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Solar Opposites (2020-) is an American animated sitcom, created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan for the video on demand service Hulu, about a family of aliens who take refuge in middle America. The series debuted May 8, 2020.

Season 1[edit]

The Matter Transfer Array [1.01][edit]

Principal Cooke: From now on, I want nothing but perfect behavior from you two. No terraforming the gym, or making pod people, or any of that Outer Limits bullshit! You act like regular kids, or you will be expelled. Now get the fuck outta here!

The Unstable Grey Hole [1.02][edit]

Korvo: The homeowners' association is updating the rules again. "Gardeners need to have marked trucks. No RV parking in the driveway. All spaceships sticking out of houses need to be painted to match the trim." Are you hearing this?!

The Quantum Ring [1.03][edit]

The Booster Manifold [1.04][edit]

Yumyulack: My plan is to slip into the seat, do nothing, and then it will become normal that I'm there.
Jesse: Worked for Hulu.

Terry: I can't go to prison, I've got no butthole! How will I smuggle in treats?

Korvo: The only way to stop this infection is to inject the serum under their skin. But we can't let them bite us or we'll turn crazy too, which is why we have to use these emergency medical weapons.
Yumyulack: [toying with an spear] We get to cut people up?
Korvo: It doesn't hurt them. The cuts all heal themselves because of the sci‐fi goo the blades emit.
Yumyulack: Lame.
Jesse: But wouldn't it be safer to use, like, a dart or something?
Terry: You wanna use a dart? Okay, yeah. Go ahead, use a dart. This is way cooler than a dart.
Korvo: Let's go stab some kids and save some lives!

The Lavatic Reactor [1.05][edit]

Principal Cooke: Yumyulack, out of 180 days of school this year, you've been late 179 times!
Mrs. Frankie: And Jesse, you've been late three times!
Jesse: I'm a monster!
Yumyulack: It's true, she is.
Principal Cooke: If either of you are ever late or miss class ever again, you will be expelled! Which means you'll have to go to military school - where the bullies will fuck you!
[No reaction from Yumyulack or Jesse]
Mrs. Frankie: And they make you shave your head.
Yumyulack: But my hair defines me!
[Camera closes in on a single, usually invisible hair on his head]
Principal Cooke: Then don't! Fuck! Up!

Yumyulack: This must be what summer school is - an intense psychological mind game, not unlike the Academy Award winning film Suicide Squad.

The P.A.T.R.I.C.I.A. Device [1.06][edit]

Terry and Korvo Steal A Bear [1.07][edit]

Retrace-Your-Step-Alizer [1.08][edit]

Terry: Or what about when we teamed up with the Simpsons for a game against the Monstars from Space Jam?

Terry: I mean, how are we sure we're not in a The Matrix or a Matrix Reloaded?
Korvo: Because there would be green numbers floating around and leather sunglasses.


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