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Skyland (full French title: "Skyland, Le Nouveau Monde", or "Skyland, The New World"), is a CGI animated television series developed in France in partnership with Canada/Luxembourg that debuted in April 2006.

The year is 2251 and the Earth was somehow shattered into thousands of pieces which now orbit what's left of the Earth's core. Many of these floating hunks of rock are habitable and have been colonized by what's let of the human race, who call their strange world Skyland.

Water is scarce in Skyland, and the evil dictatorial government, called The Sphere, tax the survivors heavily. The Sphere is also interested in any human who may be seijins, people possessing telekinetic powers fueled by the sun. The Sphere use seijins to keep its less capable subjects in line.

The Skyland story revolves around a pair of siblings, Mahad and Lena, and their quest to resist, and ultimately defeat, the evil Sphere.

Season 1[edit]

Dawn Of A New Day (1.1)[edit]


  • Leave my family alone!
  • Lena, that's amazing!
  • Track you down?
  • Okay, class. We're almost done. The final lesson comes with a blast!


  • You're ashamed of me because I'm a seijin!
  • I will never be a part of the Sphere. They're theives.
  • You remember when dad gave me this doll?
  • I know why you steal water from the farmers! To fill up the Sphere Leaders' swimming pools! That's why!
  • Way to go, Mahad!


  • Do you want the Sphere to take you away and make you become a Guardian?
  • I don't know how he died, Lena. But I do know he loved you and Mahad very very much.
  • Brigadiers!
  • Go inside the house, Lena.
  • Children, stand behind me.
  • The Guardians will come for us. Life will never be the same again.
  • If the Guardians don't find me here, they'll know I'm in your ship. They'll come after us with an armada. I can't put you in that kind of danger. I won't!
  • Never forget how much I love you. We will be together again.
  • I'll never be a part of your evil schemes! Why do you think I left the academy in the first place?


  • Commander Oslo, a rebellion has been reported on the Babylonia U-27 block. A seijin has whiped out an entire Brigade.
  • NO! She's mine!
  • We have been notified that a patrol ship has just left the area. A direct violation of your orders.


  • No seijin has that kind of power. Except me. Unless... give me the coordinates, Diwan. I'll meet you there.
  • At long last we are reunited, Mila. I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time.
  • Together, we can bring down the fools that control the Sphere. We could rule the world, you and I.
  • So you have children. How wonderful for you. Perhaps you should consider being more cooperative. (rips the doll's head off) For their sake!
  • Find her children and bring them to me!


  • Water tax immediate collection required.
  • No resistance will be tolerated.
  • Attack from unregistered Seijin.


Hanako: You're even crazier than I thought!
Mahad: You love it and you know it!
Hanako: Remind me again why I hang out with you?
Mahad: 'Cause I'm the best.

Mahad: What happened, Shoomdai? You take a wrong turn?
Shoomdai: Okay, Mahad. You're the best pilot in school. For now.

Lena: It's all my fault! I shouldn't have insulted the Brigadiers.
Mahad: No it isn't. I'm the one who attacked first!
Mila: Neither of you are to blame.

Lena: Stop the ship, Mahad!
Mahad: I can't! She's controlling it with her powers!

Lena: Is that what they taught you in pilot school?
Mahad: No, but now you know why I was getting so many detentions.

Diwan: Was this your doing?
Mila: Why yes. They look better in pieces, don't you think?
Diwan: Trust me, you'll pay for this.

Oslo: So, you left the Guardian Academy to come and live in this miserable place?
Mila: No. I left to avoid becoming like you: a Guardian bent on imposing the Sphere's tyranny on innocent people.

Mila: Where are you taking me?
Oslo: To a secret place. Where traitors like you are sent to spend the rest of their days.
Mila: Kharzem Prison.
Oslo: Precisely. You will be our guest there for as long as you refuse to cooperate or until you are no longer useful. Whichever comes first.

