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Sleeper Cell (2005-2006) is a Showtime television series about Darwyn Al-Sayeed, an FBI agent infiltrating a terrorist sleeper cell who are planning an attack in Los Angeles.

Season One



Faris Al-Farik: [in Arabic] Where is God's paradise? [in English] Go on, you know the answer. Don't be shy.
Darwyn Al-Sayeed: [in Arabic] Paradise is in the shadow of the swords.
Faris: [in English] Indeed it is. Darwyn Al-Hakim I presume?

Faris: [brings donuts] Best in LA. Much better than those over hyped Krispy Kremes.
Darwyn: Shouldn't you be eating a bagel?
Faris: [smiles] Most people from the Middle East look alike, sometimes even to each other. I passed as Persian, Turkish, Coptic Christian, as well as Sephardic Jew. Don't African Americans have a long history of trying to pass for white?
Darwyn: I don't. So, Faris Al-Farik, the deadly knight, it's an impressive name. Is it real?
Faris: In this relationship, I'll be the one buying the coffee and the donuts, and asking the questions. If you have a problem with that, no harm, no foul. You go your way, I go ye way, back to the temple of the apes and swine.

Abdullah: Farik doesn't trust anybody. Except maybe Osama.

[before handing Darwyn a phone card]
Faris: I, um, checked with an old friend of yours from Atwater. [mentions name]
Darwyn: No, I didn't have any friends at Atwater.
Faris: I was told you had a particular nickname among the Muslim brotherhood. Do you remember it?
Darwyn: [pauses] Some of them used to call me Nakir.
Thomas "Tommy" Allen Emerson: It's one of the two angels that come to challenge you in the grave after you die. [smiles] Black skin, blue eyes.

Special Agent Ray Fuller: You still got your faith, huh?
Darwyn: You know, it's not what it means in Arabic. [translating from Arabic] Surrender to God's will, in peace. These guys have nothing to do with my faith.

Gayle Bishop: So, you always wanted to work at a supermarket when you grew up?
Darwyn: You always wanted to be a single mom?
Gayle: [smiles] Life doesn't always work out the way you planned, huh?

Darwyn: [enters van] So where are we going?
Faris: Paradise of course.


[on taking money from child prostitution]
Darwyn: Do you have a son? Daughter?
Faris: That's none of your business.
Darwyn: These are fucking kids man. What's the phrase you like to use, promote virtue, and prevent vice? How do you justify taking money from this?
Faris: I justify anything that will further our cause. Besides, why should I care about anybody in this country?
Darwyn: Farik! This is not Islam! It's not!
Faris: They're infidels.

Faris: They say Angelinos have seen it all. Riots, wildfires, earth quakes, mud slides. Wait till they see us.


[after Farik approaches an old homeless man]
Homeless man: [in Arabic] Feed the people of the bench.
Faris: [in Arabic] The food of one is enough for two. [in English] Please convey to the sheikh that I'm truly sorry about what happened. I made a mistake, I gave the wrong man too much responsibility.
Homeless man: Some are saying that perhaps we gave the wrong man too much responsibility. I know, Farik, you are a true believer and a loyal soldier. But sometimes that is not enough. You must prove to us that you're still capable, and quickly.
Faris: A man is not a Muslim until his heart and his tongue are submissive. If I fail again you can take them both.
Homeless man: [hands Farik a USB drive] If you fail again, we will.

[after accidentally being served pork]
Catherine Bishop: Darwyn, I'm sorry, I had no idea you're a vegetarian.
Darwyn: [eyes Gayle] I'm not, I'm a Muslim.
Marcus Bishop: Muslim, huh?
Catherine: So um, I guess Muslims don't eat pork?
Darwyn: Goes back to the days of the Prophet, when pigs had trichinosis.
Marcus: Well, they don't anymore, at least not the ones in Southern California.
Darwyn: It's more of a tradition I guess.
Marcus: Had no idea you people had so much in common with the Jews.
Catherine: Jim! [to Darwyn] He's kidding.
Marcus: What? I just want to know what the big deal is!
Darwyn: You're a Catholic, right?
Marcus: Uh huh.
Darwyn: So maybe you don't eat meat on Fridays.
Marcus: No, I actually eat meat every day of the week. You're missing out, guy.
Darwyn: Well, look. You know, there's gotta be something in your life that you do or you don't do simply because you believe in it. No disrespect, but you don't cheat on your wife, right?
Marcus: What kind of a question is that?
Darwyn: Because if you did, you'd be breaking the rules that you believe in.
Marcus: No, I don't do it because I love her. If you ask me, only a member of the Taliban would compare eating pork to cheating on your wife. [grins awkwardly]

Faris: It's good to see you, my old friend.
Kenneth Walls 'Bin Al-Waleed' : [angry] How the hell did you get in here?
Faris: You were always very smart, brother, but I was always a little smarter.
Ken: Why are you here?
Faris: I need your facility, in order to prepare for a holy reckoning.
Ken: It's a military target?
Faris: Well, we're not at war with the American military. We're at war with America, period. And we're gonna win that war by convincing enough Americans through the spread of fear, insecurity and terror to change their ways. And and the best way to teach that lesson is by attacking them where they live. Work and play.
Ken: Still the same. Just like back in Bosnia. I don't know what book you were reading from then and I don't know what book you're reading from now, but killing women and children, it's not permitted in the holy Qur'an!

