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Solar Opposites (2020-) is an American animated sitcom, created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan for the video on demand service Hulu, about a family of aliens who take refuge in middle America. The series debuted May 8, 2020.

Season 1[edit]

The Matter Transfer Array [1.01][edit]

Korvo: You should be helping me construct the Earth drill.
Terry: I have to take the Pupa to the dog park! We don't want to miss the Labradoodles!
Korvo: Oh, oh, is the dog park more important than mining nickel alloys so we can repair our spaceship?!
Terry: Uh, I don't know, Korvo. Can nickel alloy catch a Frisbee in the air?
Korvo: We won't know until we get some!

Principal Cooke: From now on, I want nothing but perfect behavior from you two. No terraforming the gym, or making pod people, or any of that Outer Limits bullshit! You act like regular kids, or you will be expelled. Now get the fuck outta here!

Terry: Funbucket has to be real. He has to be!
Korvo: TV lied to us. It lied!
Terry: Th-That's impossible! All of human history is recorded on the TV! I don't even know what's real anymore! Are submarines real?! Are penguins real?!
Korvo: I don't know! Probably not!

Terry: Why are you dissecting your classmate?
Yumyulack: Despite having been examined by countless scientists over hundreds of years, the human brain is still a mystery.
Jesse: Plus, she was mean to us at school!
Lydia: Everyone is mean to them! I didn't invent it!

The Unstable Grey Hole [1.02][edit]

Korvo: The homeowners' association is updating the rules again. "Gardeners need to have marked trucks. No RV parking in the driveway. All spaceships sticking out of houses need to be painted to match the trim." Are you hearing this?!

Korvo: Solar Opposites will be right back after these set of... th-this set of subsequent advertisements.
[After either some commercials or just a brief black screen]
Korvo: Now back to Solar Opposites. Unless you spring for expensive Hulu, then there was no commercial break and this doesn't make a whole lot of sense and is probably quite jarring. Good for you, Mr. Moneybags.

Yumyulack: Hey, guys, if you think that's punk rock, wait till you hear my sister's song!
Jesse: [singing nervously] "Interraciaaaaal love, friendship--" Ow!
[A bottle gets thrown in Jesse's face, and she and Yumyulack flee into a closet]
Jesse: Look, I do think humans are generally nice, but to prove that point to you today, I installed microchips in all of your enemies' heads that made them nice when I clicked this button! But I didn't know about these neo‐Nazis, so it's not gonna work and I think we're gonna die!
Yumyulack: Ah, I told you some people are bad!
Jesse: [sobbing] You're right, some people are really, really bad! This is just like the movie Green Room!

Jesse: I like humans, but I hate shoes. Like, how are we supposed to taste the ground?
Yumyulack: I don't know. They don't flavour their ground either.
Jesse: Pfft! Weird, right?

The Quantum Ring [1.03][edit]

The Booster Manifold [1.04][edit]

Yumyulack: My plan is to slip into the seat, do nothing, and then it will become normal that I'm there.
Jesse: Worked for Hulu.

Terry: I can't go to prison, I've got no butthole! How will I smuggle in treats?!

Korvo: The only way to stop this infection is to inject the serum under their skin. But we can't let them bite us or we'll turn crazy too, which is why we have to use these emergency medical weapons.
Yumyulack: [toying with an spear] We get to cut people up?
Korvo: It doesn't hurt them. The cuts all heal themselves because of the sci‐fi goo the blades emit.
Yumyulack: Lame.
Jesse: But wouldn't it be safer to use, like, a dart or something?
Terry: You wanna use a dart? Okay, yeah. Go ahead, use a dart. This is way cooler than a dart.
Korvo: Let's go stab some kids and save some lives!

The Lavatic Reactor [1.05][edit]

Principal Cooke: Yumyulack, out of 180 days of school this year, you've been late 179 times!
Mrs. Frankie: And Jesse, you've been late three times!
Jesse: I'm a monster!
Yumyulack: It's true, she is.
Principal Cooke: If either of you are ever late or miss class ever again, you will be expelled! Which means you'll have to go to military school - where the bullies will fuck you!
[No reaction from Yumyulack or Jesse]
Mrs. Frankie: And they make you shave your head.
Yumyulack: But my hair defines me!
[Camera closes in on a single, usually invisible hair on his head]
Principal Cooke: Then don't! Fuck! Up!

Yumyulack: This must be what summer school is - an intense psychological mind game, not unlike the Academy Award winning film Suicide Squad.

