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Skatoony is a children's live action and animated game show.


Season 1[edit]

Knights And Daze[edit]

Adea: Bring it on, princess!
Jasmin: Brash and burn! You're going down!
Adea: You are gonna be out the first round. We are all gonna take you down!


I Stink, Therefore, I Am[edit]

Hoo: Hey! Your laughter is making Hoo angry!
Bigfoot: Don't mind him, Sanja.
Sanja: [continues laughing]
Hoo: Now Hoo angrier!


Skeleton Crew in Da House[edit]


To the Quiz Cave[edit]

Chudd: Welcome back to the Quiz, dangle-drops! Now, pay attention. Because, I'm about to become a hero. [tosses a bucket attached to a rope down] Just Grab the bucket, Hun...[the bucket hits Hunty Morrison and it caused him to fall]
Hunty Morrison: Nice idea!
Sam: [imitates Falling whistle] Splat!


Hoo Loves You, Baby[edit]

Quiziatori Gladihost[edit]


Charles: [after Captain Quills uses his sharp quills to stop the laser from zapping someone] You scorched my new laser scoreboard!
Earl: And saved our contestants!
Quills: All in a day's work for Colonel Quills!
Earl: Hey! I thought it was captain.
Quills: I just promoted myself!


Hooray for Bollywood[edit]

Season 2[edit]

Body Swap[edit]

Sports Academy[edit]

Chudd: [as they were blasted up in the air by a whale blowing a blowhole] Oh. Wow! I can see my house from here. Hi, Mr Baxter! He's my grouchy neighbor.

Space: The Final Soufflé[edit]

Geoff: Whoa! Keep those flames away from me!
Chudd: What's wrong, Geoff?
Joey: I will give you the technical explanation. When CO2 meets the flame, it would create an explosion big enough to wreck this entire quizblock.
Sean: Ka-Blammo!
[The audience gasped]
Chudd: You explode?
Geoff: Big time!
Chudd: Uh. Why can't you just sweat like everybody else?
Geoff: Oh Yeah! That would look great in the dictionary. Hydrogen, a highly sweaty gas. [giggles]
Chudd: I see your point.

Geoff: [farts and turns red] Excuse me!
Chudd: What's up, gassy guts?
Geoff: Remember, what I said earlier.
Chudd: Oh, Yeah! Yeah! You, plus, an open flame, a bit like the one we're heading straight towards equals...
Geoff: [explodes, which sends the Quizblock and Chudd and the Earl away from the sun] Kaboom!
Chudd: [spins around] Oh, Yeah! Kaboom!

Pre-School Problem[edit]

Trash Talk[edit]

Lid-Face: Ugly! I think I'm quite cute! Hello, Nicole!
Nicole: I’ve never seen a garbage can, that's cute, so, Sorry there, Lid-Face!

Izzy: This place could use a spritz of my new perfume. Sweat-Tay! It's sweat. It's a jar of my sweat. Sniff on this, Jacob!
Jacob: I can't breathe!


Stop the Pop[edit]

Inside La Puck[edit]

It Could Be You[edit]

I Spy, You Quiz[edit]

Out to Sea[edit]

Sven: [as the Quizblock along with Chudd and the Earl were flung into the air] My life might be salty!

Chudd: Ice Cream mountain?! What was he talking about?
Earl: I guess he meant [points to an iceberg] That!
Chudd: Iceberg! Right ahead!


Destionation: Moon[edit]

Season 3[edit]


Chudd: This is what I call groovy from the graves. Welcome to a spooky Skatoony special, folks!

Chudd: Oh Boy! This is gonna be the scariest Skatoony ever!

Charles: Chudders! Don't forget! I'm the scariest thing in this here studio! Isn't that right, Kids?
Seairra: [screams]
Rebecca: [screams]
Declan: [screams]
Charles: That's what I thought.

Chudd: So, after the first round, I gotta ask Declan, who do you wanna see out of here?
Declan: I do want to crush Frankie!
Seairra: That's so mean!

