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Some Kind of Wonderful, is a 1987 American romance film about a young man and his female best friend who grows a developing attraction for him as he sets his sights on their school's hot campus crush.

Directed by Howard Deutch. Written by John Hughes.
Before they could stand together, they had to stand alone (taglines)

Amanda Jones[edit]

  • [notices that Watts has feelings for Keith after she walks off] Remember how I said I'd rather be with someone for the wrong reasons than alone for the right ones? I'd rather be right. [removes earrings] It's gonna feel good to stand on my own. Here. [gives earrings to Keith] In your heart you wanted to give these to somebody else. Go. Go on. [Keith kisses a smiling Amanda on the cheeks before going]


[Keith and Watts practice kissing on the lips, but the kiss seems too deep and Watts pushes him off]
Keith: What? What?
Watts: Lesson's over. You're cool. [walks off]
Keith: [smiles] You're blushing.
Watts: Yeah, right. The day I blush--
Keith: No, no, that was very nice. You're-- You're pretty.
Watts: This is how you repay a favor, I'm not rich enough to be your friend.
Keith: No, wait. I didn't mean anything. I'm sorry. Don't be mad, okay? [Watts leaves] I'll see you tonight!

[Keith is waiting for Amanda to meet him at a rock club where Watts is hanging out]
Watts: She said she'd meet you here?
Keith Nelson: Not in those words.
Watts: In any words? Maybe she didn't have ID.
Keith: Who doesn't have ID?
Watts: Maybe she doesn't like you as much as you think.
Keith: Maybe.
Watts: Do you miss me, Keith? Do you miss not being around me?
Keith: This isn't the third grade anymore.
Watts: She doesn't love you. It's a joke. It's all a joke.
Keith: [stern] How do you know?
Watts: I'd bet my hands on it.
Keith: You don't wanna make that bet. [drinks]
Watts: Yeah, I do. I've been thinking a lot lately about you and me... and I came to a conclusion that I didn't want to deal with. But now that we've talked I can't hide it anymore. We'd get along much better if we didn't spend so much time together anymore.
Keith: Why?
Watts: Because I'm driving you crazy and you're driving me crazy. And I'd rather not see you and have you think good things about me than have you see me and hate me. [gets more emotional] 'Cause I can't afford to have you hate me, Keith. The only things I care about in this goddamn life are me and my drums, and you. Adios.
Keith: Wait. Watts. Watts! [she looks back at him and leaves]

[Hardy Jenns has been called out over his plan to beat up Keith at his own party... especially now that Keith had brought some backup]
Hardy Jenns: Look, I'm perfectly willing to forget this. Okay? I see no reason in carrying this on any longer. It was a joke. It's gone too far. It's over. Okay?
Keith Nelson: You want the truth? You want the plain truth? You're over. [turns to leave]
Amanda Jones: Are you just gonna leave?
Keith: There isn't anything I could do to him that he hasn't already done to himself.
Jones: [comes up to Hardy] I wish I could live with that. [smiles at Hardy and slaps him... and slaps him again]


  • Before they could stand together, they had to stand alone.


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