Spartacus: War of the Damned

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Spartacus: War of the Damned (2013) is the final season of the Starz series Spartacus (TV series).

Season 1


Enemies of Rome

Spartacus: Days cannot pass without report.
Gannicus: We fought. We won. Does that cover needed ground?

Spartacus: There is no one I hold to heart left to break such balming words.

Spartacus: Underestimating your opponent is a Roman trait, Agron. Do not fall prey to it.

Crassus: You believe wealth and position grant you advantage over those beneath you?

Hilarus: You ask me to kill you.
Crassus: I command you to try.

Wolves at the Gate

Laeta: Show an animal kindness and it will give loyalty until the heavens fall. Show it nothing but the lash, and wonder not why it bears teeth.

Ennius: I would not see more blood spilled absent cause.
Spartacus: Nor I... absent cause.

Spartacus: The taken.

Men of Honor

Attius: How do your friends differ from the fucking villain they brand me?


Tiberius: [after Tiberius has to strike the last blow killing his friend in decimation] Your lesson...well learned...Imperator.

Blood Brothers

Spartacus: Perhaps one day you will find reason closer to heart to assume deserved mantle.
Gannicus: Perhaps I will fall this night, and leave you to weep with the other women!

Caesar: Now would be time to run.

Spoils of War

Gannicus: I would cause distraction and gain needed time.
Spartacus: By what means?
Gannicus: I have no fucking idea.
Spartacus: ...No, move with the others, I will draw the Romans away...
Gannicus: This is not request! You lead these people, to fall would be fatal blow, my passing of lesser concern.
Saxa: Of concern to me!
Spartacus: Gannicus...
Gannicus: Go! I will find you when it is done.
Spartacus: We shall wait as long as we are able, brother.
Crixus: You mad fuck. [They leave Gannicus.]

Mors Indecepta

Agron: Do not fucking cast that look.

Separate Paths

Spartacus: You would march us to our end?
Crixus: I would have us free. Truly free. Do you really believe that Crassus will stop once you crest the mountains? That the Republic will let us quietly slip away? We have shown them vulnerable. We have shown them that a trembling hand can become a fist. We have challenged the idea that a slave must always know his place, accepting rod and lash because he was taught to accept it. We built their mighty Republic, with our hands and our blood and our lives. And we can see it fall at equal cost. You opened my eyes to this, Spartacus. Do not ask me now to close them.
Spartacus: It was simpler between us when the bond stood only as hate.

Tiberius: I have had my fill of you questioning every word that falls from my tongue!
Caesar: Then break them with more fucking sense! We cannot turn from Rome!
Tiberius: We shall turn in whatever direction my father decides.
Caesar: Then aid him in proper choice, not one you believe he seeks to hear.
Tiberius: I follow my own desires.
Caesar: As you did when you forced yourself upon Kore? [Tiberius is speechless.] The night your father reclaimed Sinuessa? I warned you your deed would fall to discovery.
Tiberius: You'd fabricate lies now? To see me-?
Caesar: The game is over, boy! The whore Kathara tells of how you came from Kore's tent, of finding her roughly used. She was made to promise never to reveal what her eyes laid upon, but I can be very, very persuasive.
Tiberius: You'd risk all on the tale of a woman who swallows cock for coin? [Caesar laughs.]
Caesar: I have made more uncertain wages in years past - and yet here I stand.
Tiberius: Then why have you not yet told him?!
Caesar: He has been pushed to brink of madness by imagined betrayal. I would not see him forced over precipice by truth of harsher realities!
Tiberius: What would you have of me?
Caesar: What you have already been asked - you have your father's ear. Bring him to reason, breaking words as I command - [Caesar is interrupted when Tiberius smashes in his face with a jug of wine.]
Tiberius: I DO NOT TAKE COMMAND FROM YOU! [Caesar chokes Tiberius.]
Caesar: You should have accepted offer, boy - your father nearly saw you to end in decimation, perhaps he shall see fate to completion when he hears what you have done! [Tiberius's men enter and attack Caesar.]
Tiberius: Seize him! [The men hold Caesar down on the table.] You shall never lay hands upon me again! Nor whisper lies against me!
Caesar: You cannot take my life - and see my body from encampment - absent notice! I am Julius fucking Caesar!
Tiberius: [to men] Hold him against table. [to Caesar] You are of same cloth as Metellus, and must be taught severest lesson in who towers above you! [proceeds to rape him.] Speak of what you know to anyone, and I shall spin tale of mighty Caesar taken like a woman.

