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Son of Zorn was an American sitcom created by Reed Agnew and Eli Jorné. The series was about Zorn, a barbarian warrior from the fictional South Pacific island of Zephyria who moves to Orange County, California to reconnect with his ex-wife and teenage son, Alan.


The Quest for Craig[edit]

Students: Son of Zorn! Son of Zorn! Son of Zorn! Son of Zorn... Yeah!
Alan: Oh, that was a good one.
Girl: Alan, what are you doing? Wasn't that your backpack?
Alan: Oh, no, that's someone else's backpack... I kicked mine, like, five backpacks ago.
Boy #1 Son of Zorn, that was incredible.
Boy #2: Think you can kick something a little bigger?
Coach: My apartment! I mean... my car. Who did this?
Alan: Hi, Coach...
Coach: Son of Zorn, my office, now!

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