Son of Dracula (1943 film)

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Son of Dracula is a 1943 film about Dracula traveling to the deep south.

Directed by Robert Siodmak. Written by Curtis Siodmak.
BLOOD on his lips...! DOOM in his eyes...! an accursed VAMPIRE!  (taglines)


Harry: How are ya, doctor?
Prof. Harry Brewster: Hi, Harry.
Frank Stanley: Hey, Charlie!
Charlie, station agent: Hello Dr. Brewster, Mr. Stanley.
Frank Stanley: How are ya. Say, uh, those all the passengers you have?
Charlie, station agent: Just the four.
Prof. Harry Brewster: You didn't put anyone off at the wrong station, did you? We're here to meet a friend of the Caldwells, a Count Alucard.
Charlie, station agent: There was no Count on this train. All customers. Say - there was a lot of stuff in the baggage car that might belong to your Count.
Prof. Harry Brewster: Thanks, we'll take a look at it.
Train Conductor Voice: All aboard.
Frank Stanley: [looking at a pushcart piled with trunks and cases] Well, does this look as though he's come to stay for just a couple of weeks?
Prof. Harry Brewster: No, it doesn't. I wonder what's become of him?
Frank Stanley: Probably coming by car. Don't worry, he'll show up.
Prof. Harry Brewster: [the Doctor moves close to the luggage, studies the name on a crest on a box which has been stacked sideways] D - R - A - C...
Frank Stanley: What are you mumbling about?
Prof. Harry Brewster: Nothing, nothing. Just a silly idea hit me. Well, if there's no Alucard, there's no need of our staying around here. I've got to get back to the office.

Sheriff Dawes: You mean, that's all that's left of Count Alucard?
Prof. Laszlo: Look at the ring on his hand. It bears the Alucard seal, just as on his luggage.
Sheriff Dawes: Well assuming it is Alucard, or Dracula, or whoever he calls himself - where is Frank Stanley? He's still wanted for murder.
Prof. Harry Brewster: You still think that Frank killed Kay deliberately?
Sheriff Dawes: Look, Doctor, I'm only the Sheriff. I'm not the Judge. It's my job to bring him in, and the court's to decide his guilt.
Prof. Laszlo: Of course. But I think our testimony will have some bearing on their decision.
Prof. Harry Brewster: Undoubtedly. But the main thing to do now is to find Frank - and I think I know where he is.


  • LON CHANEY—MORE THRILLING! MORE TERRIFYING! As History's Blackest Curse Strikes Again!
  • Can You Take It? More Startling . . . More Blood-Curdling Than Anything You've Ever Seen!
  • Chill and Thrill to Dracula's Curse!


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