Mila: That's impossible... there's no light in here!
Oslo: Impossible for you, perhaps. I have modified my body by sleeping in light day and night. My powers are now boundless and ever present.
Mila: Have you lost your senses, Oslo? No one can absorb that much energy. Your powers will just eat you away from the inside.

Wayan: Locked on target, captain.
Cortes: Stand by for instructions.

Dawn Of A New Day (1.2)[edit]


  • Uh-oh. We've got company.
  • Maybe if I stick close to the big guy, maybe those pests will stop shooting at us.
  • AAAH!
  • Dahlia. Is that Spanish or Italian?
  • Let me fly this ship and watch a REAL pilot in action!
  • This place gives me the creeps...
  • I'm the son of a hero!
  • Don't fail me now. (kisses boomerang)
  • (catches boomerang) Am I good or what?


  • I can't contact that ship!
  • He left me something to remember him by. My doll. Thelia!
  • Thank you, Vector.


  • I'd rather spend the rest of my days in Kharzem's darkest cell.
  • You will never capture Lena. You hear me? My children will defeat the Sphere and you! It's their destiny, Oslo!


  • Guardians are no friend of mine!
  • That's one less Sphere ship for us to deal with. Call back the Mosquitoes.
  • I told you a thousand times before. Never say the name of our block in front of strangers! Cheng, please tell your friend, The Vector, what's going on here. I haven't the patience!
  • The Hyperion!
  • Well, looks like we have ourselves a couple of new crew members. Prepare the landing sight for the Hyperion.


  • So we have powers, do we? Pretty impressive for someone so young. You want to play? Alright, let's see what you're made of.
  • Looks like you've run out of room, young lady.
  • You brats, I'll get you soon!


  • Kharzem Prison. Welcome to your new home.
  • If your daughter is the lady of light from the prophecy... Then she and I will rule together.


Mahad: That's a Pirate ship!
Lena: You think they'll know this Vector guy?
Mahad: Are you kidding? They're pirates! They might have even known Marcus Farrell!

Mahad: Why are they shooting at us?
Lena: Because we're in a Sphere Patrol ship, genius!

Cheng: Shouldn't we rescue the survivors, sir? That was a young girl's voice.
Cortes: It's obviously a Sphere trap.
Cheng: She didn't sound like a Guardian to me.
Dahlia: I'm detecting Sphere Patrollers approaching.
Cortes: See? It IS a trap. Head west, Wayan.
Cheng: I hope you're right. 'Cause if not, we would have left a little girl all alone. On this icy block.
Cortes: (sighs) Turn around, Wayan. we're going to pick her up... I don't know why I listen to you.
Cheng: I didn't say anything.

Lena: Thank you so much for bringing us on board.
Mahad: Especially since we were shot down by one of your trigger happy- (Lena covers his mouth)

Brigadier: The Patrol ship is empty.
Diwan: Search the surroundings. They couldn't have gone far.

Vector: Mila knew Oslo would find her again one day. That's why she sent you to me.
Cortes: You don't look like a baby sitter to me.

The Great Wall (1.3)[edit]


  • Don't forget, Little Phoenix. I'm the one who has to face Cortes if things go wrong.
  • Speaking of the Sphere, we're being followed by three ships. It looks like S-22s!
  • AHH! Oh, it's just a kite.
  • Hang on for the landing!
  • That was a blast!
  • Did you know that they've nicknamed me 'Keeper of The Front Guard' and that they call you 'Keeper of The Rear Guard'?
  • Way to go, little sister!
  • I should have listened to Cortes! Even if we do get out of here alive, he's going to KILL me when we get home!
  • Imagine being trapped for years. Totally silent. And when I think how hard I made it for her.


  • The Vector's got visitors today.
  • Lil' Phoenix hears you.
  • Yeah, not bad!
  • Good bye, Lee! I think Ningxia has found a great new master.


