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So What Now? was a television sitcom broadcast in 2001 starring Lee Evans as himself.


(in the kitchen)
Stuart: Now then, ring boy. Where exactly do you last remember having it?
Lee: If I knew exactly, I wouldn't have to look, would I?
Stuart: God, you're so ungrateful, aren't you? I'm sat here, knocking my pipe out. Now, let's work back through everything that happened.
Lee: Right, that's a good idea.
Stuart: Yes.
Lee: Yeah, I was over by the case, went over by the door. You said, "Where exactly did you have it last?" Worked back through what happened, then I tried to remember. Then, after that, it's a blank.
Stuart: I meant before all of that, you twod.
Lee: Well, before all that we came out of the lounge.

(on leaving the kitchen and entering the sitting room)
Lee: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, in here. Yes, in here, through there. Yeah.
Stuart': Exhausted, exhausted, exhausted.
Lee (as Heather): I'm going shopping!
Lee (as himself): Aggravated hernia! Yes.
Lee (as Heather): He'd rather listen to me.
Both (as Lee): Eileen! Eileen!
Stuart:: He's all ears. Ha-ha!
Both (as Heather): Left, left, left, left, left, left. Right, right, right, right, right, right. Left, left, left, left, Left, left.
Stuart (as Heather): That's not important.
Lee (as himself): I've got you out of the bath.
Lee: No more heavy objects, doctor reckons.
Both (as Heather): Madonna, cheesecake, Feng Shui, she quipped.
Lee: What is she talking about, the daft mare? Put her on the phone.
Both (as Heather): Poor, poor, bank manager, got no friends.
Stuart (as Heather): Bills. Bills.
Lee (as Heather): Invitations spewing out of my letterbox.
Both (as Heather: Rent Day! Rent Day!
Lee (as Heather): Good boy!
Stuart (as himself: And here's mine.
Lee: (as himself): Hey!
Lee (as Heather): Poor, poor, doctor, doctor. Can't pay no bills.
Stuart (as Heather): Worry, worry, worry, worry, worry, worry.
Lee: Upset. Upset. I'm all upset. I'm upset.
Stuart (as himself): Did they pay you?
Lee (as himself): Yes. Fifty quid, golf sign, sold it.
Both: A-a-a-a-a-a-nd ring. Sofa!

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