Sonata in B minor (Liszt)

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The Sonata in B minor (German: Klaviersonate h-moll), S.178, is a sonata for solo piano by Franz Liszt. It was completed in 1853 and published in 1854 with a dedication to Robert Schumann.

Quotes about Sonata[edit]

  • The Sonata in B minor is not a favourite with the writer of this book, even if it is admitted to be a proud passage of Romanticism. In the hands of Busoni, or even of Horowitz, it sounds magnificent; but, in the opinion of the writer, always empty; and, unless it is played by such pianists as these, the awkwardness of the pauses and the jerky staccato sentiment render the Sonata painful and irritating to the nerves.
    • Sacheverell Sitwell, Liszt [London, 1970], p. 192.

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