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The Spectacular Spider-Man is a television series featuring the Marvel comic book superhero Spider-Man, which started March 8th 2008 and runs at Kids' WB every saturday, by 10am. But since this May, the show has aired on the new The CW4Kids animation block from 9-10 am.

Season 1 Season 2
Survival of The Fittest Blueprints
Interactions Destructive Testing
Natural Selection Reinforcement
Market Forces Shear Strength
Competition First Steps
The Invisible Hand Growing Pains
Catalyst Identity Crisis
Reaction Accomplices
The Uncertainty Principle Probable Cause
Persona Gangland
Group Therapy Subtext
Intervention Opening Night
Nature vs Nature Final Curtain

Series Intro


Series Version

Livin' on the edge,
fighting crime, spinning webs
Swinging from the highest ledge,
he can leap above our heads
Villains on the rise,
and the city's victimized
Looking up with no surprise,
arriving in the speed of time
Spectacular, Spectacular
Spectacular, Spectacular
Spectacular, Spectacular
Spectacular, Spectacular

Full Version

Livin' on the edge,
fighting crime, spinning webs
Swinging from the highest ledge,
he can leap above our heads
Villains on the rise,
and the city's victimized
Looking up with no surprise,
arriving in the speed of time
Spectacular, Spectacular
Spectacular, Spectacular
Spectacular, Spectacular'
Crawling through the night,
Facing evil with his might
He's a hero in our eyes,
See the headlines every time
Making villains fall,
webbing rivals to a halt
Racing up and down the walls,
bringing justice to us all
Spectacular, Spectacular
'Spectacular, Spectacular
Spectacular, Spectacular
Spectacular, Spectacular
Spectacular, Spectacular
— Theme song by The Tender Box, (Sony Pictures Television Inc., 2008)

Season 1


Survival of The Fittest

Spider-Man: [Voiceover] Tell me there's somethin' better. Go ahead: try. How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by Peter Benjamin Parker… I can sum it up in one, glorious, hyphenated word: Spider-Man.

Flint Marko: [As the Spider-Signal is being shown upon him, and his partner, O’Hirn had been captured] Oh no! Not again!
Spider-Man: Yep, again. What is this, Marko, like the third time this summer?
O’Hirn: Aw, just wait until I get my hands on ya, ya skinny little creep!
[Spider-Man leaps down and begins fighting with Marko]
Spider-Man: Okay, so now Marko, a new Spider-Signal, too much? It’s my first night tryin’ it out, and it screams “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man”! Be Brutal. I mean, as a man with a lot of experience getting thrashed by well, me, I really value your opinion.

Adrian Toomes: I blame you for this! You told me to bring my Magnetic Air Transport System to OsCorp.
Dr. Otto Octavius: I know…
Adrian Toomes: You arranged the meeting with Norman Osborn!
Dr. Otto Octavius: And I had the best intention.
Adrian Toomes: He studied my ideas and rejected them! Then announces OsCorp Tech-Flight four months later!
Dr. Otto Octavius: [pleading] I am sorry, Adrian...
Norman Osborn: Don't you dare apologize, doctor. OsCorp has nothing to apologize for.
Adrian Toomes: Nothing to-? Osborn, you stole my work!
Norman Osborn: That's dangerous talk, Mr. Toomes. Dangerous and unsupportable. Listen, you old buzzard, you've been at this for decades without one success to your name. If you never accomplished anything as a young man, who'd believe you created Tech-Flight as an old one? Boys, show Mr. Toomes out.
Adrian Toomes: [to Octavius] Good news, I don't blame you anymore.

Hammerhead: Enforcers all present and accounted for, boss.
"Big Man": Thank you, Hammerhead. Gentlemen, I'll get right to the point. For the last four months, a pest has plagued our operations. At first, I could hardly credit the reports.
Hammerhead: Thought the boys were trying to stiff us. Had to get a little rough to make sure they was *sincere*.
"Big Man": Establishing patterns of movement took all summer. But last night, we had confirmation. The "Spider-Man" is real.
Montana: And you want the Enforcers to wrangle up this here spider?
"Big Man": No, Montana. I want you to squash it.

Adrian Toomes: Tell the truth, Osborn. Can your Tech-Flight do this?
[Vulture flies between buildings and straight up one at remarkable speeds]
Norman Osborn: Toomes?
Adrian Toomes: Not Toomes, now. I'm what you called me. I'm the Vulture!
Norman Osborn: I called you a buzzard!
Vulture: What?
Norman Osborn: You can't even get the name right.

