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The Spectacular Spider-Man is a television series featuring the Marvel comic book superhero Spider-Man, which started May 1st 2008 and runs at Kids WB every saturday, by 10am. But since this May, the show has aired on the new The CW 4Kids animation block from 9-10 am.

Season 1 Season 2
Survival of The Fittest Blueprints
Interactions Destructive Testing
Natural Selection Reinforcement
Market Forces Shear Strength
Competition First Steps
The Invisible Hand
The Uncertainty Principle
Group Therapy
Nature vs Nature

Season 1[edit]

Survival of The Fittest[edit]

Spider-Man: [Repeated line while swinging through the city] Iiiiiii-haaaaa!

Spider-Man: I am the spectacular Spider-Man!

Peter Parker: Back off, Flash! I won't be your punching bag anymore! Things have changed!
Flash Thompson: [laughs] He really threatened me, dude. He thinks he's Spider-Man.

The Vulture: I'm what you called me now. I'm The Vulture!
Norman Osborne: I called you a buzzard.
Vulture: What!?
Norman Osborne: You can't even get the name right!

Norman Osborn: I never apologize, old man!
The Vulture: I may be an old man, but I'm not a patient one! [drops Norman Osborn from his grasp at skyscrapers height]
Spider-Man: [taking Norman Osborn in mid-air] Oh, guys, you play "hot potato" hardcore!

The Vulture: Spider-Man?! I thought you were a myth!
Spider-Man: Man, I need a press agent...

Spider-Man: Look, Beak, I admire anyone who dresses up as their favorite animal.

Spider-Man: Wow, Beaky, don't fly away mad!
The Vulture: The name is VULTURE!

Spider-Man: [After Ox rips his web apart with his bare hands] Oh. That's not good.

Spider-Man: [Voiceover] Tell me there's somethin' better. Go ahead: try. How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by Peter Benjamin Parker… I can sum it up in one, glorious, hyphenated word: Spider-Man.

Flint Marko: [As the Spider-Signal is being shown upon him, and his partner, O’Hirn had been captured] Oh no! Not again!
Spider-Man: Yep, again. What is this, Marko, like the third time this summer?
O’Hirn: Aw, just wait until I get my hands on ya, ya skinny little creep!

[Spider-Man leaps down and begins fighting with Marko]

Spider-Man: Okay, so now Marko, a new Spider-Signal, too much? It’s my first night tryin’ it out, and it screams “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man”! Be Brutal. I mean, as a man with a lot of experience getting thrashed by well, me, I really value your opinion.

Harry: So! You ready for the torture that is M Cubed?
Peter: It’ll be different now. [Looks dreamily at Sally Avril]
Harry: Really? Cause you spent half sophomore year stuffed in a locker, uh, [Peter begins walking over to Sally] Uhhh! Pete! Uh, where ya goin?

Peter: [Voiceover, as he is scaling the outside wall of the Daily Bugle Building] Ugh! Today’s been a one-stop shopping for disappointment! No money at home, no cool at school, I nearly pavement-splat fighting a whacko with wings, and now Daily Bugle Security wont even let me used the elevator. But May ‘n Ben Parker didn’t raise no quitters… any quitters, you get the idea…

Peter: [Voiceover] Not one thing’s gone right, and now, the Amazing Spider-Man is reduced to… sneaking around! For his shoes!


Spider-Man: Whoa, whoa, guys. I know it's not exactly a cure, but how about some chill pills?

Doctor Bromwell: Max, we need to get you back to the hospital.
Electro: Done with hospitals! I just want to go home...
Officer Stan Carter: Listen, Dillon. After last night's blow-up, it's either a hospital room or a jail cell! Your call.
Electro: "My call"? "MY CALL"?! NONE OF THIS HAS BEEN "MY CALL"!!!

Electro: None of you get it! Without a cure, I'm not Max Dillon! I'm... what'd you call me?
Spider-Man: Lightning Butt?
Electro: No, not that!... Electro. Yeah... I'm Electro!

