Sons and Heirs

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Sons and Heirs is a 2022 crime film, set in the 1930s, in which an honest, goodhearted men is forced to turn to a life of crime to make ends meet.

Directed by Leon Eldred and Ārana Edmonds. Screenplay by Ārana Edmonds, Leon Eldred & Evlyn Stokes.
New Life, New Job, New Zealand (taglines)

Frank Gazebo[edit]

  • That's none of your damn business. Now bugger off, you damn lummox. 

Tony Gazebo[edit]

  • They found him with his face smashed in by a rock.
  • Should had guess.
  • We can't talk; we are just your average Charlie hustlers.

Ralphy Gazebo[edit]

  • Tony "Black" Sal strikes again.
  • Thank you; I got it from a Mr. Hallenstein's.
  • Sal we don't have loose lips like you.

Black Sal[edit]

  • Go to Ambler & Co, tell 'em I sent you.
  • Zundagas.
  • Snap, cracker and pop.
  • I assume there is some confusion out there in the peanut gallery.
  • The sun must have burnt your brain.
  • Do you think your wife looks good in black?
  • Great Caesar's ghost.
  • Let's just say he was an impressive man. Such a shame his policies weren't as impressive.
  • And bring a dinner suit; we don't want to look like unmade beds, do we?
  • All the men you killed were New Zealand’s finest.
  • We make mistakes. Not often, but we do. Hoki mai e tama ma.


Frank Gazebo: Without my juicer, I can't do anything. I'm begging you.
John Dawson: I'm really sorry, but my decision is final.

Frank Gazebo: I am going to be late from work today.
Tony Gazebo: Why is that?
Frank Gazebo: Taxes.

Frank Gazebo: I think I've had a change of mind.
Gorilla Goon: What do you mean "a change of mind?"
Frank Gazebo: Look, I have to pull out of the deal; it's just not the right thing to get involved with.
Gorilla Goon: You can't just do that.
Frank Gazebo: My decision is final.


  • New Life, New Job, New Zealand


  • Leon Eldred as Tony Gazebo
  • Tomás Bale as Ralphy Gazebo
  • Jackson Harbers as Frank Gazebo
  • Ārana Edmonds as “Black/Pango” Sal Samuel Marty
  • Carter Elwin-Pepperell as “Gorilla Goon/GG” Scrim
  • Benjamin Rayner as Richard Saunders
  • Andy Eldred as John Dawson
  • Cyrus Dale as Elwyn Begg
  • Sam Meyrick as Bartender Morris

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