Norman Osborn: What are you babbling about? Put me down!
Spider-Man: Dude, you are the bossiest damsel in distress I have EVER rescued. Also the ugliest, heaviest, and the first!
Norman Osborn and Vulture: WHO ARE YOU!
Spider-Man: Why, I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, of course!

Peter Parker: Aunt May needs my help. I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Gwen Stacy: Oh, Pete, don't angst, okay? It'll come to you. [boards the bus]
Peter Parker: [holding up his arms towards the air] Well, I'm waiting! [a newspaper hits his face, with Spider-Man on the front page. Peter knows what he has to do] I gotta admit… The girl knows her stuff.

J. Jonah Jameson: Robbie, where's my layout? Foswell, I ordered that rewrite 12 seconds ago! Lee, I'm not paying you to sit on your keister! And YOU!
Peter Parker: M-Me?
J. Jonah Jameson: Yeah, YOU! I sent you for my bagel and schmeer nine minutes ago!
Betty Brant: You sent Benny, Mr. Jameson, and it's only been three minutes.
Peter Parker: Uh, actually, sir, I've got something better than a bagel.
J. Jonah Jameson: Oh, yeah? What's that?
Peter Parker: A proposal. I think I can get you pictures. Photos of Spider-Man in action. I bet it would sell a lot of newspapers…
J. Jonah Jameson: What do you know about selling papers? You're a kid! Worse, you're a teenager. Miss Brant, call security. Get this wailing infant out of my face, out of my city room, OUT OF MY TOWN! [to Robbie] Hey, what the Bugle needs is photos. Of Spider-Man. In action. Now, that would sell newspapers, huh?


Spider-Man: [rushes forward using his powers] I could be in real trouble here. I'm not sure my spider powers can save me this time. [school bell rings] Ah… You know what, just once, I'd like to be early for school.

Spider-Man: Whoa, whoa, guys. I know it's not exactly a cure, but how about some chill pills?

Electro: None of you get it! Without a cure, I'm not Max Dillon! I'm… what'd you call me?
Spider-Man: Lightning Butt?
Electro: No, not that!… Electro. Yeah… I'm Electro!

Natural Selection

Spider-Man: Now, if I were a 6'5 lizard instead of a 5'6 spider, where would I hide? [pauses while looking] Duh. Underground.

Spider-Man: Hey! Wall-crawling's my schtick. Hey, you start spinning a web and I'll sue.

Eddie Brock: Did you… skateboard here?
Billy Connors: I took a cab. Duh.

Market Forces

Spider-Man: [While swinging around, talking on a cell phone] I so have to get me some hands-free!

J. Jonah Jameson: Did a caveman proof-read this piece?! Where's my sport's editor?! I want him in my office in fourteen seconds! AND WHERE'S MY COFFEE?!
Peter Parker: Um, sir? I'm Peter–
J. Jonah Jameson: I know who you are! You're the know-nothing that wasted forty-one seconds of my time the other day! Well, I haven't got another forty-one to spare! [Pushes Peter into the elevator]
Peter Parker: But, but– [Elevator door closes in his face]
J. Jonah Jameson: Brilliant comeback, kid! Now, where's that Parker guy?! I e-mailed him seventy-six minutes ago! WON'T ANYONE GET ME MY COFFEE?!
[Betty Brant suddenly appears beside Jameson with a cup of coffee]
Betty Brant: Coffee, decaf. [hands mug to Jameson] It's only been twenty minutes and I'm pretty sure you just kicked Peter Parker out.
J. Jonah Jameson: Well, don't just stand there! Get him back!

Shocker: You know it really ain't wise to make a dangerous man look foolish.
Spider-Man: You don't need my help for that. Look in a mirror, lately?

Spider-Man: You do this for a living? With that accent [In a western accent] I was thinkin' rodeo clown.
Shocker: Don't you mock me, boy!
Spider-Man: I mock. I'm a mocker.


Spider-Man: [to Sandman] Let me guess! You were on a reality show. Changing Faces, or Completely Ridiculous Makeovers?

Flash Thompson: Unbelievable! The geeks are inheriting the earth!

Gwen Stacy: Say, aren't you football star Peter Parker? How come you aren't hanging with your new friends?
Peter Parker: 'Cause I like my old friends. Look, I know you think that I've been acting like a jerk. I put taking photos for the Bugle before more important things, but I promise it won't happen again. So can you forgive me already?
Gwen Stacy: You're forgiven. It would take too long to train anyone else.

