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Sonic X is a anime about Sonic the Hedgehog. This page contains various quotes from the English 4kids dub of Sonic X.

Season 1[edit]

New World Saga[edit]

Chaos Control Freaks[edit]

Dr. Eggman: You'll never stop me now, Sonic! All I have to do is to push this little button.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Yeah, if you can push it before I grab it.

Truck driver: What is this, Halloween?!
Sonic: So they can talk...
Police officer #1: What is that thing?
Police officer #2: Looks like a big hedgehog.
Police officer #1: A blue hedgehog?
Police officer #2: Well, whatever it is, we better get it out of here. Hey, buddy, want to ride with us down to the station?
Police officer #1: Should I call for backup?
Police officer #2: I have three kitty cats at home. I think I can handle this little fella. [Sonic folds his arms and frowns]
Police officer #1: Did you see that? That thing's got an attitude. A bad one.
Police officer #2: Yeah? Well, He won't get away from me! [lunges at Sonic but Sonic dodges]
Police officer #1: [drawing his truncheon] Why, you little--
Sergeant: [in slight German accent] Take it easy. I think we can handle this without getting rough. Duffy, get behind him.
Duffy: Right, Sarge.
Sergeant: Okay Now, when I say the word, we're all going to jump into him at once. Alright then, is everybody ready? LET'S DO IT! [The sergeant and 3 policemen jump at Sonic]
Police officer #3: Okay, Sarge, I think I got his leg!
Police officer #2: I got 'em round the neck, Sarge!
Sergeant: Alright, let's put him out at the count to 3. 1, 2, 3! [the officers all pull, and fall over. They were in fact holding onto themselves; Sonic had dodged and was now sitting atop a patrol car, wondering what was going on. Suddenly he is enclosed in a butterfly net]
All: Aah, aah, aah! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Police officer #4: Don't worry, Sarge! I got him! [Sonic races off, pulling Policeman 2 along with him. The other policemen grab the net, but Sonic is too fast. He jumps over another patrol car, with its door open, but the policemen are bundled inside]
Sergeant: Attention, all units! Attention, all units! There is a blue hedgehog headed north on Central Street, towards the on-ramp to 101. [cuts to 2 policemen driving]
Police officer #5: I've never heard of a blue hedgehog before, have you?
Police officer #6: It must be one of those fancy new sports cars from overseas. Hey, if we catch it, maybe the captain will let us drive it!
Police officer #5: I bet it has one of those cute little hood ornaments that looks like a hedgehog. [Sonic lands on the bonnet of the car, in a pose reminiscent of a hood ornament]
Sonic: [looking at the camera] I don't know how I got here, but I gotta find a way to get out. [jumps off the bonnet and races off, leaving the policemen dumbfounded]
Police officer #6: Hey, Did you see... what I just saw?
Police officer #5: I think I did, but I wish I didn't.

Boy: My name's Christopher. Do you have a name?
Sonic: Yeah, I have a name. My name is Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic to the Rescue[edit]

Missile Wrist Rampage[edit]

Chaos Emerald Chaos[edit]

Cracking Knuckles[edit]


Stewart: [watching Chris heading back home] You know, maybe there's more of being a school teacher than passing out homework taking absent class. [eats the officer's hamburger and the officer appears behind him tapping his baton on his left palm]
Officer: Enjoying my burger bub?! [Stewart turns around and sees him and runs off with the burger on his mouth and the officer chases after him] Hey, get back here! Stop, chewing you thief! One more nible, I'll call out the SWAT team!

Party Hardly[edit]

Satellite Swindle[edit]

The Last Resort[edit]

Unfair Ball[edit]

Fly Spy[edit]

Beating Eggman - Part I[edit]

Beating Eggman - Part II[edit]

Chaos Emerald Saga[edit]

That's What Friends are For[edit]

Skirmish in the Sky[edit]

Depths of Danger[edit]

Amy: [takes a look at her passport ID and becomes angry at the photo she just looked at] I look terrible!
Tanaka: Really?
Chris: You do?
Cream: Let me see.
Cheese: Chao.
Amy: Why did they have to use this picture?! I look like a lunatic!
Tanaka: Now now, Ms. Amy, I wouldn't exactly say it makes you look like a lunatic... exactly.
Amy: It makes me look like an insane, off-the-wall, out-of-control maniac! I HATE IT!!!

