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Sondra London on the set of the biopic by Errol Morris[citation needed]

Sondra London (born 1947) is a controversial American true crime author, best known as the onetime girlfriend of convicted murderer and suspected serial killer G.J. Schaefer, and the fiancee of convicted serial killer Danny Rolling. She debriefed both of them about their crimes and the thinking behind them, and published the results of her investigations.


  • You can certainly suppress an idea but you cannot kill it. All you can do is put it under pressure, which quite naturally increases its potential energy. The very idea of suppressing any form of speech or expression sounds kind and generous and open-minded and supportive of the oppressed. When put into action, however, the unintended consequences become evident.
  • The traditional remedy for speech that offends you is to ignore it. To do anything further only gives it more power and signficance than it ever had.
  • We each find our way through life as we wish. We are each free to do what we want for any reason or for no reason. Life is simple if you stay on the simple level. But there are ALSO other levels where more thought and discernment are required.

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