Jesse: I bet you didn't know Shakespeare was the original rapper.
Yumyulack: Oh, did Shakespeare live on Sedgwick Avenue with DJ Kool Herc in the Bronx, five years before the Son of Sam?
Jesse: Yeah, sure. That's why Shakespeare's writing is like rap. Plus he made a bunch of money and sampled other playwrights without giving them any credit.
Yumyulack: This makes me like Shakespeare!
Jesse: Of course it does! My tough‐yet‐relatable teaching style is breaking through your emotional armour.
Yumyulack: And how!

The P.A.T.R.I.C.I.A. Device [1.06][edit]

Terry and Korvo Steal A Bear [1.07][edit]

Retrace-Your-Step-Alizer [1.08][edit]

Terry: Or what about when we teamed up with the Simpsons for a game against the Monstars from Space Jam?

Terry: I mean, how are we sure we're not in a The Matrix or a Matrix Reloaded?
Korvo: Because there would be green numbers floating around and leather sunglasses.

Season 2[edit]

The Sacred Non-Repeating Number [2.01][edit]

Zelvod: We were about to start our hourly prayers. Care to join?
Jesse: Eh, we only pray on Easter or when we think we're about to die. And even then, we don't really mean it.

Terry: Can you believe those weirdo British aliens pray every hour? Next time, let's just ignore the distress signal. Bunch of Jar Jar Dinks. "Mesa gonna hide from Terrans!"
[Jesse giggles]
Korvo: Those Shlorpians were exactly the way we're supposed to be.
Terry: Sneaking out at night to dumpster dive for trash food? "Mesa gonna eat trash!"
Jesse: They're basic. We're extra, they're basic.
Korvo: They were not!
Terry: I'm honestly surprised they didn't have a flying saucer. They were like a bunch of ALFs: Alone Loser Fucks.

The Earth Eraser [2.02][edit]

Korvo: As team leader, I should be included in all things, which is why I demand that we all be invited to this dinnering party!
Terry: No, I-I can't add a plus one so late in the date, let alone a plus two!
Korvo: Then I will activate the Earth Eraser, and we can all get turned into dust! [does so]
Earth Eraser: All matter will be atomized in five, four...
Terry: Okay! Jesus fucking Christ, I added you to the RSBP. You've sufficiently cramped my style.
Korvo: [stops the device's countdown] Good. We shall leave in an hour. I need to apply darker blue makeup to... everywhere under my robe.
Terry: Man, we gotta throw out that Earth Eraser.
Earth Eraser: Try and die, bitch!

Korvo: Ugh, human battery power is so weak. Why haven't they discovered how to harness the power of love yet?!

The Lake House Device [2.03][edit]

Idris Elba: We've been watching you.
Yumyulack: Who's been watching me, Idris Elba?
Idris Elba: The Big Dick Energy Council. We are a secret and mystic fraternity. Too complicated to explain, mate.
Yumyulack: Oh, let me guess - it's, like, a bunch of people with big dicks?
Idris Elba: Yeah, that's pretty much it. You have to understand. For centuries, our Council has been tasked with keeping a delicate balance of energy in the world. But your new BDE is buggering it all up!
Jesse: [awestruck] "Buggering" means fucking in British!
Yumyulack: I know what "buggering" means!
Idris Elba: I came to offer you a spot on the Council. Christian Bale stepped down after he lost all that penis weight for a movie. You could be one of the greats, but only we can show you how to harness your power for good!
Yumyulack: My answer... IS NO! I don't need you or your stupid Council!
Idris Elba: BDE is a power stronger than any man! And if you're not careful, it will consume you!
Yumyulack: Are you threatening me, Idris Elba?
Idris Elba: Just keepin' it real, mate.
Yumyulack: Well, why don't you keep this real, "mate"? I'm gonna make a dick so big that you and your stupid Council will be begging me to suck it!

The Emergency Urbanizer [2.04][edit]

Yumyulack: Ooh, camp sounds amazing! I'm excited to use my bounty hunting skills to hunt down and torture those who have captured the flag!
Jesse: And I'm excited for a sexual awakening! I heard last year, Julia Holland went to camp a girl and came back a woman - but then it turned out it actually was a woman and they never found Julia's body. Crazy, huh?
Terry: Well, I'm excited to perform something from Angels in America on talent night. I took out all the gay stuff and doubled the angels!