The Adventures of Knuckles & Hawk[edit]

The Dam Scam[edit]

Sonic's Scream Test[edit]

Cruise Blues[edit]

Fast Friends[edit]

Little Chao Lost[edit]

Emerald Anniversary[edit]

How to Catch a Hedgehog[edit]

A Dastardly Deed[edit]

Chris: What do you think you're doing, Eggman?!
Eggman: Wise up! You didn't really believe that I was homesick like your loser friends, did you? The only thing I care about is establishing the Eggman Empire. I can do that on my planet, or yours. It makes no difference to me.

Countdown to Chaos[edit]

Season 2[edit]

Chaos Saga[edit]

Pure Chaos[edit]

A Chaotic Day[edit]

A Robot Rebels[edit]

Heads Up, Tails![edit]

Revenge of the Robot[edit]

Flood Fight[edit]

Shadow Saga[edit]

Project: Shadow[edit]

Shadow Knows[edit]

Sonic's Big Break[edit]

Shadow World[edit]

Robotnik's Revenge[edit]

Showdown in Space[edit]

Egg Moon Saga Trilogy[edit]

Defective Detectives[edit]

Sunblock Solution[edit]

Eggman for President[edit]

Eggman: Don't tell me, you metalic meatheads think this hero act is for real.

Secretary: Mr. President, what is it, sir?
President: Dr. Eggman! He tricked us again!
Eggman: Hehehe. You found me out, eh, Pres?
President: You've made a fool out on me for the last time!
Eggman: From the sound to the crowd, I'm the hero and you're the fool, Mr. President.
President: This is terrible!
Eggman: Just listen to those numbskulls, they're calling for me to be their new leader.
President: But, what about me?
Eggman: You, Mr. President, are my hostage!

Eggman: I warn you. One step closer and he's finished!
President: Careful you don't squeeze the air out.

Emerl Saga[edit]

A Date to Forget[edit]

Mean Machines[edit]

The Sewer Search[edit]

Prize Fights[edit]

Rouge: Nothing that I call a challenge, but here goes. (charges at Tails)
Tails: (evades Rouge) Whoa! Oh, yeah?! (charges at Rouge)
Rouge: (evades Tails) Oh.
Commentarist: This exciting grudge match is out and running, or should I say, flying!
Rouge: You're not bad... for an amateur.
Tails: (rubs his chin and charges at Rouge) Whoa!
Rouge: Watch out, boy. (stretch her arms out, Tails stops confused, she then grabs him by his hands, drags him a little closer and kiss him on the cheek)
Tails: (surprised) Whoa! (Rouge drops him out of the ring)
Commentarist: It looks like Rouge the Bat gave Tails the kiss off. That makes her the winner of this match!
Rouge: (to Tails) Sorry for the smooch and run, but I have to touch on my lipstick.

A Wild Win[edit]

Homebound Saga[edit]

Map of Mayhem[edit]

The Volcanic Venture[edit]

The Beginning of the End[edit]

Running Out of Time[edit]

Friends 'Til the End[edit]

A New Start[edit]

Season 3: Metarex Saga[edit]

A Cosmic Call[edit]

Dark Oak: Your defeat is certain. Give me the Chaos Emeralds and I will spare your life.

Knuckles: You finally had all the emeralds together. And you threw them away?
Sonic: Exactly.
Sonic: I guess we're gonna have to find them again!

Cosmic Crisis[edit]


An Enemy in Need[edit]

Cream: Wow, that looks like fun!
Knuckles: Yeah, if you want to be a Yo-Yo.

A Chilling Discovery[edit]

Desperately Seeking Sonic[edit]

Galactic Gumshoes[edit]

Trick Sand[edit]

Ship of Doom[edit]

An Underground Odyssey[edit]

Station Break-In[edit]

A Metarex Melee[edit]

Mission: Match-Up[edit]

Knuckles: If I ever running into those clowns again! Huh? (notices the Chaotixs and screams) You've messed up my face! (lift his shovel claws) And now I'm gonna return the favor!

