Skeleton Warriors

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Skeleton Warriors is a 13-episode cartoon series created by Landmark Entertainment Group, which originally aired in 1994–1995 on CBS.

They're Bad to the Bone.  (taglines)

Repeated Line[edit]

Narrator: These are the Tales of the Skeleton Warriors.

Season 1[edit]

Flesh and Bone[edit]

Narrator: Light. Darkness. The two sides locked within an eternal battle for the hearts and minds of the living. Each side claims its share... but what of those caught in between? Which way will they turn?

Baron Dark: (after seeing his transformation) It can't be. Yet I live... (allowing the power to sink in) I Live! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!

Narrator: Lightstar. Grimskull. Talon. Guardian. Defenders of the Light. Keepers of the Crystal, standing strong against Baron Dark's apocalyptic ambition. They are the last hope for a world in chaos. They seek to heal that which is broken, they fight to restore order to a world out of balance. But... can they?

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