The Dead and the Dying

Spartacus: Gannicus stands the only one among us to win his freedom upon the sands.
Laeta: If free, why does he raise arms with the slaves against the republic?
Spartacus: He took up cause to honor a fallen brother - one that taught many of us the ways of battle, and the bond that joins all men and such with it.

Naevia: You claim the sword as your own? The way it fits hand, I thought it forged for woman or sickly child.

Spartacus: [after killing two Romans soldiers in gladiatorial combat] I will have more blood! To honor my brother Crixus, and all who follow him to the afterlife! Gannicus, take position.
Gannicus: Two Romans seem to deliver no contest. Send three, so that I may deliver proper tribute!

Sibyl: [watching Spartacus fight in the makeshift arena] I have never laid eyes upon the games.
Gannicus: These are but dim reflection of the glory.
Sibyl: You speak as if heart yearns for such days.
Gannicus: To return to shackle and lash, no. To stand upon the sands again - to know clear purpose of who you are and what must be done... that is a thing that calls to all of my kind.

Spartacus: This night, hearts lift in joyous reunion with those thought lost to us. Fathers. Brothers and sisters. Sons and lovers. Hold them close, for the shadow of Rome is upon us. We shall seek our destiny together, whatever the cost. Yet let us not pass from memory those yet absent from our arms. Those who sacrificed their lives so that all may live free!


Crassus: It is a thing known, is it not, that you cannot win this conflict?
Spartacus: Sentiments shared by all the Romans I have killed who held such belief.
Crassus: My son among them.
Spartacus: Apologies, Imperator, I cannot give voice to regret of passing to the soldier who robbed Crixus of life.
Crassus: The Gaul died on the field of battle! An honor denied Tiberius!
Spartacus: It is not as I had commanded - yet the woman had been rudely treated by his hands, and her arm claimed vengeance.
Crassus: As manner so moved in memory of my son, and yours towards wife no longer -
Spartacus: Do not think to place your loss upon equal footing! Your son took up arms for the Republic. The same one that tore my wife from grasp, and condemned her to slavery and death.
Crassus: And now you would lead thousands to join her in futile attempt.
Spartacus: Whatever happens to my people, we decide it. We decide our fates, not you...not the Romans...not even the gods.
Crassus: You but choose time and place of journey's end.
Spartacus: Better to fall by the sword than by the master's lash.
Crassus: And will it balm festering wound? If the Bringer of Rain heralds miracle, and defeats Crassus and his legions, will he withdraw from the Republic, content that he's brought those who so injured him to justice?
Spartacus: There is no justice...not in this world.
Crassus: At last...a thing we agree upon. [They shake hands.]
Spartacus: When we again meet, I will kill you.
Crassus: No, you're going to try.
Spartacus: That is all a free man can do.

Gannicus: I have had my fill of words and tearful farewells. I desire blood and cries of our enemy.
Spartacus: Let us make it so.

Crassus: Would you had been born a Roman and stood besides me.
Spartacus: I bless the fates it was not so.

Spartacus: Soon Crassus will give command! And we shall face his legions in open battle! We stand in the shadow of greater might! As their Republic cast across the lives of every man, every woman, and every child condemned to the darkness of slavery! Forced to toil and suffer, so that those of coin and position can see their fortunes grow beyond need or purpose! Let us teach them, that all who draw breath are of equal worth! And that those that seek to place heel upon the throat of liberty will fall to the cry of freedom!

Crassus: [After he defeated Spartacus at the cost of his son, lover and at the political defeat to Pompey] The past cannot be altered. The present holds but regret and loss. It is only in the days to come that a man may find solace ... when memory fades.

Spartacus: [final words] Do not shed a tear. There is no greater victory...than to fall from this world...a free man.

Agron: [last words of the show] One day Rome shall fade and crumble, yet you shall always be remembered.