tell me who this man is Swami?
Swami Yomurda: The magic ball is still, the face is shadowy, the name eludes me. Prehaps it will come to me presently. I see tragic events that will alter your entire future. I see sorrow, despair, and again I see vaguely this tall dark man, he's about to speak. Ah, he fades from view, another man, I see the cause of your present unhappiness removed.


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