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Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (also known as Sly Raccoon in Europe and Australia) is a platform stealth video game created by Sucker Punch Productions that was released on the PlayStation 2 in 2002.

Sly Cooper[edit]

  • [narrating] We were on our way to the Kra-Karov volcano in Russia. While looking over what little information I had on the final member of the Fiendish Five, I began to notice something. In the 4 parts of the Thievius Raccoonus recovered so far, several of the pictures depict a shadowy owl-like figure, which looks very similar to the police images of the mysterious Clockwerk. Is this a strange coincidence, or is there something I'm missing?

The Fiendish Five[edit]

Sir Raleigh[edit]

  • I say, chaps. My heartiest congratulations to you all! The storm machine has sunk its 50th ship last night, and the loot has already been unloaded! Our operation is moving along splendidly! With the possible exception being... the gross negligence displayed below decks! I demand the boilers stay at full pressure at all times! If you lazy, low-brow, technically incompetent pack of guttersnipes did your jobs right, we could have sunk 100 ships by now… but of course, 50 boats is a fine, fine achievement. Carry on, my boys, carry on.
  • Ahoy, dock hands! Capital job unloading that cargo last night. You're the crown jewel of my operation. Do me the service of proving your worth yet again by protecting the treasure key that I have stored down there. It appears there is a prowler on the premises, and if any of you let him get his hands on that key, I'll personally flog the lot of you for an entire fortnight!


  • Yo, yo, yo! It's the boss! You know, I've been forced to admit that maybe driving everyone out of town, while necessary to set up shop, might have taken a hit out of the business. So, now I hope you lugs would be obliged to any visitors that come here to lose their money at my casino, but, I got a reliable tip that a cop might be snooping around the operation. So from now on, greet any visitors you see with a hail of lead! Capiche?
  • I got a personal message for the 2-bit thief who's making off with all my treasure keys: you're dead, pally. If I get my hands on you, I'm going to fit you with your own pair of cement bunny slippers. You hear me? You're lunchmeat, jerk!

Mz. Ruby[edit]

  • Wake up, you lazy bags of swamp gas! The voodoo vibe is thick tonight! Let's take advantage of this powerful mojo and step up production! Keep piling those shiny bones into the soup! We'll have an army of ghosts by morning, and take over Mexico by the end of the week! Hear that, Voodoo children!? Our family is about to grow, GROW, GROW!
  • Hey there, Sly Cooper! That's right, I know you're here. I've seen it in the stars. It's all over my tea leaves. I'm in your mind, raccoon. I know your game. You better run for it, or me and my voodoo children are going to sign you up for an eternity in zombie servitude!

The Panda King[edit]

  • Attention, valued employee. Suddenly, Hinkau village elect not to pay for avalanche protection service, and so I am forced to bury alive under many ton of snow. Please be on guard for any surviving villager that come looking for revenge. Thank you, that is all.
  • Attention, valued employee. It has come to my attention that a thief is loose somewhere inside the firework production facility. Please do your part to pitch in by killing this intruder on sight. Thank you, that is all.


  • Ha ha ha ha ha! You sentimental fool. Empathy has always been the downfall of the Cooper Clan.
  • Cooper, you will never be rid of me! Clockwerk is SUPERIOR!


Police Headquarters[edit]

Bentley: Sly, come in! Sly! Do you read me?!
Sly Cooper: Yeah, I read you. Loud and... very loud.
Bentley: Sorry. I'm a little nervous. Trying to break into police headquarters does that.
Sly: Get over it, Bentley. You're safe in the van. I'm the thief here. I've got to steal that file from Inspector Carmelita Fox.
Bentley: Well, count on me to be your eyes and ears, buddy. Got their security system totally scoped. To get inside, you're gonna have to go through that air vent.
Sly: Alright, I'm going in.
Murray: And don't forget you've got me at the wheel, Sly. All you gotta do is grab the file and get back to the van. We'll do the rest.
Sly: Just keep that engine running, Murray. I'll be down in no time.