Cinthy: And of course, you couldn't be bothered to attend Yumyulack Jr.'s christening, 'cause you're too busy puttin' your nose in a pile of cocaine, and your dick in a pile of crack cocaine!
Yumyulack: Okay, what if I did fuck crack cocaine?! What difference would it make?! You don't know anything about me anymore, Cinthy!
Cinthy: I know one about ya: you're about to be divorced!
Yumyulack: I wish I'd never bought this wooden penis!

Anchorman on TV: A mysterious wooden city that recently appeared out of nowhere tragically burned to the ground last week, in a fire experts are calling "inevitable".
Terry: I gotta be honest, I feel bad the wooden city is gone. They had a really good Arby's... to get fucked in.

The Rad Awesome Teriffic Ray [2.05][edit]

Korvo: Red Goobler? Wait a hot fucking second, I thought you killed the Red Goobler last year! After he hunted us in the Halloween store! R-Remember that whole thing?!
Terry: Yeah, I lied about killing him. He got away, and I kinda just thought maybe he'd disappear, like that eye that used to be on my back. [turns and lifts his shirt, revealing the eye]
Korvo: Dammit, Terry! That eye is still there, and so is the Red Goobler.
Terry: Hey, what the fuck? Why's he so big? Last time we saw him, he was about the size of a softball, or, like, a fat baseball.
Korvo: I don't know, Terry. He probably grows when I'm stressed out. Or maybe he eats a lot. Stop trying to poke holes!
Terry: Well, sorry for trying to be consistent!

Jesse: Ooh, I didn't know you had a pocket dimension.
Yumyulack: Pretty sweet, right?
Jesse: Yeah, maybe if it wasn't pink...

Jesse: Oh, this is it, we're done. Someone's gonna find out we're big cheaters and then they're gonna kill us, just like they did with Lance Armstrong.
Yumyulack: He wasn't killed, they just took one nut.
Jesse: Well, we don't have any nuts! What are they gonna take?!

Terry: I need your help moving fifteen to twenty rat women to a Red Goobler wedding, come on!
Jesse: That's the most Solar Opposites thing I've ever heard.

The Apple Pencil Pro [2.06][edit]

The Unlikely Demise of Terry's Favorite Shot Glass [2.07][edit]

The Solar Opposites Almost Get An Xbox [2.08][edit]

[Yumyulack zaps a baby with an alien ray]
Yumyulack: [to mother] Now your baby can read. You're welcome.
Mother: What? Why?
Yumyulack: [zaps her too] Now you can read! Getting fulfilled!
Mother: I could already read, I'm a famous novelist!
Yumyulack: [zaps her hat] Now your hat can read!
Mother: Stop that! What are you doing?!
Yumyulack: [zaps her car] Your car can read!
Mother: This alien is educating my things!
Policeman: Stop right there, you dirty alien! [Yumyulack zaps him] Oh God, I can read? What if I gain empathy?! What if I learn things that force me to re-evaluate my hardline conservative opinions?! OH MY GOD!

Korvo: I guess we're in a "There can be only one" Highlander type situation.
Jesse: Wait, I thought that show was about a hot nurse who goes back in time to get her ass eaten out!
Korvo: No, that's Outlander!

Korvo: Aisha, I need that magic potion.
Aisha: The one we keep in Narnia? We promised we would never go back!

Very Solar Holiday Opposites[edit]

Korvo: Remember when we all went and saw Ready Player One?
Yumyulack: No. But I wipe my mind after seeing any movie where people don't steal the Declaration of Independence.
Korvo: There was one scene in Ready Player One where that computer kid went inside The Shining.
Yumyulack: Wait, they just put a better movie inside their movie?

Korvo: Mutants?! There can't be mutants in a Christmas movie! These are completely shoehorned in - like that spider tank from the end of Wild Wild West!

Terry: Since when did Jimmy Stewart have a gun in that movie?
Jesse: Everyone used to carry a gun back then. Shirley Temple used to keep one up her hoo-ha! That's what the song "Lollipop" is about!
Yumyulack: Duh - everyone knows that.

Terry: Aaaargh, I wish I'd never made us watch stupid Jingle All the Way! I should have picked a regular Christmas movie, like Die Hard or Gremlins or Piranha 3D!
Korvo: Shut the fuck up, Terry. We'd be in the exact same situation. Those aren't Christmas movies!
Terry: They are too! Any movie that takes place on Christmas is a Christmas movie now! I guess Piranha 3D doesn't...

Jamie: Where were you when I needed a father?!
Terry: Look, man, in a world with infinite streaming options, there just isn't any pressure to finish watching what you start. I only watched an episode and a half of Umbrella Academy.


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