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Gary Holt, Paul Bostaph, Tom Araya and Kerry King (2012)

Slayer is an American thrash metal band. They are known for their violent, anti-religious, political, and social lyrics.

Song lyrics[edit]

I am the antichrist
It's what I was meant to be
Your god left me behind
And set my soul to be free

Show No Mercy (1983)[edit]

  • I am the antichrist
    It's what I was meant to be
    Your god left me behind
    And set my soul to be free
    • The Antichrist, written by Jeff Hanneman
  • Screams
    From a life I live
    Is what I give
    Is what I love
    The downfall
    Of heavens above
    • The Antichrist
  • Eternally my soul will rot
    • The Antichrist
  • Live by the sword and help to contain
    The helpless minds of you all
    • Die By the Sword, written by Jeff Hanneman
  • Die by the sword
    • Die By the Sword
  • Cursed
    Black magic night
    We've been struck down
    Down in this hell
    • Black Magic, written by Kerry King
  • Cast
    Under his spell
    Blinding my eyes
    Twisting my mind
    • Black Magic
  • Gods on the throne must be watching from hell
    Awaiting the mass genocide
    Soldiers defeated by death from a smell
    Bodies lie dormant no life
    Rising new souls on the lands where they fell
    Demons not ready to die
    Nothing to see where the sleeping souls lie
    Chemical warfare
    • Chemical Warfare, written by Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King

Hell Awaits (1985)[edit]

  • The gates of hell lie waiting as you see
    There's no price to pay just follow me
    I can take your lost soul from the grave
    Jesus knows you soul cannot be saved
    • Hell Awaits, written by Kerry King
  • Crucify the so called lord
    He shall soon fall to me
    Your souls are damned your god has fell
    To slave for me eternally
    Hell awaits...
    • Hell Awaits
  • Now I shall have you deep inside my everlasting grasp
    The seven bloody gates of hell
    Is where you'll live your last
    • Hell Awaits
  • Warriors from hell's domain
    Will bring you to your death
    The flames of Hades burning strong
    Your soul shall never rest
    • Hell Awaits
  • Sacrifice the lives of all I know they soon shall die
    Their souls are damned to rot in hell
    And keep the fire growing deep inside
    Hell awaits...
    • Hell Awaits

Reign in Blood (1986)[edit]

  • Auschwitz, the meaning of pain
    The way that I want you to die
    Slow death, immense decay
    Showers that cleanse you of your life
  • Human mice, for the Angel of Death
    Four hundred thousand more to die
    Angel of Death
    Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
    • Angel of Death
  • Seas of blood, bury life
    Smell your death as it burns
    Deep inside of you
    • Angel of Death
  • Pathetic harmless victims
    Left to die
    Rancid Angel of Death
    Flying free
    • Angel of Death
  • Modulistic terror
    A vast sadistic feast
    The only way to exit
    Is going piece by piece
    • Piece by Piece, written by Kerry King
  • You have no choice of life or death
    My face you will not see
    I'll rip your flesh 'till there's no breath
    Dismembered destiny
    • Piece by Piece
  • Altar of sacrifice
    Curse of the damned
    Confronting the evil you dread
    Coalesce into one your shadow and soul
    Soon you will meet the undead
    • Altar of Sacrifice, written by Kerry King
  • Enter to the realm of Satan!
    • Altar of Sacrifice
  • You think the world will end today
    You praise the lord
    It's all you say
    Jesus saves
    • Jesus Saves, written by Kerry King
  • Listen to you pray
    You think you'll see the Pearly Gates
    When death takes you away
    • Jesus Saves
  • For all respect you cannot lust
    In an invisible man you place your trust
    Indirect dependency
    Eternal attempt at amnesty
    He will decide who lives and dies
    Depopulate Satanas rise
    You will be an accessory
    Irreverence and blasphemy
    Jesus Saves
    • Jesus Saves
  • No need to pray
    The gates of pearl have turned to gold
    It seems you've lost your way
    • Jesus Saves
  • The waves of blood are rushing near pounding at the walls of lies
    Turning of my sanity reaching back into my mind
    Non-rising body from the grave showing new reality
    What I am, what I want, I'm only after death
    • Postmortem, written by Jeff Hanneman
  • Trapped in Purgatory
    A lifeless object, alive
    Awaiting reprisal
    Death will be their acquisition
    • Raining Blood
  • The sky is turning red
    Return to power draws near
    Fall into me, the sky's crimson tears
    abolish the rules made of stone
    • Raining Blood
Raining blood
From a lacerated sky
Bleeding its horror
Creating my structure
Now I shall reign in blood!
  • Raining blood
    From a lacerated sky
    Bleeding its horror
    Creating my structure
    Now I shall reign in blood!

South of Heaven (1988)[edit]

  • An unforeseen future nestled somewhere in time
    Unsuspecting victims no warnings, no signs
    Judgement day the second coming arrives
    Before you see the light you must die
    • South of Heaven, written by Tom Araya
  • Bastard sons begat your cunting daughters
    Promiscuous mothers with incestuous fathers
    Engreat souls condemned for all eternity
    Sustained by immoral observance a domineering deity
    • South of Heaven
  • Chaos rampant
    An age of distrust
    Impulsive sabbath
    • South of Heaven
  • On and on, south of heaven
    • South of Heaven
  • The root of all evil is the heart of a black soul
    A force that has lived all eternity
    A never ending search for a truth never told
    The loss of all hope and your dignity
    • South of Heaven
  • Silent scream
    Bury the unwanted child
    Beaten and torn
    Sacrifice the unborn
    • Silent Scream, written by Tom Araya
  • Holes burn deep in your chest
    Raked by machine gun fire
    Screaming skull sent out to die
    Living mandatory suicide
    • Mandatory Suicide, written by Tom Araya
  • Memories can't ignore
    Anguish of before
    Satisfy the scorn
    Rise ghosts of war
    • Ghosts of War, written by Kerry King
  • Body that rests before me
    With every dying breath
    Spellbound and gagged
    I commence your flesh to dirt
    • Cleanse the Soul, written by Kerry King and Tom Araya
  • Body that lay before me
    In everlasting death
    Entombed in abscess
    To rot and lie stinking in the earth
    • Cleanse the Soul

