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Sonic X is a anime about Sonic the Hedgehog. This page contains various quotes from the English 4kids dub of Sonic X.

Season 1[edit]

Chaos Control Freaks[edit]

Dr. Eggman: You'll never stop me now, Sonic! All I have to do is to push this little button.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Yeah, if you can push it before I grab it.

[Sonic is standing on the roof of one of the S Team cars, looking down at the driver]
Hector: Hey, you! Listen to me! This is dangerous! It's irresponsible! What happens if kids start trying this?
Sonic: [looking at the screen] Kids, don't use Formula One race cars to chase Hedgehogs.

Sonic: A...a pool?! Uh.. oh. [tries running on nothing but is no good] See Ya! [falls ino the pool]

[Tails, Amy and Knuckles are sitting, watching the Chaos explosion that sends them to Earth]
Amy: What is that?
Knuckles: It used to be Chaos Control.

Tails: I KNOW!!

Sonic: The S-Team huh? The S must stand for slow-motion. Ha ha!

Sam: I will not have anybody faster than me, on my highway!

Chris: My name's Christopher. Do you have a name?
Sonic: Yeah, I have a name. My name is Sonic the Hedgehog.

Knuckles: Hmph... Overkill. Just like always.

Truck driver: What is this? Halloween?!
Sonic: So they can talk...
Police officer #1: What is that thing?
Police officer #2: Looks like a big hedgehog.
Police officer #1: A blue hedgehog?
Police officer #2: Well, whatever it is, we better get it out of here. Hey, buddy, want to ride with us down to the station?
Police officer #1: Should I call for backup?
Police officer #2: I have three kitty cats at home. I think I can handle this little fella.
[Sonic folds his arms and frowns]
Police officer #1: Did you see that? That thing's got an attitude. A bad one.
Police officer #2: No? Well, from now on he won't get away from me! [lunges at Sonic but Sonic dodges]
Police officer #1: [drawing his truncheon] Why, you little--
Sergeant: [in slight German accent] Take it easy. I think we can handle this without getting rough. Duffy, get behind him.
Duffy: Right, Sarge.
Sergeant: Okay Now, when I say the word, we're all going to jump into him at once. Alright then, is everybody ready? LET'S DO IT!
[The sergeant and three policemen jump at Sonic]
Police officer #3: Okay, Sarge, I think I got his leg!
Police officer #2: I got 'em round the neck, Sarge!
Sergeant: Alright, let's put him out at the count to 3. 1, 2, 3!
[the officers all pull, and fall over. They were in fact holding onto themselves; Sonic had dodged and was now sitting atop a patrol car, wondering what was going on. Suddenly he is enclosed in a butterfly net]
All: Aah! Aah! Aah! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Police officer #4: Don't worry, Sarge! I got him!
[Sonic races off, pulling Policeman 2 along with him. The other policemen grab the net, but Sonic is too fast. He jumps over another patrol car, with its door open, but the policemen are bundled inside]
Sergeant: Attention All Units! Attention All Units! There is a blue hedgehog headed north on Central Street, towards the on-ramp to 101.
[cuts to two policemen driving]
Police officer #5: I've never heard of a blue hedgehog before. Have you?
Police officer #6: It must be one of those fancy new sports cars from overseas. Hey, if we catch it, maybe the captain will let us drive it!
Police officer #5: I bet it has one of those cute little hood ornaments that looks like a hedgehog.
[Sonic lands on the bonnet of the car, in a pose reminiscent of a hood ornament]
Sonic: [looking at the camera] I don't know how I got here, but I gotta find a way to get out. [jumps off the bonnet and races off, leaving the policemen dumbfounded]
Police officer #6: Hey, Did you see...what i just saw?
Police officer #5: Don't get Involved, I think I did, but I wish I didn't.

Season 2[edit]

Eggman for President

Dr. Eggman: Don't tell me, you metalic meatheads think this hero act is for real.
Secretary: Mr. President, what is it, sir?
President: Dr. Eggman! He tricked us again!
Dr. Eggman: Hehehe you found me out, eh pres?
President: You made a fool out on me for the last time!
Dr. Eggman: From the sound to the crowd, I'm the hero and you're the fool, Mr. President.
President: This is terrible!
Dr. Eggman: Just listen to those numbskulls. They're calling for me to be their new leader.
President: What? What about me?
Dr. Eggman: You, Mr. President, are my hostage!
Dr. Eggman: I warn you, one step closer and he's finished!
President: Careful you don't squeeze the air out.

