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“Everybody thinks that God created man. And everybody lives with this belief. But it is very difficult to understand this truth: God did not create man, God became man.”[1]
- Sirshree founder of the Tej Gyan Foundation [2]

Sirshree is the founder of the Tej Gyan Foundation. The Tej Gyan Foundation is a humanitarian organization based in Pune, India. The objective of the foundation is to create a “highly evolved society” through the motto of “Happy Thoughts”.[3]


Quotes from the book '365 Happy Quotes - Daily Inspirations'[4] authored by Sirshree ISBN-13: 9788190781756

New Year[edit]

  • We cannot welcome the New Year by holding on to the old. We can welcome it only when we are ready to transform ourselves for the new.

Abundant Nature[edit]

  • There is abundance, there is more than enough in Nature.

Aim high[edit]

  • Those who understand the laws of Nature never aim small.


  • When you can allow yourself to become sad, you can also allow yourself to become'happy.


  • Whatever be the reason for anger, it always results in repentence and guilt.


  • As are your beliefs, so are the proofs you will get. The more proofs you get, the stronger will your beliefs become.


  • Just as the antidote for a snakebite can be found in its venom, the solution to a problem lies within the problem itself. The remedy for a disease lies within the disease itself. The answer to a question lies within the question itself.


  • Attachment to status, power, wealth or comforts gives rise to ego. It is ego that separates man from God.
  • If there is attachment, there are desires. If there is no attachment, there are no desires. If there are no desires, there is no possibility of anger, hatred, aversion, envy or sorrow.
  • Become unlimited. If you want to attain the unlimited, then you ought to be unlimited.


  • As are your beliefs, so are the proofs you will get. The more proofs you get, the stronger will your beliefs become.


  • Let bliss succeed and sorrow fail. Bliss arises from wisdom, while sorrow exists due to wrong beliefs.


  • Only when the body becomes a temple does it play the role for the right cause.

Bright Knowledge[edit]

  • It hurts one’s ego to say ‘I don't know’. But to know that ‘I don't know’ is the very first Bright Knowledge.


  • That which you are capable of receiving comes into your life. Therefore, raise your capability and eligibility through consistent practice.

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