Faris: He gave me no other choice. We'll put him in one of the diesel drums, burn his body.
Ilija Korjenic: [disapproving] He's shahid. He died for his beliefs, as will we. We must give him a proper burial.


[Darwyn is invited to bring-someone-special-to-school day]
Teacher: Any questions?
Child #1: My dad said that Muslims don't like us and they don't eat bacon.
Darwyn: Well, I'm a Muslim. You think I don't like you?
Child #1: I don't know.
Darwyn: And I like Marcus, and he's not a Muslim.
Child #1: So why do they fly planes into buildings?
Teacher: [embarrassed] I'm sorry, I...
Darwyn: It's OK, it's OK. Who has a cousin? Raise your hand. You too miss Graham, I'm sure you have a cousin, right? Has your cousin ever done anything bad, like really bad?
Child #2: One time, my cousin, he, he ate the last piece of cake, and blamed it on me, but I only had one slice.
Darwyn: Mmm, I hear you. So, if your cousin does something wrong, does that make your whole family bad?
All children: Nooo.
Darwyn: Well, I guess that's the point. Just because there are some Muslims that are bad, doesn't mean that all Muslims are bad, does it?
Child #2: But can you eat bacon?
Darwyn: Yes. Turkey bacon.

Christian: [after sex] Your husband doesn't know what he's missing.
Lynn, Tommy's mother: Mmm, yes he does. Now, he gets laid all the time, you know. Thomas' father? Yeah. My husband, he's, uh, he's an English lit professor. Very, very popular with the undergraduate girls. Oh, all my efforts over all these years, and the only thing that works for me is history. I judge it. It doesn't judge me. [sighs] Do you have any idea how it feels to be... despised by the people that you love?
Christian: Yes. [looks away, sighs] I do.

[after testing a chemical weapon on caged dogs]
Faris: Excellent! The dogs we'll target next will have two legs instead of four.


[After room service brought champagne and caviar]
Prostitute: [to Abbas] What the fuck, your friend don't like girls?
Faris: I prefer expensive food to overpriced whores. That way I know what I'm getting. No offense.

Nichelle: Hey, just out of curiosity, you find yourself a good Muslim woman yet?
Darwyn: Not yet. How about you? Last I heard you were seeing some... Beverly Hills lawyer?
Nichelle: He was a city councilman.
Darwyn: Oooh.
Nichelle: And he's ancient history. Like us, right?
Darwyn: Sometimes people can learn from history.

Gayle: This is hard.
Police officer: It's okay ma'am. Take your time.
Gayle: I met this guy a couple of months ago, and... the problem was just, that, um, that there was something... strange about him. His behaviors. Evasive. Disappearing for days on end and then, and then popping up like nothing was going on, you know. He was hanging out with these other men and... one of them disappeared. I didn't think anything of it at the time, I didn't see anything suspicious. Now, looking back on that, I um... Maybe I want to see it. Maybe I'm just fucking crazy.
Police officer: Ma'am?
Gayle: I think... I think my boyfriend is a terrorist.


[Faris finds his wife in a hotel]
Samia: I don't care about paradise! I want you here with me now. I want to look forward to you coming back home. To grow old with me. I want...
Faris: Stop. Please.
Samia: [crying] Why! Why!
Faris: Because you're the only person who has a hope in hell of making me change my mind, and I can't. I can't. I have a duty.
Samia: [crying, in Arabic] Your duty is to your family! Your duty is to me!

Faris: Dodger stadium. Home to America's greatest pastime, soon to be home to America's greatest mass grave.

Youmud Din

[covertly being ambiguous while recording a terrorist video]
Darwyn: Today my actions are a message to Muslims here in the United States and all over the world. My fight is your fight. And together we must stand strong. And to my Muslim brothers who don't understand my actions... Everything I've done and everything I'm about to do, I do for Islam.

[while on their way to the attack]
Darwyn: On September 11th I remember thinking the world had changed. The war had begun and I knew then that the future of Islam lay in the balance. So I had to choose what kind of Muslim I was gonna be. Was I gonna sit back and watch events unfold, or, was I gonna take action. Destroy those who wanted to destroy my faith. The holy Qur'an says those who believe fight in the way of God, and those who disbelieve fight in the way of Satan. So, fight against the friends of Satan. And that's what I've done. [looks at Faris] That's what I'm doing, today.
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