Spider-Man: I'm so grounded... of course, being grounded right now might not be such a bad thing.

Natural Selection[edit]

Spider-Man: So... you'll rob the piggy bank, but won't touch the cookie jar? Wow! You must qualify for Nephew of the Year: Twisted Division.

Spider-Man: Now, if I were a 6'5" lizard instead of a 5'6" spider, where would I hide?

Spider-Man:[After stopping the Lizard from killing a girl] Sorry, pal. No eating in the subway!

Spider-Man: Oh, yikes! Can you say halitosis? [The Lizard roars] I knew that you could!

Spider-Man: Hey! Wall-crawling's my schtick. Hey, you start spinning a web and I'll sue.

Spider-Man: Thought I told you to stay put!
Eddie Brock: You're complaining?
Spider-Man: No way, bro - uh... guy!

Market Forces[edit]

Spider-Man: [While swinging around, talking on a cell phone] I so have to get me some hands-free!

Jameson: Did a caveman proof-read this piece?! Where's my sport's editor?! I want him in my office in fourteen seconds! AND WHERE'S MY COFFEE?!
Peter: Um, sir? I'm Peter--
Jameson: I know who you are! You're the know-nothing that wasted forty-one seconds of my time the other day! Well, I haven't got another forty-one to spare! [Pushes Peter into the elevator]
Peter: But, but- [Elevator door closes in his face]
Jameson: Brilliant comeback, kid! Now, where's that Parker guy?! I e-mailed him seventy-six minutes ago! WON'T ANYONE GET ME MY COFFEE?!
[Betty Brant suddenly appears beside Jameson with a cup of coffee]
Betty: Coffee, decaf. [hands mug to Jameson] It's only been twenty minutes and I'm pretty sure you just kicked Peter Parker out.
Jameson: Well, don't just stand there! Get him back!

Jameson: Sorry about that, Parker! Was expecting for someone old enough to have... you know... armpit hair!

Spider-Man: Pretty impressive! You can hire yourself out as a kiddy-ride!
Shocker: I do admire your spunk, son. Not enough to let you go, of course. That'd be bad for business.

Shocker: Ya know, it really ain't wise to make a dangerous man look foolish!
Spider-Man: You don't need my help for that! Have you looked in a mirror lately?

Spider-Man: You do this for a living? With that accent, I was thinking rodeo clown!
Shocker: Don't you mock me, boy!
Spider-Man: I mock! I'm a mocker!


Marko: First time I've ever blown my way out of a store!
O'Hirn: Yeah, Marko! Biggest score we ever made! I'm loving it!
Marko: I'm loving there's no Spider-Man down here to cramp our style!
Spider-Man: Didn't know you had any style! Hiya, boys!

Harry: [Hearing about the trials for the football team] Perfect! I am so there!
Gwen: Ah... Harry? You know I'm all about being the encouraging girl pal, but the words "catastrophic bone breakage" do come to mind here.

Spider-Man: [After getting beaten] Uh... what just...
Sandman: Happened? I happened! SANDMAN happened!

Spider-Man: [to Sandman] Let me guess! You were on a reality show. Changing Faces, or Completely Ridiculous Makeovers?

Spider-Man: Oh... all webbed up and nowhere to go!
Sandman: Heh! Who do you think I am? Flint Marko?

Sandman: Spider tricks don't work on the Sandman! But do sand tricks work on the Spider-Man?

Sandman: It's over, Spider-Man. When you were the only one with powers, you had me beat! But now, King Sandman reigns supreme!
Spider-Man: Your Majesty! Allow me to build a statue in your honor! [covers Sandman with cement]

  • Spider-Man: [Peter's room] You talkin' to me? Then say hello to my webs! *smiles*

The Invisible Hand[edit]

Jameson: Benny! I said corn beef, not pastrami! What, you wanna give me gas!?