Murray: Nice job! You got it! If you come down through the fire escape and head through the parking lot, we'll be waiting in the getaway van.

Carmelita: Criminal! You foolish raccoon! I've caught you red-handed!
Sly: Ah, Carmelita. I haven't seen you since I gave you the slip in Bombay.
Carmelita: Which reminds me, you need to return the Fire Stone of India to its rightful owners.
Sly: Aw, and I was going to give it to you as a little token of my… Hey, you know that bazooka really brings out the color of your eyes. Very fetching!
Carmelita: You think? This pistol packs a paralysing punch. You ought to try it. Might snap you out of your crime spree.
Sly: And give up our little rendezvous?
Carmelita: Plenty of time for that once you're safely behind bars.
Sly: Love to stick around and chat, but I just dropped by to pick up this case file. I think you've had it long enough.
Carmelita: You can't escape me, raccoon!

Sly [narrating]: Once again, my gang and I had given Inspector Carmelita Fox the slip. I was surprised to see how well she took it. Finally, the secret police file I'd been searching for all these years. With this, I could avenge my family and regain possession of our most valued treasure. It all began when I was just a kid, bouncing on my father's knee. You see, I come from a long line of master thieves who kept all their secrets of sneaking and stealing in an ancient book - the Thievius Raccoonus. Anyone who read it learned to be especially sneaky, which is why we specialize in stealing from criminals. After all, there's no honor, no challenge, no fun stealing from ordinary people. You rip off a master criminal, and you know you're a master thief. Well, on the night I was supposed to inherit the book, 5 visitors came unannounced to our door. My father fought to protect us, but the gang of villains, known as the Fiendish Five, overpowered him and ransacked our house until they found... the Thievius Raccoonus! Our family's manual of thieving greatness fell into their filthy hands. They tore the book into 5 pieces and split it up, each villain disappearing to the farthest corners of the world to commit dastardly crimes. Broke and alone, I was dumped at the town orphanage. There, I met 2 guys who became my lifelong buddies and trusted crew. Bentley – techno-genius and strategist supreme, and Murray – part-time driver and full-time burden. Together, we pledged to track down the Fiendish Five, avenge my father and steal back the Thievius Raccoonus. I knew I was about to face the toughest test of my life. On this mission, I would either become a master thief like my ancestors before me, or fail and allow my family name to bite the dust.

Tide of Terror[edit]

Sly [narrating]: The road trip gave me the time I needed to study up on Sir Raleigh the frog. As a young man, this hot-tempered frog grew bored of his life of luxury and privilege. On a whim, he tried his hand at a bit of piracy and found it to his liking. Raleigh, who quickly became addicted to crime, was brought into the Fiendish Five as chief machinist, where his evil tinkering genius rose to new heights. The last reported sighting of this mad machinist was off the southern coast of the Isle of Wrath, a small island uncomfortably situated in the middle of the perilous Welsh Triangle.

A Stealthy Approach[edit]

Bentley: Hey, Sly! I just spotted something that's going to complicate the mission. See that nasty looking gate? It blocks the only road leading into Raleigh's hideout.
Sly: No problem. I'll just use my climb move.
Bentley: Okay, but remember, you can only climb on certain objects. Like pipes and ropes...
Sly: Yeah sure, and like that ladder there?
Bentley: That is correct, but do not forget, Sly. You have to get close...
Sly: ...Then hit the circle button to grab it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Relax Bentley, I live for this stuff.
Bentley: Yeah, and that's what worries me.

