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South Pacific is a 1949 musical with music by Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II and book by Hammerstein and Joshua Logan.

  • There is nothing you can name
    That is anything like a dame.
    • Song There is nothing like a dame
  • You got to have a dream,
    If you don't have a dream,
    How you gonna have a dream come true?
    • Song Happy Talk
  • The way some people think is that you need something different in your life to make it special. But isnt it already special, every day holds something new. It might be as little as a sparkle in the pavement or it might be something as large as winning 172 million dollars. It could be as insignificant as a ladybug or as priceless as a golden sun,falling below the horizon. Whatever it is, embrace it and remember it because it might just be these little things that make life worthwhile.
    • Enola Reverof

"You no saxy like Lieutenant."--Bloody Mary

"You've got to taught to hate & fear You've got to taught from year to year It's got to drummed in your dear little ear You've got to be carefully taught" -- Joe

"When all that you love is taken away, there is no place." - Emile de Becque

"Some enchanted evening..." --from the musical



Ensign Nellie Forbush[edit]

An optimistic and simple Navy nurse from Little Rock, Arkansas who falls in love with Emile;

  • You think I'm crazy too? Well they all do down at the fleet hospital. You know what they call me? Knucklehead Nellie.
  • Do you think about politics much? And if you do what do you think about them?
  • I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair, I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair, I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair and send him on his way!
  • Live Emile! Live, live, live!

Emile De Becque[edit]

A wealthy, cultured and dignified French plantation owner with grit and glamour who falls in love with Nellie

  • You must never return something you stole! Then they will know you stole it!
  • Close to my heart she came, only to fly away. Only to fly as day flies from moonlight.
  • I do not believe it is born in you!

Lieutenant Joseph Cable, U.S.M.C[edit]

A young, formal and good-looking officer who falls in love with Liat;

  • I'm even crummier than that, I'm a Lieutenant!
  • You're looking pretty fit yourself - to Bloody Mary
  • How do you like this guy? Billis, I'll have you court marshaled for this!

Bloody Mary[edit]

A shrewd souvenir dealer who is also trying to find her daughter a rich husband

  • You like?
  • Are you crummy captain? You make trouble for me?
  • Hey Luetelant! You saxy man!
  • What Philedelia Girl? That mean no saxy?

Luther Billis[edit]

A shlubby, mediocre entrepreneur; friend to all and a man with a lust for the ladies

  • These beautiful grass skirts were made by myself, Stew Pot, the Professor, and as few other seebees in half the time it takes your native workers to make 'em. See that? No stretch. Look 'em over sweetie pie and give me an offer.
  • Free? You never give me anything for free!
  • That darn Bhali Hai!

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