Peter: You're four years older. And when you're seventy and I'm sixty-six, eh, I'll seem quite the catch.
Betty: I-I'll think about it.
Peter: Th-that's great!

Peter: Hey! Grant, Brant. Our girls rhyme!

Spider-Man: That's gonna leave a mark! Ugh!

Spider-Man: [opening the sewer cover] Over here, moose! Let's play "Follow the leader!"
Rhino: Think you can hide from me down there?

Spider-Man: Come one, come all! Before your very eyes, the world's largest dehydrated turtle!
Rhino: ' I swear I'm gonna crush you... promised Big Man I'd crush you... crush you... crush you... crush you...
Spider-Man: Are we losing it a bit, Alexander?
Rhino: Only Mama calls me Alexander... you're not my Mama! Not my Mama... Mama...
Spider-Man: Yes, I think we are.
Rhino: [half unconscious] Mama... do I have to go to school?
Spider-Man: So, Alexander, tell Mama... who's the Big Man?
Rhino: [wearily] Ixnay... we don't ever use the "B" word... call him... "Mr. Lincoln"...

Spider-Man: I'm here to see Mr. Lincoln.
"Big Man": Then you should make an appointment. But perhaps we can make an exception for the hero of the day. I am L. Thompson Lincoln.
Spider-Man: Please, you're the Big Man!
"Big Man": In my life, I've been called many names. My favorite... is "Tombstone".


Green Goblin: May I see your invitation, Spider-Man? Otherwise I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to leave.
Spider-Man: Leave now?! When table 7 needs more hors d’oeuvres?

Spider-Man: Yoo-hoo, excuse me! Can I come in this way, or do I have to break my own window?

Tombstone: I don't know who you are, but....
Green Goblin: Of course you don't! That's the point of the mask, genius!

Tombstone: What do you hope to accomplish here tonight?
Green Goblin: So the whole "wanting to destroy you and take over your empire" thing wasn't clear? Well, darn...

Spider-Man: So, your latest super-baddie turned on you, eh, Toomie?
Tombstone: I don't know who he is... yet! But he's not in my employ.
Spider-Man: That's okay. I can always pretend he's yours while I trounce him. I'll still feel all warm inside.
Green Goblin: Hell-ooo! I'm in the room! Really, you're both too rude!
Spider-Man: Oh, where are my manners? Here you come to terrorize the Tombster and I don't even say thank you. My only excuse is that you're holding innocent people hostage! It's confusing to my poor spider-brain.
Green Goblin: Mmm, yes, quite the puzzler. But the Green Goblin has a solution: You and I, join forces! Consider what we could accomplish by combining our powers! WE COULD RULE NEW YORK!
Spider-Man: Are we talking Manhattan, or all 5? Nah, sorry. I make it a rule not to partner with anyone green. Or, you know, psychotic.
Green Goblin: [sighs] Oh well, your loss... of life!

Gwen: Okay, I know it's totally petty, but seeing Peter's date crowned alongside with Flash... makes me smile!

Green Goblin: You know the old saying: "If you can't join 'em, beat 'em"!
Spider-Man: Took the words right out of my mouth! Is that a felony?
Green Goblin: I certainly hope so! This little Goblin wouldn't be caught dead committing a misdemeanor!
Spider-Man: Ooh, nice banter! Your aim still needs work.
Green Goblin: Well, practice makes perfect!
Spider-Man: Keep tellin' yourself that!

Spider-Man: Okay, wow. Just... wow. (after the Green Goblin jumps off his glider, over a building and lands back on the glider on the other side)

Spider-Man: You know, applause from you... makes me wanna shower!
Tombstone: Perhaps. But someone should point out I offered you a ransom salary to do just the sort of thing you did tonight. And instead, you've done the Big Man's business for free! That, my heroic friend, is what grown-ups call... irony!


