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Solomon Kane (2009) is a Sword and sorcery film based on the character created by Robert E. Howard in 1928. It is about a late 16th / early 17th century ship's captain and mercenary who converts to Puritanism and renounces violence, when he discovers he's bound for hell for his condemned actions. But when a Puritan girl is kidnapped and her family brutally slaughtered before his very eyes by followers of a priest turned sorcerer, Solomon is forced into rescuing her by any means necessary.

Directed and written by Michael J. Bassett.

Solomon Kane[edit]

  • [On being confronted by The Devil's Reaper] You can tell your master that I am not yet ready for hell!
  • Solomon Kane: Satan's creatures will take me should I stray from the path of peace.
    William Crowthorn: Then do not stray.
  • [Looking upwards toward God] Is this all that I am to you?
  • [On seeing a boy die before his eyes] If I kill you, I am bound for hell. It is a price I shall gladly pay.
  • [From trailer] There is evil walking on this earth. And I will hunt it down and send it burning back to hell.
  • I am the only devil here!
  • I was never more at home than I was in battle. Killing came easily to me.
  • This is your last chance to save your pitiful life.
  • Your father told me that if I save you, my soul would be redeemed. I have, and it is. And the Devil's claim on me is no more.
  • [Closing line] Father, I have kept my promise and Meredith is returned to her mother. The demon is gone, banished to the shadows along with the sorcerer who had cursed us all. But evil is not so easily defeated, and I know I will have to fight again. I am a very different man now. Through all of my travels, all the things I've seen and all the things I've done, I have found my purpose. There was a time when the world was plunging into darkness. A time of witchcraft and sorcery, when no one stood against evil. That over.


  • [As he casts Kane out of the Monastery] There are many paths to redemption... not all of them peaceful.


[Solomon is confronted in the throne room by a demon]
Solomon: [Afraid] What [The demon roars, forcing a screaming Solomon to his knees. The demon rises to loom over him]
Devil's Reaper: I am the Devil's Reaper. I am here to claim you, Solomon Kane. Your deal is done.
Solomon: [confused] What deal?! I made no deal!
Devil's Reaper: There was a deal, and your soul is the price. Your life of murder and greed is OVER!
Solomon: You cannot take my soul.
Devil's Reaper: Bow your head before me! [The Reaper forces him to do so and draws a flaming sword] The Devil will have his due. [The Reaper moves to deal a decapitating blow, only to have its blade blocked by Solomon at the last second]
Solomon: NO! You can tell your master that I am not ready for Hell! The Lord protects me!
Devil's Reaper: FOOL! He has abandoned you! On your knees!
Solomon: Never! You'll never take my soul! [As the Reaper advances, Solomon dives out a window] NEVER!
Devil's Reaper: You cannot escape us! Your soul is damned!

William Crowthorn: You might consider joining us.
Solomon: That's a kind offer, William, very kind, thank you. I should be honest with you. You should know the kind of man you're thinking of taking in. I've done bad things, terrible things, cruel things. I am a...No, I was, was an evil, evil man.
William Crowthorn: But the Lord speaks of redemption and forgiveness.
Solomon: No, my soul is damned. Satan's creatures will take me should I stray from the path of peace.
William Crowthorn: Then do not stray, Master Kane.

Solomon Kane: Where are you, Malachi?! Hiding in the shadows?!
Malachi: Why should I hide from you? I want you here. Every step you took led you to here. Every pain you suffered was punishment for your sins. My master will have your soul!

Malachi: Why would you risk everything, even your soul, to save her?!
Solomon Kane: I made a promise. I must keep it!

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