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Sofia the First (2012–2018) is a computer-animated television series that incorporates characters from the Disney Princess franchise. The series stars Ariel Winter as Sofia, a young girl who becomes a princess when her mother, Miranda, marries King Roland II of Enchancia.

Season 1[edit]

Once Upon a Princess[edit]

  • The second Disney Princess, Cinderella, makes her debut to help young Sofia make up with with her stepsister Princess Amber in song form: "True Sisters."

Sofia: "What have I done!? Cinderella? What are you doing here?"
Cinderella: "Your amulet brought me here. It links all of the princesses that ever were. When a princess is in trouble, it sends another along to help."
Sofia: "I cast a spell to make myself a good dancer, but it ended up putting everyone asleep."

[Last lines]
Sofia: "I've been wondering. Why do they call you Roland the Second?"
King Roland II: "Because my father, the former king, was also named Roland."
Sofia: "Hmm, so I guess that makes me... Sofia the First."
King Roland II: "I guess it does."

A Royal Sleepover[edit]

Two to Tangu[edit]

  • Princess Jasmine of Agrabah, the sixth Disney Princess, helps Sofia and Princess Amber with the "Ride of Your Life."

The Amulet and the Anthem[edit]

  • Belle, the fourth Disney Princess, makes her debut here to help Sofia in song form "Make It Right."

The Floating Palace[edit]

Sofia: "Ariel?"
Seahorse: "Princess Ariel? What are you doing here?"
Princess Ariel: "Sofia's amulet brought me here to help. What's going on, Sofia?"
Sofia: My friend Oona is in trouble. I tried to save her but.."
Princes Ariel: "You couldn't do it on your own?"
Sofia: "No."
Princess Ariel: "Luckily, there's one answer to both your problems."
Sofia: "There is?"
Princess Ariel: "Follow me."

Holiday in Enchancia[edit]

  • Princess Aurora debuts. She is the only Disney princess who does help Sofia in song form.

Sofia: "Princes Aurora."
Princess Aurora: Sofia, your amulet called me here."
Sofia: I'm trying to find my dad."
Princess Aurora: "Oh, Sofia. I could always count on my animal friends and so can you."

Season Two[edit]

Season Three[edit]

Season Four[edit]

A Royal Wedding[edit]

Sofia: "From firstborn child to firstborn child."
Mother: "Amber and James may be twins but Amber is seven minutes older."
Princess Amber: "That's right! I was born first."
King Roland II: "If that's the law, then Tilly would have been queen."
Aunt Tilly: "Well, in fact, I was."
All: "You were?"
Aunt Tilly: "But I couldn't accept. I knew I wanted to be adventurer, and that my baby brother would make a far better ruler than I."

Forever Royal[edit]

It's not that far from my village to the castle,
It's seems I wasn't ready to be royal,
But I proved I belong,
I proved I'm here to stay,
So when I stand Infront of all those whom i care about,
I want to rise and shine but still there is a little doubt,
I really want to wow'em,
But I just don't know how'em gonna find all those right thing to say,
On such a big day.
Miranda:(continuing the song)
I never thought you would wind up being a princess,
But I'm proud of very much you have grown,
I'm sure it wasn't easy to be a princess,
But you proved you belonged,
you proved you were here to stay,
So when you stand Infront of all those you care,
just look the stars above you and I'm sure you'll discover the way on such a big day.
James:(Continuing the song)
I wish I could wear my armour to the school,
so I could show'em all my knightly moves,
I just have to wait until the time is right,
so we could celebrate at the party tonight.
Amber:(continuing the song together with James at the party tonight)
I just cannot wait until the time I'm queen,
so I could show'em my queenly moves,
I Just have to wait until the time is right,
so we could celebrate at the party tonight.

(Meet James at the corridor and walk together down the stairs)

Both:(Continuing to sing)
the party tonight.
Rolland the II:(continuing to sing sees James and Amber)
I can't believe you're really graduating,
I still remember holding you in my arms.
Baileywhicks: It's time to go,
we cannot keep the whole school waiting.
Rolland the II:
oh what we'll do without our baileywhicks alive.

Princess Amber: "Does your amulet have a power that could stop her?"
Sofia: "My amulet had a princess inside it once."
Princess Amber: "But will your amulet be the same if Vor is inside it?"
Sofia: "If it's not, so be it."

Queen Miranda: "Sofia! Where is she!?"
Princess Amber: "Vor pulled her into the amulet."

Prisma: "I'm so sorry, Sofia. I never meant for any of this happen. Are we going to be imprisoned here forever?"
Sofia: "I...I don't know."

King Roland II: "You saved her!! From now on, you will be known as Cedric the Great."
Cedric: "Thank you, Your Majesty."

Cedric: "I believe this is yours, Princess."
Sofia: "Thanks for saving me, Cedric the Great."
Cedric: Well, it's about time somebody noticed."

[last lines of the series]
Princess Amber: Sofia, what you did today... That was the most noble thing I have ever seen.I thought I lost you.
Sofia: We'll never lose each other, Amber. Because we're sisters.
Princess Amber: [tearing up] Oh, Sofia, yes we are.You're going to make a great Protector.
Sofia: And you're going to make a great queen: Amber the First."
Princess Amber: "I like the sound of that."
Sofia: "I'm just happy to be home."
Princess Amber: "I'm happy you're home too, Sofia."

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