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South of 8 is a 2016 American crime film written by first time director Tony Olmos and Rosewood Five Productions, based on a string of bank robberies set in the near future.


Lt. Armando Harris: Victor Vasquez: Two prior arrests and he's been out for about a year on parole.
Sgt. Frank Stone: And this guy Ryan Bertrand?
Lt. Armando Harris: Hell, this kid lives with his daddy and his mommy up in Del Mar of all places.
Sgt. Frank Stone: This kid is just an ungrateful sociopath.

Johannes Koppel: I would strongly advise against taking those.

Lt. Armando Harris: It's safe to say they've made a few mistakes. Those mistakes are going to allow us to bring this case to a successful conclusion.

Ryan Bertrand: I have it all figured out, I have the resources, all our ducks are in a row, all we need is someone like you on our team.
Victor Vasquez: What about security? Cops?
Ryan Bertrand: Vic, it's not like the old days, c'mon. There's going to be no cops out there. They've taken huge budget cuts recently. Besides all the cops are worried about catching those terrorist groups out there, it'll be fine. It's foolproof!

Ryan Bertrand: So what kind of job are you looking for, Vic?
Victor Vasquez: I can do just about anything.
Ryan Bertrand: And you're applying to work in a kitchen as a dishwasher?


  • Don't go too far... South of 8.


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