Six-String Samurai

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Six-String Samurai is a 1998 post-apocalyptic action/comedy film directed by Lance Mungia.


Bowling leader: That's a pretty nice tuxedo. A pretty nice tuxedo to DIE IN!

Ward Cleaver: You ever try a pink golf ball, Wally? Why, the wind shear alone on a pink golf ball can take the head clean off a 90-pound midget at over 300 yards.
Buddy: So, you don't have a ratchet.

Buddy: Don't touch my guitar, man. Don't even touch my guitar.
Cantina owner: Hollow body six-string, 1957, a good year.

Red Elvises: Whats the matter, comrade death?
Top Hat: You. I asked you to kill one simple guitarist, and what do I get? Dead bald guys. You four have failed me for the last... nice shoes.

Russian lieutenant: Why don't we just shoot him?
Russian general: Are you crazy? We haven't had bullets since '57.

Underground Dweller: If I were you, I'd be run.
Buddy: If you were me, (pushes glasses up) you'd be good lookin'

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