  • MAHAD! Who do you think you are tangling with a Sphere squadron just three miles from Puerto Angel? I forbid you to leave here again without my permission! Understood?
  • Dahlia, open the hatch. We're taking Mahad and Lena off that block. Wayan, deploy the Mosquitoes!


  • Diwan, I told you not to do anything until I got here. I am VERY disappointed in you. I thought my orders were clear.
  • We have lost our opportunity. I blame you, Diwan.

Mogura (1.4)[edit]


Cheng: I got the big one!
Mahad: But you were aiming at the little one.
Cheng: Oh yeah, that's true. But at least I hit one.
Mahad: Right. Just remind me never to put my life in your hands.

Lena: I don't want to take anybody else's water.
Cheng: Don't worry about that, Lena. The drought will be over soon.
Mahad: Yup. The Vector's found a block of ice. We're on our way there right now. It's supposed to be huge.
Cortes: Not anymore, it isn't.

Cortes: That's it. There's no water here. Let's head back.
Mahad: We can't give up now, Cortes. Let's at least go in and take a look around.
Cortes: Look, Mahad, I know you're worried about Lena but I'm telling you the Sphere wouldn't leave even a drop of water behind.
Mahad: Can you guarantee there's not a drop of water in there?
Cortes: We've waisted enough time as it is! We're going back home.
Lena: I think Mahad's right. I can sense something inside the station.

(After a few seconds of pondering...)

Cortes: Wayan, Dahlia... Start the approach procedure.

Cortes: (activates his shock blaster) Looks like we've got company.
Mahad: I hope it's not the Mogura.
Dahlia: (smacks a gun in Mahad's chest) You'll need this. (activates her energy bow)
Cortes: Cheng, find us another way out of here.
Cheng: I'm on it.

(Mogura comes up to the door and forces it open)

Cortes: Aim for it's head! Everybody... Fire!

Mahad: Dahlia, I know you like me but now's hardly the time.
Dahlia: Oh, grow up!
Cortes: Need I remind you that we're running for our lives?

Dahlia: That's the best water I've ever tasted. (throws the bottle at Mahad)
Mahad: (catches it) Wayan, heads up. (throws it at Wayan) I'm not drinking any before Lena does.

Lena: Is that what I think it is?
Cheng: Hey, guys. The Mogura has started moving again. And it's moving fast. Get out of there!

Mahad: I'm glad we've got Cheng. Otherwise we'd be- (runs into a wall)
Dahlia: What?
Mahad: Otherwise we'd be dead meat...

Mahad: Wow. I didn't know Lena could do that.
Dahlia: You can say that again. You almost got us killed! Then she comes along and saves the day.
Mahad: Hey, I'm doing my part.

Cortes: Cheng, do something! Quick!

The Raging Archipelago (1.5)[edit]


  • We've got him safe and sound. We're heading back to Puerto Angel.


Cortes: What makes you think they were escorting Sansken?
Wayan: Well, when we attacked their formation, the Patrollers had plenty of time to blast him. But they didn't. It makes no sense.
Cortes: Aye, you're right. But if he really did escape from Kharzem, he can lead Lena and Mahad to their mother.

Sansken: You wanted to come, so here we are.
Mahad: I love it!
Sansken: You're crazy! (to Lena) Your brother's crazy, you know that?

Sansken: Please understand. I had no choice but to do as they said. They had my children.
Mahad: You lied to us about Kharzem. You sold us out to the Sphere. And this is my ship, and that is my seat!

Eye Of The Storm (1.6)[edit]


Lena: Hey, Cheng.
Cheng: Ugh, these headphones feel like I'm wearing vice-grips. I swear my ears have trippled in size...