Stoopid Santa[edit]

CJ's Birthday[edit]

Amusement Park[edit]

Follow that Quizblock[edit]

Style Trial[edit]

Anne Maria: And you better not be talking about me! The last person that disses my style, I gave his nose hairs a poof!
Charles: Whoa! Whoa! I don't even know what that means, but, it sounds painful.
Anne Maria: And it looks worse!

Pop Video[edit]

Quiz to the Future[edit]

Jimmy: [as they were traveling through time in the time vortex] Best time warp ever!

Broke Charles[edit]

In Your Dreams[edit]

[Stephanie begins to feel tired.]
Chudd: Looks like Stephanie's dreaming that she's sleeping. [The audience laughs] In my dream, the audience loves everything I say. They can't stop laughing at me, or should I say with me.
Penguin: [laughs] We're laughing at you!
Chudd: Aah! I'm in the underpants!

Unusual Suspects[edit]

Cafe Le Quiz[edit]

Host of Doom[edit]

Earl: Everybody, calm down!
Exterminator: I will kill you all by drinking your blood!
[Everyone gasped]
Earl: A robot vampire?!


  • Jonathan Wilson as Chudd Chudders
  • James Rankins as Earl
  • Jeff Lumby as Charles La Puck

Guest Stars from Total Drama[edit]

  • Scott McCord as Owen (Guest stars in Knights and Daze and Unusual Suspects)
  • Carter Hayden as Noah (Guest stars in Invasion)
  • Julia Chantry as Eva (Guest stars in I Stink, Therefore, I Am)
  • Katie Crown as Izzy (Guest stars in Pirates and Trash Talk)
  • Brian Froud as Harold (Guest stars in Sketleton Crew in Da House)
  • Stephanie Anne Mills as Katie
  • Lauren Lipson as Sadie
  • Megan Fahlenbock as Gwen (Guest stars in To The Quiz Cave)
  • Kristin Fairlie as Bridgette (Guest stars in Quizoo)
  • Emilie Claire Barlow as Courtney (Guest stars in Hoo Loves You Baby)
  • Novie Edwards as LeShawna (Guest stars in Quiziatori Gladihost and Broke Charles)
  • Cle Bennett as Chef Hatchet (Guest stars in Superheroes and Cafe Le Quiz)
  • Peter Oldring as Ezekiel (Guest stars in Dinosaurs)
  • Adam Reid as Justin (Guest stars in Hooray for Bollywood)

Guest stars in Total Drama Revenge of the Island[edit]

  • Carleigh Beverly as Dakota (Guest stars in Body Swap)
  • Tyrone Savage as Lightning (Guest stars in Sports Academy)
  • Jon Cor as Brick (Guest stars in Vikings)
  • B (Guest stars in Stop the Pop)
  • Laurie Elliott as Jo (Guest stars in Inside La Puck)
  • Ashley Peters as Staci (Guest stars in I Spy, You Quiz)
  • Caitlynne Medrek as Dawn (Guest stars in Out to Sea)
  • Brian Froud as Sam (Guest stars in Freakshow)
  • Kevin Duhaney as Cameron (Guest stars in Destionation: Moon)
  • Cory Doran as Mike (Guest stars in Halloween)
  • Barbara Mamabolo as Zoey (Guest stars in Stoopid Santa)
  • James Wallis as Scott (Guest stars in Amusement Park)
  • Athena Karkanis as Anne Maria (Guest stars in Style Trial)

Guest stars in Jimmy Two-Shoes[edit]

Minor Cast[edit]

  • Dwayne Hill as Hoo
  • Rick Miller as Hedley
  • Kristin Fairlie as Princess Nebula
  • Dwayne Hill as Zeppo
  • Katie Griffin as Posh Botts
  • Julie Lemieux as Dabs
  • Christian Potenza as Doug
  • Brian Froud as BradZilla
  • Cle Bennett as T-Bone
  • Richard Binsley as Dale/Rex
  • Tony Daniels as Santa Claus
  • Andrew Jackson as
  • Ivan Sherry as Guts Glory
  • Lawrence Bayne as
  • Juan Chioran as Fernando Fernando Fernando

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