Spider-Man: Paging Goblin! Paging Mr. Green Goblin!

Dr. Octavius: I'VE... BEEN... GOOD... (Before his accident..)

Dr. Octavius: Dr. Octavius was weak. Call me... DOCTOR OCTOPUS!!

Spider-Man: Look, Doc, have you thought this through? The next Spider-Man who finds you buried under a pile of debris might view this as a cautionary tale!
Dr. Octopus:[slamming him to the ground with one of his arms] Glib.. does not... equate... with clever, Spider-Man!
Spider-Man: Yeah, well, the ratio of arms to sanity hasn't exactly been established either.
Dr. Octopus: Do you ever SHUT UP!?
Spider-Man: Sorry, no. My fans expect a certain amount of quippage in every battle.

Spider-Man: Come on, Doc. You're a cephalopod, I'm an arthropod. Can't we just hug it out?

Spider-Man: Oh, an alarm clock too? Those arms comes with all their perks.

Spider-Man: Gang way! Coming through!
Dr. Octopus: Spider-Man!
Spider-Man: H-hey doc! Love the new look.
Dr. Octopus: Hand over the device!
Spider-Man: I'm thinkin'... no.

Spider-Man: Old daddy-long-legs needs power. Which explains his alarm clock at Oscorp or why he took off so fast. All I have to do is play "keep away" until his tank's on empty. No sweat.(Dr.Octopus smash him on the wall)
Spider-Man: Okay, maybe a little sweat.

Spider-Man: And now, back to our regularly scheduled chaos.

Jameson: GO, JOHNNY! That's my boy! Uh, stop that, Ms. Brant, I'm a married man.

The Uncertainty Principle[edit]

  • Hammerhead: Keep laughing Kermit. I hear green is the new black and blue.
  • Green Goblin: You should be green with envy. Because you lack my fashion sense.

  • Green Goblin: [Hammerhead] had a portable jump-drive, with enough incriminating evidence to put dear Mr. Lincoln behind bars forever!Not to worry, the drive's in li'l ol' Gobby's possession now!
  • Tombstone: {Growls and steps forward}
  • Green Goblin: Ah, ah, ah! I don't have it on me, but I will have it tonight!
  • Tombstone: When tonight? Where?
  • Green Goblin: Believe me, you'll know.
  • Tombstone: I know a trap when I - {Goblin Glider crashes through the window}
  • Green Goblin: {Hops on his glider} But that's what makes it fun! Besides, what choice do you have? Oh, and, come alone? {Flies out the window}

Spider-Man: Oh, look who's finally shown his ugly rubber face.

  • Spider-Man: Where you been greenie... vacation?
  • Green Goblin: Been looking for you.

  • Green Goblin (While fighting with Spidey): We both want Tombstone out of the picture-- {Gets elbowed in the face}
  • Spider-Man: For completely different reasons!
  • Green Goblin: Details, details... And speaking of details, I've got a jump-drive with enough inciminating evidence to put Tombstone down for good!
  • Spider-Man: Great! Fork it over, I'll turn you both in!
  • Green Goblin: Ah, ah, ah! I don't have it on me, but I will have it tonight!
  • Spider-Man: When tonight? Where?
  • Green Goblin: (To the camera) Anyone else getting déja vu? Oh, well! Let's run with it! (Back to Spidey) Believe me, you'll know. {Slams Spidey into an A/C unit, flies off with maniacal laughter}

  • John Jameson : Fasten your seat-belts folks, it's gonna be a bumpy night.

  • Hammerhead: This is so embarrassing...
  • Tombstone: And disappointing. Did you really think you needed a jump-drive to protect you? Did you really think a jump-drive could protect you?
  • Hammerhead: C'mon boss, you can't have fallen for that! There was no drive, no incriminating evidence, there never was!
  • Green Goblin: Yes, yes, I'm a big, fat, LIAR. Like we didn't all know this was a trap.