Cheng: What's the matter?
Lena: Something's wrong. Mahad knows every route to Puerto Angel like the back of his hand. He could never get lost. Is there any way to listen in on their conversation?
Cheng: Hm... (takes out a hand radio) I could set this to the radio's frequency.
Mahad: (over the radio) We're trapped on an iceburg and it's about to hit Puerto Angel. But he have a plan: We're going to blow it up using the Hyperion's engine reactor.
Wayan: No! That's not a solution!
Dahlia: It's the only way, Wayan.

Mahad: I know I can be a pain sometimes but...

(Lena is shown levitating upward in a seijin orb)

Mahad: It's just that when you're next to me...
Dahlia: Yes?

(Lena is shown in the same scene, only in an overhead view) (Mahad and Dahlia are moving closer)

Dahlia: You should just be yourself... You don't have to show off and brag.

(Mahad and Dahlia were just inches away from a kiss when Mahad's attention is grabbed by Lena)

Wayan: You have a right to show off, for once.
Cortes: Don't encourage him. Nice to have you back safe and sound.
Dahlia: It's good to be back in one piece.
Cortes: You and the kid make a good team.
Mahad: Hah! I'm not taking any girls with me any more. All they ever want to do is flirt and kiss me. It's impossible to fly under those conditions.
Cortes: Dahlia, don't throw him overboard. I need all hands on deck today. Mind waiting until tomorrow?
Dahlia: I'll be counting down the minutes!

(Dahlia chases after Mahad)

Mahad: See what I mean!?

Mutiny (1.7)[edit]


Jelola: Wake up, you lazy lump! We're on the Saint Nazaire. That means that Lena, the rebel seijin with a price on her head, is on board.
Artemis: Lena?

Mahad: Do you trust me?
Dahlia: Well...
Mahad:' Jump!

(Mahad and Dahlia jump over the edge of the Saint Nazaire)

Brig: Fugitives terminated.

Cortes: He better be careful! If he so much as scratches my ship, I'll-
Brigadeir: (walks in, interrupting Cortes) Prisoners must remain silent. You may not speak.
Cortes: Who's going to stop us, you metal plated freak!?

Cheng:(hits his head)

Manipulations (1.8)[edit]


Oslo: Don't challenge me! You know you don't stand a chance.
Dahlia: You don't scare me anymore! Lena was right. This is my house and I'm kicking you out!

Dahlia: Ask me a question.
Mahad: Alright. Something private. Something, only we as a couple, could possible know about.
Dahlia: (scoffs) Dreamer!
Mahad: Wow, it Is you!

King For A Day (1.9)[edit]


Cheng: We can play catch. You can throw me your boomerang.
Mahad: It's a boomerang, Cheng. It comes back on its own.
Cheng: Right...
Mahad: Boring, boring, BO-RING!

Mahad: Cortes treats me like a kid.
Lena: Because you act like a kid.
Mahad: Nice! Thanks a lot...

Cortes: You seem to have a problem with the way I run things around here.
Mahad: Well... I just...
Cortes: You're not coming with us on this trip.
Mahad: What?
Cortes: I'm leaving you behind. And while I'm gone, you are in charge of Puerto Angel.
Mahad: Are you serious?
Cortes: I must be. Since I have no sense of humour. I'll let everyone know. Good luck.

Mahad: Attention crew! Captain on deck. What? No solute for your leader?
Dahlia: This can't be happening... This is a nightmare.
Mahad: I knew it! You dream about me.

Red Rock People (1.10)[edit]


Cortes: MAHAD! Are you totally off your rocker? Attacking an entire brigadier squad. You're lucky you both escaped alive!
Mahad: Yeah, did you see it? I blew them all to bits!
Cortes: And what if a spy patroller had followed you back? You're putting all of Puerto Angel in danger because of all your mindless probottle! I forbid you to leave here again without my permission.
Mahad: You're not my father!
Cortes: And neither are you! Your father was a born leader. Not some kid who wanted to show off.

Mahad: Well, what do we have here? Oslo, helpless?
Lena: Oh, it looks like he used up all his powers to soften the crash.
Oslo: Don't just stand there. Help me get out!
Mahad: You hear how he's talking to us?
Lena: Yeah, what nerve.
Mahad: I think he needs to learn some manners.