Prowling the Grounds[edit]

Sly: That blimp looks like the most secured location on this boat. If Raleigh's really as smart as the police file suggests, then that's where I'll find him.
Bentley: Wonderful idea, but your plan is flawed.
Sly: Why?
Bentley: Because it's impossible to get near him. To access Raleigh's blimp, you would have to sneak through that high voltage power tube. To do that without getting electrocuted, you'd have to destroy that power generator. And to do that, you'd need two more of Raleigh's treasure keys, which are heavily guarded.
Sly: Interesting. So when are you going to get to the impossible part?
Bentley: Fine, but I warned you! I've marked the areas you need to hit with holographic markers. Follow them to your objectives.
Sly: Thanks.
Bentley: Don't mention it. It's your funeral.

Bentley: Sly, see that machine wheel? If my knowledge of mechanical engineering serves me right, applying significant rotational torque to achieve maximum velocity will yield a positive result!
Sly: Y'mean something good might happen if I can get the wheel to spin fast enough?
Bentley: Isn't that what I just said?

Eye of the Storm[edit]

Raleigh: How delightful. We have a guest. The only thing is... I HATE UNEXPECTED GUESTS!
Sly: Listen, Raleigh. Wipe out my family and steal what's mine, you'd better expect company.
Raleigh: Oh, I'm ever so sorry. How sloppy of me not to finish the job. Obviously, we should have snuffed you out as well. So, without further ado, let me make amends by, what…? BLOATING TO GARGANTUAN SIZE AND SQUASHING YOU, LIKE THE INSIGNIFICANT BUG THAT YOU ARE!
Sly: Bring it on!

[after defeating Raleigh]
Raleigh: Blast it all! You've beaten me! Well, gloat all you want, Sly Cooper. You're no match for Muggshot, my villainous cohort in Utah. You will see. Mesa City is so well-guarded, a snake couldn't slither in without setting off alarms. Uahahaha.

Raleigh Hung Out to Dry[edit]

Sly: [narrating]: Raleigh's section of the Thievius Raccoonus held detailed instructions on how to perform my ancestor Rioichi Cooper's Ninja Spire Jump, a technique he developed while sneaking into the thickly fortified castles of Feudal, Japan. Finding a way off Raleigh's boat got a little tricky with the untimely arrival of Inspector Fox, who, failing to find me, busted Raleigh and his crew. With the storm machine out of commission, boats found their way back onto the ocean, and the mystery of the Welsh Triangle faded from memory. My gang and I loped around England for a while, enjoying the pleasant weather… and then headed back home, excited for our next heist.

Sunset Snake Eyes[edit]

Sly [narrating]: It had been a while since I'd been back in the U.S. Next up, the notorious Muggshot, ruthless muscle of the Fiendish Five. What he lacked in brains he definitely made up for in brawn. Turns out, he wasn't always that way. He grew up as the runt of the litter, the neighborhood weakling. The only friends he could turn to were usually found on the big screen. It was there that he spotted his first gangster, and he knew instantly that's what he wanted to be. He spent the rest of his youth working real hard to get there, fueled on his dreams of great power and respect. With enough perspiration, he realized that dream. He'd become a hard-boiled, street brawling, "tough as nails" gangster, ensuring that he'd never be picked on or pushed around again… So, he's holed up in Mesa City, huh? I've always wanted to go to that thriving American boomtown.

A Rocky Start[edit]

Bentley: Hey, Sly! I thought you said Mesa City was going to be loud and busy. This looks more like a ghost town!
Sly: (You're right.) Something's happened. Where is everyone?
Bentley: I don't know, but it's starting to give me the creeps. What do you say we take off?'
Sly: ...And miss all the fun? (No way.) Besides, I want to try out that new move I got from Raleigh's section of the Thievius Raccoonus.
Bentley: You mean the Ninja Spire Jump?
Sly: Yeah. Do me a favor and read me the instructions again...
Bentley: "To landeth safely upon diminutive points, leapeth lively and presseth the triggering device with the round geometrical object emblazoned upon it."
Sly: So "jump and hit the circle button to land on narrow spots".
Bentley: That's a rough translation.

