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Social anarchism (sometimes referred to as socialist anarchism or anarcho-socialism) is generally considered to be the branch of anarchism which sees individual freedom as being dependent upon mutual aid.  Social anarchist thought generally emphasizes community and social equality.  The term emerged in the late 19th century as a distinction from individualist anarchism.


  • Nick Gillespie:  So, um, how do you self-describe politically?
    Krist Novoselic:  I'm a, what, an anarcho-capitalist socialist…I don't know…I'm kinda a moderate, I think I'm moderate.
    Nick Gillespie:  So you're an anarcho-capitalist socialist moderate.
    Krist Novoselic:  I mean I'm a gun-owning pacifist, so there you go.  I'm an anarcho-socialist—you know what I mean?
    Nick Gillespie:  Anarcho-socialist—
    Krist Novoselic:  —capitalist
    Nick Gillespie:  —capitalist, gun-toting…
    Krist Novoselic:  Yeah, it's just like I, y'know, I just tryin'a, tryin'a make it work in this world and...basically I'm just a small-D democrat.

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