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Skrewdriver was a punk rock band formed in Blackpool in 1976 by Ian Stuart Donaldson. They later became a skinhead band, and later still, engendered controversy by advocating racist and nationalist politics and causes, becoming one of the first White Power bands.


  • If we stand proud and get knocked down, well that's the way it's got to be. And if I die trying, well, I prefer dying to living on my knees.
    • Stand Proud
  • The streets are still, the final battle has ended. Flushed with the fight, we proudly hail the dawn. See over the streets, the White man's emblem is waving. Triumphant standards of a race reborn.
    • Hail the New Dawn
  • European unity, the North Teutonic dream. To scoop to save humanity, leave Europe with the cream. But now our once proud Europe, looks like a melting pot. But melting pots boil over, and it's getting pretty hot.
    • Before the Night Falls
  • Tomorrow is always too late. We should never sit around and wait. Tomorrow is always too late. Get out there and do something today.
    • Tomorrow is Always Too Late
  • It's a time when our old people cannot walk the streets alone. Fought for this nation is this all they get back? Risked their lives for Britain, but now Britain belongs to aliens. 'Bout time that the British went and took their Britain back.
    • Voice of Britain
  • European dream, there's things that should be said. European dream, better dead than Red. European dream, for freedom and for bread. European dream, better dead than Red.
    • European Dream

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