Sly: What's with those flashing lights?
Bentley: The latest in high-tech security, electronic floor sensors. Step on them and you're a goner.
Sly: Nice touch.
Bentley: They're safe to walk on while flashing, but it also means they're about to switch to a different sector.

2 to Tango[edit]

Inspector Carmelita Fox: Well, well, well... look who just walked into my crosshairs... Sly Cooper!
Sly: About time you showed up, Ms. Fox. Was getting worried about you. Though you took a wrong turn somewhere back in Paris.
Inspector Fox: The only one making wrong turns is you, Sly. I'd suggest you surrender before I paralyze you with my good friend, the shock pistol.
Sly: Now, see, a girl whose best friend's a gun has issues. You need a break. A little dinner, a little dancing. I could help with that.
Inspector Fox: Sounds romantic, as long as you don't mind dining... in jail.
Sly: Nah. I hear the service is lousy.
Inspector Fox: Once I catch you, you'll know for yourself.

Last Call[edit]

Muggshot: What?! My boys have been yapping about some big mysterious dude running around cracking skulls and... and, and this is it? You're the monkey wrench in my operation? Some scrawny rat with a stick! Wait a second... I've seen that stick before!
Sly: Maybe when my Father knocked your block off with it.
Muggshot: Your father? Wow, you're a Cooper? You know, that Thingus Raccamagoocus had a lot of nice pictures but way too many big words.
Sly: So you don't mind just handing it over?
Muggshot: What, are you kidding? You break into my place, steal my stuff, trash the joint, I feel transgressed and violated! LET'S ROCK!

Muggshot: My beautiful gun is destroyed! Good thing I got a spare upstairs.

Muggshot: This is impossible! A little pipsqueak like you, beating a big strong bruiser like me? It ain't right! You want all of that stupid picture book, you're gonna to have to go down to Haiti and cross paths with Mz. Ruby, and then believe you me, you don't want to be you!

Muggshot Busted[edit]

Sly [narrating]: Muggshot's section of the Thievius Raccoonus contained an entry from my gun-slinging ancestor, "Tennessee Kid" Cooper. His specialty was the Rail Walk and Rail Slide, moves perfected through a lifetime of theft in the Old West. Getting out of town proved to be a little more challenging than getting in. Having just missed us, Inspector Fox went for the next best thing and dragged that canine steroid case off to jail. That was the end of Muggshot's gambling empire, and Mesa City citizens soon returned home. While me and the boys… well, we enjoyed the rest of our stay in America, and then returned to Paris, ready for our next mission.

Vicious Voodoo[edit]

Sly [narrating]: The third member of the Fiendish Five was the infamous voodoo priestess, Mz. Ruby. Born into a family of mystics, other children found her... scary, teaching herself to summon the undead provided what few friends she had. A career in crime allowed an adult Mz. Ruby to punish the world for fearing her as a child. Chief mystic for the Fiendish Five, her powers allowed them to break both the laws of man and nature at the same time. Yet, despite the whirlwind success of her youth, she'd managed to slip into obscurity. Last known sightings claimed she headed out of civilization and deep into the Haitian jungle.

The Dread Swamp Path[edit]

Bentley: Sorry, Sly, but this is one mission you're gonna have to accomplish without me.
Sly: You don't believe in ghosts, do you?
Bentley: Sure I do. My sensors picked up verifiable paranormal activity, but that's not the problem... this swamp is oozing with disgusting mold and bacteria.
Sly: Suck it up, Bentley. We've got work to do.
Bentley: Well, alright then. Don't forget to use the new move you've learned from Muggshot's section of the Thievious Raccoonus.
Sly: You mean the raccoon rail walk?
Bentley: The roots and vines around here are perfect for that. All you have to do is…
Sly: ...Jump and hit THE CIRCLE BUTTON.
Bentley: Especially where you see the bark has been worn away, and where it's super slick from icky slime and moss, you'll rail slide like a skater-grinding pipe.
Sly: I'm liking it.