  • Spider-Man: Next time, Gobby, when you throw a bash, leave out snacks... your guest's will stay longer.
  • Green Goblin: Oh... how embarrassing. But at least I brought party favors.

  • Gwen Stacy: No Harry, no Pete. Someone is so getting "The Look."

  • Green Goblin (While fighting Spidey): Why don't you just GIVE UP?!
  • Spider-Man: Because I know your secret! I know whose face is behind that mask!
  • Green Goblin: We all wear masks, Spider-Man. But which one is real? The one that hides your face... or the one that is your face?


  • J. Jonah Jameson: As I predicted, the web-head's turned out to be just another thug in a mask! Soon he'll be cut, jailed and run outta town!
  • Peter Parker: (Brooding) How can he be jailed and run out of town?

  • Peter Parker: [Comes barging in his house] What did I miss?
  • Peter Parker: *points to TV* Aunt May, I can't believe you don't have it on. They discovered alien life forms and you're not watching?
  • Aunt May: *chuckles* Peter, aliens are bug-eyed monsters who say; "Take me to your leader". This' a mud stain on the space shuttle.
  • Peter Parker: *nods* Not mud... living organic mud! From outer space!

  • Black Cat: Oh you better not get your goop in my hair.
  • Spider-Man: Don't worry, it comes off with ice or peanut butter.
  • Black Cat: Lovely.

  • Black Cat: Ooh, my kitty senses are purring.

  • Spider-Man: NOW that's spider's strength... accept no substitutes.

  • Peter: Boss! I'd like a word!
  • J. Jonah Jameson: How 'bout scram. Or two words; scram kid. Or seventeen; get out of my office in two-point-three seconds or I'll staple you to a flagpole!"
  • Peter: (Pause in disbelief) How did you count so - uh, never mind!

Group Therapy[edit]

  • Spider-Man: *sighs* Gotta love these lazy Saturday mornings. {Looks at clock. It's 12:16} ...Or...noons....

  • Spider-Man: Ah, Rhino! I knew no prison was wide enough to hold you.
  • Rhino: Wide enough *chuckle* Yeah
  • Spider-Man: *smirk* I know they taught trades in the slammer... but a sense of humor

[The Sinister Six arrive and prepare to attack Spider-Man]

  • Doc Oc: So then arachnid, any last words?
  • Spider-Man: "Homina homina homina" comes to mind.


[Peter Parker's memories]

  • Spider-Man: You stole the life of a good man. A man with a good loving family. AND YOU DID IT FOR A LOUSY CAR!

  • Spider-Man: Don't bother running, as there's no place you can hide.

Symbiote: We didn't hurt Uncle Ben. The world took him away from us. The world takes everything we love. There's no one you can trust Peter Parker. No one, except us! Join with us! Make our bond permanent. Together, nothing can stop us. And everything we ever wanted... will be ours.

  • Symbiote: This isn't over! YOU WILL BE OURS!
Spider-Man: I don't think so, symbiote. I know what you are now. And what you need. *hits the bell, weakening the symbiote*

Spider-Man: Sorry symby; I know it hurts...but we're just no good together. Consider yourself dumped.

  • Spider-Man: That's what you're in for, roomie. Sure you don't want to vacate?

  • Symbiote: Eddie Brock. We sense your fury, your hatred - and its taste is sweet. Do you hate the Spider? Do you hate Parker?
Eddie Brock: Do you have to ask?
Symbiote: No. But we have much to show!
[The symbiote reveals Spider-Man/Peter's memories to Eddie]
Eddie Brock: Pete... He's Spider-Man! Why didn't I see it before?! I don't have two enemies; I have one!
Symbiote: We have one enemy! The Spider-Parker sought to destroy us too! Bond with us, Eddie Brock - mind, body and soul!
Eddie Brock: Yes.
Symbiote: Accept the gift that Parker rejected!
Eddie Brock: Yes...!
Symbiote: And together, we will have our desire!
Eddie Brock: YES...!
[The two bond, becoming Venom]

Nature vs Nurture [1.13][edit]

  • Venom (To Tombstone): Oh, you have a job opening? We'll take it.