Prize Match

Rouge: Nothing that I call a challenge, but here goes (charges at Tails)
Tails: (evades Rouge) Whoa! Oh, yeah?! (charges at Rouge)
Rouge: (evades Tails) Oh.
Commentarist: This excithing grudge match is out and running or should I say flying!
Rouge: You're not bad... for an amateur.
Tails: (rubs his chin and charges at Rouge) Whoa!
Rouge: Watch out, boy. (stretch her arms out, Tails stops confused, she then grabs him by his hands, drags him a little closer and kiss him on the cheek)
Tails: (surprised) Whoa! (Rouge drops him out of the ring)
Commentarist: It looks like Rouge the bat gave Tails the kiss off, that makes her the winner of this match.
Rouge: (to Tails): Sorry for the smooch and run, but I have to touch on my lipstick.

Season 3[edit]

( during the festival on ep. 56)

Cream: Wow, that looks like fun!
Knuckles: Yeah, if you want to be a Yo-Yo.

Cosmo: Why are they bouncing you like that?
Chris: It's for getting their planet egg back!
Sonic: It's a token of their appreciation.
Amy: My stomach hurts!
Bokkun: Rouge!
Rouge: Hi there. I just drop by to ask you to do me a little favor.
Bokkun: I have to be totally batty to do any favor from you! Just wait 'till I tell Dr. Eggman, you--
Rouge: Really? You don't want to do that, do you? Your little secret might get out.
Bokkun: I don't know what you're talking about!
Rouge: Oh, no? (holding a heart-shaped locket) Does this look familiar?
Bokkun: ( Blushes) Yeah, it's mine.

(Bokkun tries to get the locket back, but Rouge dodges)

Rouge: I checked out the picture in side. She's so pretty.

Rouge:(chuckles)Good boy.

Cosmo: Excuse me, shouldn't we stop Knuckles and Sonic?
Tails: Na, this is how they work their probelms out.
Chris: Yeah, they do this all the time.
Amy: They'll just fight until they get tired of fighting.
Cream: It isn't a big deal.

Cosmo: I just don't understand those creatures.

(during Sonic and Knuckles' fight, Cosmo almost hurt)
Amy: Cosmo, I wouldn't get to close if I were you.

Tails: What's wrong Cosmo, why are you here by yourself?
Cosmo: Hi, Tails, the Marmolims are really happy their planet is saved, you must be happy too.
Tails: I feel lucky to be working in such terrific teammates, especially with you.
Cosmo: (Blushes) I didn't do anything.
Tails: You're wrong, Cosmo.
Cosmo: Huh?
Tails: You found us to help stop the Metarex, don't you ever forget that. You're not sorry you found us, are ya?
Cosmo: Of course, I'm sorry, why would you think that, oh! That came out wrong, I mean, I'm not sorry I met you.
(Tails laughs.)
Tails: Don't worry, I know what you meant, I'll see you later!
Cosmo: Oh, hold on, Tails! (She trips over the rope) Whoa!
(Tails catches her and they both bounced up and into the water.)
Tails: Are you OK?
Cosmo: I'm fine, I wonder what that was?

Knuckles: Well, what are you here for?
Rouge: Strain your brain, and guess!
Knuckles: Are you helping Shadow to attack Cosmo?!
Rouge: Bingo! You're not as dim-witted as you look.
Knuckles: Why are you doing this?
Rouge: I'm surprised you and your spaced-out crew mates haven't figured that out for yourselves!
Rouge: (To Knuckles) Are all red-heads as tempermental as you?

Rouge: (To Knuckles) Your foxy friend just made a huge mistake. Cosmo's the enemy, not Shadow!

Cosmo: You don't have to do this... Shadow: You don't have to talk me out of getting rid of you, so don't try!

Knuckles: (Knuckles is preparing to fight Shadow.) I've always wanted to Shadow-box!

Shadow: Hand that girl over now. I don't wanna fight you Tails, but I will if I have to!
Tails: Cosmo never did anything to harm you! Why are you after her anyway?!
Shadow: I'm not going to tell you. Now, move aside, or you'll be sorry.
Tails: Forget it, Shadow!!I Won't let you hurt Cosmo!
Shadow: I'm warning you! This is your last chance, Tails! Give up now or face the consequences!

Cosmo: Why is Shadow against me?
Tails: Maybe Eggman sent him to get you. It's even possible that Shadow's working for the Metarex...
Cosmo: (Gasps) The Metarex?!
Tails: Anyway, it doesn't matter who gave him the orders.
Cosmo: Huh?
Tails: Either way, Shadow isn't gonna give up until he finishes what he started. But I don't want you to worry Cosmo. I promise everything will be okay. Because if Shadow tries to hurt you, he'll have to get passed me first!
Cosmo: ...Thank you...

Cosmo: How can you still say I'm your friend?
Tails: Because the Metarex can use your ey