Clash in the Cloister[edit]

Teasing Time[edit]

Dr. Eggman: (to Black Narcissus) I don't like the way you attacked Chris and Cosmo! It's one thing to threaten them and take them prisoner, but when you actually hurt somebody, that's going too far.
Decoe: You said it, Doctor!
Bocoe: Even we have some principles.

A Revolutionary Tale[edit]

The Planet of Misfortune[edit]

Tails: What's wrong, Cosmo? Why are you here by yourself?
Cosmo: Hi, Tails. The Marmolims are really happy their planet is saved. You must be happy too.
Tails: I feel lucky to be working in such terrific teammates, especially with you.
Cosmo: (Blushes) I didn't do anything.
Tails: You're wrong, Cosmo.
Cosmo: Huh?
Tails: You found us to help stop the Metarex. Don't you ever forget that. You're not sorry you found us, are ya?
Cosmo: Of course I'm sorry. Why would you think that? Oh! That came out wrong, I mean, I'm not sorry I met you.
Tails: [laughing] Don't worry, I know what you meant. I'll see you later!
Cosmo: Oh, hold on, Tails! (She trips over the rope) Whoa!
[Tails catches Cosmo and they both bounced up and into the water.]
Tails: Are you OK?
Cosmo: I'm fine. I wonder what that was?

Terror on the Typhoon[edit]

Hedgehog Hunt[edit]

Zelkova Strikes Back[edit]

Yellow Zelkova: Prepare to meet your doom! Prepare to perish! Prepare to succumb to the evil that is Yellow Zelkova! Prepare to... Prepare to...
Amy: Prepare to battle?
Tails: I don't know. "Battle" seems kind of weak, doesn't it?

The Cosmo Conspiracy[edit]

Tails: [hearing the buzzer go off and talking over the intercom] Red alert! Red alert! We have an intruder on board the ship!

Shadow: [looming over Cosmo] You traitor!

Rouge: (To Knuckles) Are all red-heads as temperamental as you?

Shadow: Hand that girl over now. I don't want to fight you Tails, but I will if I have to.
Tails: Cosmo never did anything to harm you! Why are you after her anyway?!
Shadow: I'm not going to tell you. Now, move aside, or you'll be sorry.
Tails: Forget it, Shadow! I won't let you hurt Cosmo!
Shadow: I'm warning you. This is your last chance, Tails. Give up now, or face the consequences.

Eye Spy[edit]

Knuckles: [about the device that the Metarex planted inside Cosmo's head] Can we stop it?
Chris: I'm not sure. If we do she won't be the same. The signal is controlling her sight and hearing. If we remove it she may not be able to hear or see again.
Knuckles: [Growls] Then that's a chance we have to take.
Tails: How can you say that?! I'm not letting anyone hurt Cosmo!
Knuckles: We don't want to hurt her. We just want to set her free, and if she has to lose her eyes and ears, then so be it!
Tails: There has to be another way!

Agent of Mischief[edit]

Cosmo: [To Bokkun] I hope you don't mind me asking, but why are those numbers on your TV counting down?
Bokkun: Hmm... I forgot these messages self-destruct at the end. Cover your ears! It's going to be a big bang!
[cue explosion]
Bokkun: [laughs nervously] Betcha didn't know watching TV could be so exciting.
Cream: That was not fun.

The Light in the Darkness[edit]

A Fearless Friend[edit]

So Long Sonic[edit]

Dr. Eggman: [laughing] Now that Sonic's team is down by one little annoying pipsqueak, I can get back to building the Eggman Empire!
Bokkun, Decoe, and Bocoe: Alright!
Knuckles: Eggman better not touch the Master Emerald!
Amy: I have to come warn Sonic.
Cream: Come on Cheese. Our friends need our help!
Cheese: Chao!
Rouge: I guess I'll join in, too. This team could use a little glamour.
Tails: Time to rev up the X-Tornado, you guys!
Sonic: Life never stays slow around here for long! Thanks goodness. Watch out, Eggman! I'm comin' at ya full speed!


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