(Mahad and Lena begin to walk out)

Oslo: Come back! You've got to get me out of here. Mila wouldn't leave me to die like this. And I'm the only one who can take you to her.

(Mahad marches back to Oslo)

Mahad: Don't you dare talk about my mother! I'm not falling for your tricks, Oslo. Come on, we're leaving.
Lena: We can't.
Mahad: ... Lena, what are you saying?
Lena: Oslo's right. Mother would never let anyone die without trying to help them.

(Lena levitates the I-beam off Oslo's leg while Mahad groans in the background) (Oslo stands up, but with a limp in his left leg)

Mahad: Alright! But if it were up to me, you'd still be under that mess.
Oslo: If I had my powers right now, I'd-
Lena: Please, stop! We both just crashed our ships. Do you really think it's time to fight?
Oslo: You'd be better off listening to your little sister, Mahad.

Oslo: Ten kilometers. I'll never make it that far with my leg like this. I'll wait for you here.
Mahad: So you can radio your fleet and set a trap for us? Forget it. You're coming with us!
Oslo: (stands up) Fine! But I'll need help walking. (holds his hand out to Mahad)
Mahad: You've got to be kidding!

(Mahad is helping Oslo walk across the landscape)

Mahad: (groan) I can't believe I'm saying this, but... I wish you had your powers right now.

Oslo: Are you sure you don't want a drink of water?
Mahad: No thank you. Who knows what you might've put in there.
Oslo: (chuckles) You think I would poison my own water? Tell me, Mahad. You wouldn't happen to be slightly paranoid, would you?
Mahad: Forget it, Oslo. We'll never trust you. Not here, not anywhere.
Oslo: You're absolutely right, Mahad. You should never trust anyone. Your mother taught me that a long time ago.

(Mahad and Lena look surprised)

Oslo: We were inseparable at the guardian school.

Babylonia (1.11)[edit]

Mahad: Tell Shoomday-- tell him. Just tell him... I'm still the best pilot!

Blood Ties (1.12)[edit]


(Mahad and Lena are playing chess in the tavern)

Lena: You can finish your turn any time this year.
Mahad: You can't rush genius. I'm thinking. (moves a game piece) There..
Lena: Finally.

(A waitress walks up to the table)

Mahad: Oh hey! (hands her two water containers) Is it possible to get two more of these please?

(Lena uses her powers to move the game pieces while Mahad's not looking)

Cortes: We're your family now.
Cheng: Not my real family. If you were my real family, you wouldn't be so mean to me! (runs out)

Cheng: I know you... You're-
Tibald: I am Tibald Yee. And judging by the striking resemblance to your father, you must be my grandson. Cheng.

(Cheng runs up and hugs Tibald)

Diwan: Commander Oslo, I have just been to Tibald's lab. He is months behind schedule on the defence system.
Oslo: I have received reports of unmanned patrollers flying unauthorized missions from there. Six in the past two days alone.
Diwan: Can we assume they are part of his research?
Oslo: No. All testing is conducted exclusively within Sphere territory. He's sending them out to the far corners of the Archipelago. He's up to something.
Diwan: I'll never trust him.
Oslo: Go back to his lab. Tell him I will arrive in 24 hours for a full demonstration of the defence systems.
Diwan: It will be my pleasure.
Oslo: Do not enjoy yourself too much. Nothing can happen to Tibald. He is too valuable.
Diwan: Yes, Commander.

Life In Puerto Angel(AKA Max) (1.13)[edit]

Max: Dear, what a ride. Certainly the last for this old junker. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Max and this is my daughter, Astrid.

(Astrid gets out of the taxi and waves)

Astrid: Hey there.
Mahad: Hello...

Max: Keep your eyes on the ace of hearts. Always the ace of hearts.