  • Tombstone (After contemplating Venom. Spidey has just left): I really should start locking those windows.

  • Venom: Oh, you don't need to wear a mask with us, Pete! We know all your secrets - because, course, we were you.
  • Spider-Man: The symbiote... but I destroyed it!
  • Venom: Did you really think a little refrigeration would do us in?
  • Spider-Man: You ensnared another human being?!
  • Venom: [grabs Spider-Man] Someone better suited to our gifts! [strikes Spider-Man several times before pinning him down] And to our mission: destroying you for rejecting us! From now on, we're poison to Peter Parker and Spider-Man! WE'RE VENOM!!!

  • Venom: WE'RE NOT BROTHERS!!! Our parents may have died together, but then you had your precious Aunt and Uncle! We've had no one. We've always been alone... until now.

  • Venom: We've toyed with you long enough!
  • Spider-Man: Okay, you win.
  • Venom: [Laughs, starts walking forward] Of course we win.
  • Spider-Man: Not you. It.
  • Venom: [Stops]
  • Spider-Man: The symbiote's proven it's point. I'm nothing without it. Take me back. That's what it wants, right? A reunion with it's first love?
  • Venom: The symbiote has found a better partner in me!
  • Spider-Man: 'Me'? Not 'us'?
  • Venom: [as the symbiote melts off him] No, you can't do this! Don't... don't leave me...

Season 2[edit]


Spider-Man: So, bro, where are you?

[at home]

Peter Parker: Oh, perfect. These long-johns keep the knees from knocking. They also make me look like the spectacular Spider-Mush. (Referring to Peter looking in the mirror, disappointed)

Peter Parker: Aunt May, you're supposed to be recuperating from a heart attack.
Aunt May: I can still make pancakes.
Peter Parker: No, no, no. I will do the cooking. [Tries to flip the pancake, only to get it stuck on the ceiling] Haha, whoops.

[at a ship yard]

Stan Lee: You know when you stick your tongue on the side of ship and it sticks there? I hate it when I do that. [guy looks at Stan] Just saying.

Stan Lee: Are we being punked? I hate that.
Mysterio: Silence!

Spider-Man: Wow, nice trick bubblebrain! And I bet the cheesy magician act really goes over big with the tourists.
Mysterio: You dare call Mysterio a magician?! FOOL! Mysterio is no illusionist playing parlor tricks. Mysterio is a master of the arcane arts!
Spider-Man: It seems to me that Mysteeeeerio is a master of talking about himself in the third-person.

Spider-Man: Don't mind me, just had to get in out of the cold. [sneezes]

Destructive Testing[edit]

Sergei: Please, Sergei Kravinoff needs not Lever-action to bring down this pray.
Man: I better hope you are right!

Calypso: Sergei, my love you were magnificent with this poor rhinoceros.
Sergei: Do not patronize me Calypso, it was, like always, to easy.

Peter Parker: Wow, and without spider sense. (referring to how Gwen dodged a football)

Spider-Man: Where did you come from?
Kraven: Mother Russia. By way of mother Africa!
Spider-Man: Ah, two moms and still so ill-behaved?

Spider-man:Prey, silent, dignity? Oh you don't know me at all

Kraven: Amazing! No beast has ever broken Sergei Kravinoff!
Spider-Man: Okay, I see the confusing.. not a beast, a Spider-MAN. Get it?

(Sergei Kravinoff turning into a lion-like Beast)

Dr. Warren: I think, I need a apologize, Kravinoff.
Kraven: Call me Kraven. Kraven the Hunter!


Silvermane: Et tu, Octopus?
Dr. Octopus: What can I say? A opportunity is a opportunity, Silvermane..


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