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Smaranda Olarinde is a Nigerian professor of Law, President of the Nigerian Association of Law Teachers and incumbent Vice chancellor of Afe Babalola University. In 1995, she served as UNICEF's legal researcher for Niger and Oyo State.


  • "We didn’t consider Senator Bola Tinubu owing to his political career. He was only found worthy because of his immense contributions to humanity and his various selfless services that surpass that of anybody in Nigeria."
    • [1] Speaking during the presentation of Honorary Doctorate Degree to Bola Tinubu (2019).
  • I can say without any fear of contradiction that the immediate future is very bright for us.
    • [2] Smaranda Olarinde speaks during an interview with the Sun News(26 September 2020).
  • "We are now making fundamental changes struggling to adapt to the “new normal.” What does the future hold for us in Africa? We would be glad to tap from your wealth of knowledge, experience and scholarship.
    • [3]Her speech at the 2-Day Virtual International Conference - COVID-19 Pandemic and the Future of International Relations (2020).
  • "ABUAD decided to venture into this multi-billion naira venture because Nigeria is experiencing the worst phase in power generation and distribution. These have in turn affected the quantum of power available to the citizenry, including the university.”
    • [4] Quote from her speech during the inauguration of an Independent Power Project (IPP) (2021).
  • Rare library donation, which will provide an invaluable source of information, knowledge and instruction to our university community, is undoubtedly a thoughtful legacy that will be treasured by current and future generations yet unborn."
    • [5]Describing Prof Adeniran's donation of entire Personal library To ABUAD (2021).
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