Shadows Of The Past (1.14)[edit]


Lena: Wait... You're a good brother, you know? As far as brothers go...
Mahad: And you're a good sister. Even though being a seijin makes you worry to much.

Lena: He won't make it to Puerto Angel, Mahad. We need to take him where he wanted to go. He must've been going there for a reason. (looks down at the unconscious Oslo) I think he's dying.

Mahad: What are you doing? You're giving him some of your energy, are you nuts!?
Lena: He'll die if I don't.

Oslo: So, finally we are together.
Lena: If I were you, I'd save my strength. You're not getting any more from me!
Oslo: Take me to Vandergaard...
Mahad: You're not giving the orders around here, Oslo.
Oslo: Take me to Darius!

Baldr: Yes, master?
Darius: My brother is coming.
Baldr: Oslo is coming here?
Darius: Yes. Prepare the light room.

Oslo: Light chamber...
Mahad: How's he doing?
Lena: Barely conscious. He's just repeating the same things over and over.

Darius: Our mother died when we were young boys. We both owe it to her memory to live.

Oslo: Remember our mother, Darius?
Darius: She died so that we both might live.
Baldr: You evil- (Went to lunge after Oslo, but is stopped by Darius)

Darius: My brother and I were born just minutes apart. Oslo was the first. If I wasn't born just after him, he would be even more powerful than he is today.
Lena: You don't know that.
Oslo: Without my brother, the seijin energy drained by his weaker vessel would've stayed with me. Where it truly belongs.

Baldr: Darius is a living reminder of Oslo's own weakness. That is why he keeps him here in exile.
Mahad: But Oslo is not weak. I mean he's sick now, but-
Baldr: For Oslo, anything but ultimate power is weakness.

Cortes: Mahad, we are approaching the coordinates. What is your status?
Mahad: The status is, I've got to get this baby fired up!

Darius: Oslo... What have I done to my brother?

Oslo: (struggles to his feet) My power. I'm back; stronger than ever... (erupts in blue flame) 'til we meet again! Muahuhahaha!

Heart of the Arena (1.15)[edit]


Cortes: Young lady, the Blockbuster is never wrong.

Lena: Jump!

(Lena jumps off the arena)

Tak: Is she crazy? We can't fly!

Wind Devils (1.16)[edit]


Cortes: I have no time to engage in small talk with want-a-be dictators. What do you want?
Diwan: I want you, your ship, and the seijin girl.

Cortes' Secret (1.17)[edit]


Wayan: Speak of the devil.
Christophe: Aran, it's been so long. Give me a big hug.

(Aran Cortes walks out the door) (Christophe turns around and walks up to the counter)

Christophe: Well, guess I'll just have a water then. (Adrian gives him a water canteen) Thanks.
Lena: Excuse me, you look familiar. Have we met?
Christophe: No, we haven't met. But I'm not surprised about looking familiar. (turns around) Allow me to introduce myself. I am an expert at navigation, a master of mechanics, and a negotiator extraordinaire. My name is Christophe Medias Theodore Cortes. Captain of the Callisto, at your service. (to Dahlia) But you may call me Chris. (winks)
Mahad: What? Your last name is Cortes?

(Christophe laughs)

Lena: You two are brothers?
Cortes: Aye, but I had no choice in the matter.
Christophe: Nothing like family to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Cortes: I've got one question for you. When are you leaving?

Mahad: Aran?
Christophe: He never told you his first name? Aran is his first name. And his nickname is Little Turtle!

Christophe: I have a plan.
Cortes: Don't you think you've done enough?
Christophe: I want to talk to her.
Cortes: To Diwan?
Christophe: She trusts me. I'll talk to her an negotiate a surrender.

Cortes: What's the signal?
Christophe: You'll understand. You're my brother after all.
Cortes: How do I know I can trust you?
Christophe: You do things your way and I do things mine.