Bentley: That's Mz. Ruby's lair. To get in, you'll need that key on top of a tiki pedestal in the guard compound. There's a bad mojo force field protecting it, so you'll have to destroy all five of the purple candles surrounding it.
Sly: No problem.
Bentley: Don't get cocky or you'll end up with your head shrunk to the size of a pea. You've got to get past those voodoo guards, and I'm warning you. They're mean and they work like a team.
Sly: So do we, buddy!

The Lair of the Beast[edit]

Bentley: What's with this industrial strength voodoo gate? Mz. Ruby must really be trying to keep something out.
Sly: Or maybe, she's trying to keep something in.

Bentley: These walls are making me claustrophobic. Woah… Did you see those reeds move? There's something huge under there! You'd better get going!

A Deadly Dance[edit]

Mz. Ruby: Mmm, I could feel that Cooper vibe coming. Most distastefully bad juju.
Sly: Yeah, well you give me the creeps too, lady. Cooking up an army of ghosts isn't a very neighborly pastime.
Mz. Ruby: Oh, Sly, I see your mouth moving, but all I hear is blah, blah, blah. Well, if jaws need to flap, then let them flap. See you in the next world, Sly Cooper.

Sly: Come back here! You can't run away forever!
Mz. Ruby: Quite true, quite true. Why don't I have my servant, Chumley, escort you over here?
Sly: Alright, what's the catch?
Mz. Ruby: Oh, not much. Just a little game I like to play with all my annoying guests. I want to see how well you pay attention.
Sly: What do you mean?
Mz. Ruby: Well, I'll unleash my mighty mojo magic upon you. If you repeat what I do, you'll dodge it just fine. If not, you'll get zapped. (Laughs)
Sly: A little voodoo Simon Says, eh? Sounds easy enough.

Mz. Ruby: You've certainly got some rhythm, raccoon, but it won't help none if you're fixing to go after the Panda King. He's tough with a capital T! If you go poking around his stronghold in China, you're likely to get poked back!
Sly: Yeah, well if he's anything like the rest of you, I think I'll manage.

Mz. Ruby Vexed[edit]

Sly [narrating]: Mz. Ruby's section of the Thievius Raccoonus held notes from my pioneering ancestor, Slytunkhamen. His invisibility technique allowed him to steal from corrupt pharaohs and greedy noblemen. Right on schedule, Inspector Fox's arrival cued my exit. The production of zombies, made illegal in the World Peace Accord of '71, earned Mz. Ruby a life sentence behind bars. While the gang and I enjoyed a few weeks in the tropical sunshine, working on our tans in preparation for our next caper.

Fire in the Sky[edit]

Sly [narrating]: The road trip gave me the time I needed to study up on the Panda King. Born penniless, he was fascinated by the fireworks rich noblemen set off every New Years. He spent a decade learning the art, but when he tried to offer his fireworks to the noblemen, they couldn't see past his shabby clothes and chased him away. Humiliated, the Panda King took revenge on those who shunned him by using the very tools of his art for crime. The Fiendish Five recruited him as their demolitions expert, and from then on, his explosive touch became feared worldwide. He's rumored to be perfecting some new firework technique high in the unstable Kunlun Mountains of western China.

A Perilous Ascent[edit]

Bentley: Would you look at that? A fireworks show! Oh my gosh, that's awful! That poor village just got buried in freezing snow!
Sly: The rocket came from that giant statue, and you can bet the Panda King lit the fuse. I've got to find my way up there and fast before that lunatic squashes another town.

A Desperate Race[edit]

Sly: Murray, what are you doing down there?
Murray: Well, I'm minding my post when I notice this snow-cone stand and I think to myself, "Hey, Murray, you've got to keep your energy up", so I hurry over here and then all of a sudden, monkeys are everywhere, bugging me to race them three times around this track for a key.
Sly: We could use the key. Think you can take 'em?
Murray: Come on, Sly. They're a pack of monkeys! How can I lose?
Sly: Alright, remember to steer with the left stick and press square to use any nitro boosts you collect... keep clear of those icy patches!
Murray: Thanks for the advice, Sly, but trust me. I've got this under control.

