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Slackers is a 2002 movie starring Devon Sawa, Jaime King, and Jason Schwartzman.

Written by David H. Steinberg. Directed by Dewey Nicks.
Higher Education Just Hit A New Low.

Ethan Dulles[edit]

  • I had a nickname for you! And now I'm not gonna tell you. Okay......... It was Laser.
  • No one calls me a retard, you FREAKIN' HOBO!!!!
  • You're going down!


Jeff: Yoo-hoo, it's Steve Pasternack, looking for Angela! Angela, please!
Reanna: Do I fucking know you?
Jeff: Uh, I lent Angela my notebook, because I take such world "famous" notes. So I was wondering if I could... are you busy with something?
Reanna: Yeah. I was masturbating.
Jeff: Heh. Hoo! Masturbating. In the dorms. Well, that's what you get when you go to art school.

Angela: Is this a hair doll?
Ethan: I didn't make that. It fell out of your hair that way and I want it back.
Angela:It fell out this way? I don't think so.

Angela:I'm really happy that we got this cleared up because the guy that I like is your friend Dave.
Ethan: Dave?
Angela: Yeah!
Ethan: Fudge!


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