Seasons in the Abyss (1990)[edit]

  • Propaganda death ensemble
    Burial to be
    Corpses rotting through the night
    In blood laced misery
    • War Ensemble, written by Tom Araya and Jeff Hanneman
  • Sport the war, war support
    The sport is war, total war
    When victory's a massacre
    The final swing is not a drill
    It's how many people I can kill
    • War Ensemble
  • Gun down cold on a raw deal
    Home turf my battlefield
    In no one's way caught in a crossfire
    Stray bullets can kill
    • Expendable Youth, written by Tom Araya
  • Expendable youths
    Fighting for possession
    Having control the principle obsession
    Rivalry and retribution
    Death the only solution
    • Expendable Youth
  • Expendable youth fighting for possession
    Violence is only a friend
    • Expendable Youth
  • Dance with the dead in my dreams
    Listen to their hallowed screams
    The dead have taken my soul
    Temptation's lost all control
    • Dead Skin Mask, written by Tom Araya
  • Prince of all darkness initiation
    Ritually baptized in flames
    Next to the throne my abomination
    Spreads horror throughout the domain
    Master the art that controls the impure
    Inherit the infamous keys
    Thousands of centuries I will endure
    Tyrant of all the prophecies
    • Born of Fire, written by Kerry King
  • Some have called me Satan's son
    A name I cannot deny
    Wielding fury that's second to none
    Far to vile to confine
    Born of fire
    • Born of Fire
  • Close your eyes
    Look deep in your soul
    Step outside yourself
    And let your mind go
    Frozen eyes stare deep in your mind as you die
    • Seasons in the Abyss, written by Tom Araya

Divine Intervention (1994)[edit]

  • Clashing with the public's frame
    I'm the one that's place in fame
    Legislature sets the stage
    Social slaves caught in my rage
    • Dittohead, written by Kerry King
  • Awaken in a web like hell,

How did I reach this place, Why are they haunting me, I cannot look at God's face.

    • "Divine Intervention."

Diabolus in Musica (1998)[edit]

  • I want to
    Invite you
    Welcome you
    To my hate
    To my scorn
    To myself
    Saturate you
    Infest you
    Betray you
    Stimulate you
    So eager for my lies
    For my lies... Lies
    Lies in the name of God
    • In the Name of God, written by Kerry King

God Hates Us All (2001)[edit]

We hold these truths to be
painfully self-evident
All men are not created equal
Only the strong will prosper
Only the strong will conquer
Only in the darkness of Christ
have I realized
God Hates Us All
  • We hold these truths to be painfully self-evident
    All men are not created equal
    Only the strong will prosper
    Only the strong will conquer
    Only in the darkness of Christ have I realized
    God Hates Us All
    • Darkness of Christ, written by Kerry King
  • I'll instigate I'll free your mind
    I'll show you what I've known all this time
    God Hates Us All, God Hates Us All
    You know it's true God hates this place
    You know it's true he hates this race
    • Disciple, written by Kerry King
  • I never said I wanted to be God's disciple
    I'll never be the one to blindly follow
    I'll never be the one to bear the cross, disciple!
    • Disciple
  • I hate everyone equally
    You can't tear that out of me
    No segregation -separation
    Just me in my world of enemies
    • Disciple
  • I am the first not the last
    Condemned by a single kiss
    Betrayed eternally I'll rip inside your soul
    Contaminating the world
    Defying god and son
    Black heart that brings your death
    Living in infamy
    • Bloodline, written by Tom Araya and Jeff Hanneman

Christ Illusion (2006)[edit]

I am the culmination
The fucking Standard that all will follow
I live it every day
Don't know another way
  • Bring on the competition
    Your pessimism only makes my stronger
    I am the culmination
    The fucking Standard that all will follow

    I live it every day
    Don't know another way

    • Catalyst, written by Kerry King
  • The eyes of the insane
    On a demented campaign
    Panic attacks
    Death raising it's ugly face at me!
  • God won't judge what I've done
    He crawls upon my feet
    A privileged pain
    Beneath buried are your dead
    On splintered bones I walk
    Sifting through the blood
    Besieged to fear
    Await the coming of the God!
    • Jihad, written by Tom Araya and Jeff Hanneman

World Painted Blood (2009)[edit]

  • Disease spreading death
    Entire population dies
    Dead before you're born
    Massive suicide
    Vicious game of fear
    It's all extermination now
    Poison in your veins
    Global genocide
    • World Painted Blood, written by Tom Araya and Jeff Hanneman
  • World painted blood
    No sanctuary
    • World Painted Blood
  • My scars insane, my life profane
    I deny, defy, and spread a little hate, worldwide!
    • Hate Worldwide, written by Kerry King
I'm a godless heretic
Not a god-fearing lunatic
  • I'm a godless heretic
    Not a god-fearing lunatic
    • Hate Worldwide
  • Religious doubt, I instigate
    From what the bible demonstrates
    Does it document creation?
    Or just hopeless insufliction
    • Hate Worldwide
  • You call him the messiah, I see a reckless fashion based on mental slavery
    • Not of This God, written by Kerry King

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