Duel by the Dragon[edit]

Inspector Fox: Freeze, raccoon!
Sly: How can I freeze when my heart warms at the very sight of you?
Inspector Fox: Shut up, ringtail! I don't know what you're doing here in China, but I'm sure it can't be good for whoever owns this place.
Sly: You must only have eyes for me if you're too blind to see what's going on around here.
Inspector Fox: All I see is a pathetic thief who's escaped justice for far too long.
Sly: I'm proud to be a thief, especially when I'm stealing from a vicious extortionist like the Panda King. Open your eyes, "Detective". These quaint temples are a front for an illegal explosives factory.
Inspector Fox: Don't try to confuse the issue. You criminals are all the same and none of you can escape justice.

Flame Fu![edit]

The Panda King: I see you carry (the) cane of (the) notorious Cooper thief clan. Have you come here for revenge? To steal back the Thievius Raccoonus?
Sly: That was my plan at first, but now I'm more interested in putting an end to your avalanche extortion racket.
Panda King: Why should you care if bury a few worthless village(s) in snow? You are a thief, just like me.
Sly: No, that's only half right. I am a thief... from a long line of master thieves, while you... you're just a frustrated firework artist turned homicidal pyro-maniac.
Panda King: Insolent child, you shall pay dearly for your disrespect. Still, to honor your Cooper ancestry, I will send you to your doom with the beauty of my new firework technique... Flame-Fu!

[after the Panda King's battle]
Panda King: Your skill with that cane is unparalleled. [coughs and passes out]
Bentley: Sly! I did a cross analysis on the metal used in that high-tech blasting vehicle, and it turns out it can only be found in one place — the Krakarov Volcano in Russia. That's got to be where we'll find the 5th member of the Fiendish Five. So get what you came for and let's get out of here.

The Panda King on Ice[edit]

Sly [narrating]: Retrieving the Panda King's section of the Thievius Raccoonus gave me a chance to learn about my technically minded ancestor, Otto van Cooper. Not known for his physical dexterity, Otto relied on vehicles to aid him in his criminal endeavors. Armed with his designs, I was sure Murray would be able to make some cool modifications to the team van. A frustrated Inspector Fox, having missed me coming down the mountain, threw the Panda King in jail, thus putting an end to his avalanche protection services and ensuring the safety of mountain villages throughout China. My gang and I took a little time off and did some shopping in Hong Kong. Thoroughly relaxed, we headed home to plan our next move.

The Cold Heart of Hate[edit]

Sly [narrating]: We were on our way to the Krakarov Volcano in Russia. While looking over what little information I had on the final member of the Fiendish Five, I began to notice something. In the 4 parts of the Thievius Raccoonus recovered so far, several of the pictures depict a shadowy owl-like figure, which looks very similar to the police images of the mysterious Clockwerk. Is this a strange coincidence or is there something I'm missing?

Carmelita: Sly Cooper! I should have known you were behind this.
Sly: You got me wrong, Ms. Fox. I'm here to rescue you.
Clockwerk: [laughs] You sentimental fool! Empathy has always been the downfall of the Cooper clan.
Bentley: I knew this was a trap. Looks like I'm going to have to do some fast and furious hacking to shut down that gas before Sly's brain is turned to cheese.