Island of the Child King (1.18)[edit]


Poe: Your Monolith is on its way.
Mahad: No, that's the Sphere!

Oslo: Destroy the orphanage!

Alice (1.19)[edit]


Cheng: This convector is junk!
Patrucci: You asked for a convector and that's exactly what you've got. Buyer beware.

Lena: Now let's see if there's a Sphere agent hiding in this closet, shall we?

(Lena opens the closet doors and the hiding Alice flinched)(Lena closes the doors)

Lena: Nope.

Diwan: I thought you showed so much promise, but I was wrong. You're only good for office work at the other side of Skyland.
Alice: I will be committed to my work where ever you station me. Believe me.

The Secret Power (1.20)[edit]


Mahad: A dream is not real, Lena. Except when I dream about Dahlia, of course.
Dahlia: Dreaming about you would be called a nightmare.

Lena: I think I know how to find your mother.
Spencer: Really?
Mahad: You don't have to be a seijin to know what you're thinking. The answer's no!

Lena: Who's keeping you prisoner?
Shinseiki: Prisoner? You are my honoured guests.

Shinseiki: The blocks are talking to me... We have guests... Uninvited guests! I loath the unexpected!

Mahad: We need a plan.
Dahlia: Not really. We're drifting directly toward the tower.
Mahad: Well, that's as good a plan as any.

Shinseiki: Want to give up?
Dahlia: I haven't even warmed up!

Mahad: (in a bubble) Hey, what's going on? Let me out of this thing!

Shinseiki: Ah yes, you're right. The time has come to fulfill the prophecy!

Mahad: I hope your next dream is about a vacation.
Lena: Me too.

The Book Of Worlds (1.21)[edit]


Lena: (about the space suit) You think there's someone in there?
Mahad: I hope not.

Lena: Countess says to let the book find us!
Mahad: Hey, book! Here I am! Come find me!

Countess Kondratti: I have been waiting for this moment for a long time, Oslo!

(Countess fires a seijin blast at Oslo, knocking him to the ground)

Mahad: Oh yeah, ectoplasm girls rule!

Oslo: Give me the book!
Countess Kondratti: What book?
Oslo: I have no patience for games!

(Countess begins levitating books over Oslo)

Countess Kondratti: Fine, which one do you want? (Drops the books on top of Oslo) You can have them all!
Diwan: Commander!

The Vector: Do you know what 'Kondratti' means?
Mahad: Spooky librarian lady?

Infiltration (1.22)[edit]


Mahad: (walks up to a Brig) Hi.
Brig: Open trunk for inspection.
Mahad: Sorry, can't do that. There's a photo tech packet inside. It's light-sensitive.
Brig: I repeat, open trunk for inspection.
Mahad: I need to calibrate the, uh... oscillator so that the dampening field can maximize the anti-seijin waves. See... the light packets have, uh, to interact at just the righ, uh, frequency so the node field will, uh, stop the prisoner. Get it?
Brig: This is beyond the perimeters of my understanding.
Mahad: Okay, call Diwan. Maybe she can explain it to you.
Brig: Proceed.

Oslo: You're treating Mahad and Lena being on board like it's a problem instead of an opportunity.
Diwan: An opportunity for what?
Oslo: Inveritably they will try to rescue their mother and I will be there to great them. Soon we will have the whole family. Call off your search.

Oslo: (about Lena using her powers in the dark) How is that possible!?

Blue Sky (1.23)[edit]


Lena: Crybaby, crybaby, crybaby!

The Secret of Temuera (1.24)[edit]


Lena: I felt connected to him.
Mahad: Gross...

Mahad: I hope you have a map.
Pharaoh: I always have one on me.

Diwan: Should I call in reinforcements, Commander?
Oslo: No... it's futile.

Kharzem Fortress (1.25)[edit]

Kharzem Fortress (1.26)[edit]

Cortes: This is a dawn of a new era of Skyland!

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