Carmelita: I don't get it, Cooper. I've hunted you for years, tried to throw you behind bars, but when you get a chance to leave me in a cage, you set me free. Why?
Sly: Carmelita, we may be on opposite sides of the law but you're not my enemy. Now the homicidal robotic owl that built this death ray and nearly gassed us to death - that guy's on my list!
Carmelita: I see your point. Alright, until Clockwerk and his evil schemes are destroyed, I suggest we work together.
Sly: Together at last!
[A Robo-Falcon flies in and steals Sly's cane. Carmelita shoots the Robo-Falcon]
Sly: Huh... what? I need that cane! It's been in my family for generations!
Carmelita: Don't worry, ringtail. I'll cover you while you get it back. If you can, make your way to the top of the death ray. I stashed my jet-pack there before Clockwerk nabbed me.
Sly: Now that we're a team and all, I hate to leave your side.
Carmelita: Hold on, this truce is only temporary. Once we beat Clockwerk, I'm coming after you.
Sly: Really?
Carmelita: Well… maybe I'll give you a 10-second head start.

Bentley: Okay, that jet-pack is easy to fly. Use the left analog stick to aim and steer, and press the square button to fire its rockets. [notices Clockwerk] Sly, behind you!
Clockwerk: Sly Cooper, you have escaped my gas chamber and destroyed my Death Ray... remarkable. You Coopers always find a way to beat me.
Sly: "Always"? So that was you in the background of all those pictures in the Thievius Raccoonus. How old are you?
Clockwerk: Perfection has no age.
Sly: What, you're immortal?
Clockwerk: Revenge is the prime ingredient in the Fountain of Youth. I have kept myself alive for hundreds of years with a steady diet of jealousy and hate, awaiting the day when I would finally eclipse your family's thieving reputation.
Carmelita: Sly! My missiles don't hurt him, but seem to create holes in his armor. Shoot into the gaps I create!

Bentley: Nice shooting, Sly. You got him! (Clockwerk re-emerges from the lava) Wow. That's one tough owl.
Sly: I don't get it. You're so familiar with my family. You must have known my father had a son. If you hated the Coopers so much, why did you let me live when you stole the Thievius Raccoonus?
Clockwerk: Because I wanted to show the world that without your precious book, the Cooper line is nothing!
Sly: Ah. Well, there's where you're wrong. The Thievius Raccoonus doesn't create great thieves, it takes great thieves to create the Thievius Raccoonus.
Clockwerk: Enough, Sly Cooper! It ends here! I'll finish you like I finished your father. Then the Cooper line will be erased and the only Master thief will be Clockwerk!

Bentley: Now's your only chance, Sly! You've got to get to his head and destroy it before his auto-reconstruct circuitry kicks in!

Clockwerk: Cooper, you will never be rid of me! Clockwerk is SUPERIOR!

Sly [narrating]: It took some tricky maneuvering, but I managed to snatch that last piece of the Thievius Raccoonus from Clockwerk's claw. I had taken down each member of the Fiendish Five - Raleigh, Muggshot, Mz. Ruby, the Panda King, and finally Clockwerk. I'd beaten them all one by one and reclaimed my birthright. Of course, there was no way I could have gotten here without the help of my pals. I know this hasn't been easy for them, but they stuck with me through it all. [chuckles] Murray. Boy, it took a lot of guts for him to get out in the field with me. I know he was scared, but he's got more heart than anyone I've ever known. Thank goodness for Bentley. Without his expertise, I'd have never found my way off that rooftop in Paris. A guy couldn't ask for a better gang of friends. [chuckles] Who could ever forget the lovely Carmelita? Looks like we're not going to be friends anymore. Now that Clockwerk's death ray is out of commission, we're back to playing cops and robbers. I thought for sure she was going to slap the handcuffs on me right then and there, but instead, she was true to her word and gave me that 10-second head start. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2… 1. I felt bad leaving her stranded on that giant rock, but I knew it wouldn't be long before we'd see each other again.


  • Kevin Miller as Sly Cooper
  • Matt Olsen as Bentley
  • Chris Murphy as Murray
  • Roxanna Ortega as Carmelita Fox
  • Kevin Blackton as Sir Raleigh, Muggshot, Panda King and Clockwerk
  • Presciliana Esparolini as Mz. Ruby

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