Spider-Man: Heheh. Good thing I refilled the web shooters. Oh, all webbed up and nowhere to go.
Sandman: Heh. Who do you think I am? Flint Marko? [transforms himself into sand and slides through the web]

Sandman: It's over, Spider-Man. When you were the only one with powers, you had me beat! But now, King Sandman reigns supreme!
Spider-Man: Your Majesty! Allow me to build a statue in your honor! [covers Sandman with cement]

[last lines]
Peter Parker: [voice over] Hey, if I wanted all the glory, I wouldn't wear a mask. So Harry gets his dream, and I watch from the sidelines.
Gwen Stacy: [comes from behind] Ice cream?
Peter Parker: But of course, that has its benefits too. [Gwen and Peter sit down together, eating the ice cream]

The Invisible Hand

Rhino: What do you think? I'm stupid?
Spider-Man: Well you are dressed stupid.

Spider-Man: Come one, come all! Before your very eyes, the world's largest dehydrated turtle!
Rhino: [wearily] I swear I'm gonna crush you... promised Big Man I'd crush you… crush you… crush you… crush you…
Spider-Man: Are we losing it a bit, Alexander?
Rhino: Only Mama calls me Alexander… you're not my Mama! Not my Mama… Mama…
Spider-Man: Yes, I think we are.
Rhino: [half unconscious] Mama… do I have to go to school?
Spider-Man: So, Alexander, tell Mama… who's the Big Man?
Rhino: Ixnay… we don't ever use the "B" word… call him… "Mr. Lincoln"…

Hammerhead: I'm impressed. Rhino's still underground, and OsCorp's already got the contract to build his prison cell.
Norman Osborn: After our success containing Sandman, whom else would the city call?
Hammerhead: Meaning you get paid comin' and goin'. Sweet.
Norman Osborn: Very. But these midtown brawls… people are beginning to ask questions. Best to let things cool off for a bit.
Hammerhead: We cool off, when the Big Man says so, see? Or do you want people to know who created Freak 1 and Freak 2?
Norman Osborn: Please, there's nothing to trace them back to OsCorp or myself.
Hammerhead: Really? Tell that to Dr. Octavius.

Spider-Man: I'm here to see Mr. Lincoln.
"Big Man": Then you should make an appointment. But perhaps we can make an exception for the hero of the day. I am L. Thompson Lincoln.
Spider-Man: Please, you're the Big Man!
L.Thompson Lincoln: In my life, I've been called many names. My favorite… is "Tombstone".
Spider-Man: Back off! I just took down the Rhino. A pale guy in a suit doesn't stand a…
[Tombstone smacks Spider-Man away and pins him to the ground]
Tombstone: Don't move. Just listen. And I'll teach you the facts of life. The Big Man, whomever he might be, has nothing against heroes. No hero can thwart enough crime to dent his income. But you... you frighten criminals off the streets entirely. Except when you're off battling the like of the Rhino. Then the Big Man's profitable army of petty thugs think themselves beneath the Spider-Man's notice.
Spider-Man: So as long as I keep fighting crime, you'll keep making bigger and badder…
Tombstone: Now, you're learning. But there is a way out. Come work for me. You can still save the world like a good hero. I'll even pay you. All you have to remember is to look the other way on occasion. On any occasion I choose.
Spider-Man: I can't ever look the other way again. Let's finish this.
Tombstone: [sigh] If you insist. [Buzzes two cops into the room] Officers, Spider-Man has trespassed on my property, assaulted my employees and threatened my person.

Peter Parker: You mean… you're Mary Jane Watson?
Mary Jane Watson: Face it, Tiger. You just hit the jackpot.


Green Goblin: Ah, but the Green Goblin doesn't take orders from insects. The Green Goblin swats them into oblivion!

Thug: Get the freak!
[Green Goblin knocks out two other thugs before cornering Thug with the Goblin Glider]
Thug: I mean... get the freak whatever he wants!
Green Goblin: All I want is your undying loyalty. Or, the dying kind. The Green Goblin is nothing, if not flexible...

Green Goblin: Hello. Good evening! Bonsoir! I am the Green Goblin and I am looking for the Big Man!
Tombstone: I don't know who you are, but....
Green Goblin: Of course you don't! That's the point of the mask, genius!

Green Goblin: Oh, he swings through the air, dishing all kinds of fear! This daring Goblin on the big chandelier!

Green Goblin: So the whole wanting to destroy you and take over your empire thing wasn't clear?
Spider-Man: Uh… yoo-hoo! Excuse me. Can I come in this way or do I have to break my own window?
Green Goblin, Tombstone, and J. Jonah Jameson: Spider-Man!
Spider-Man: So, your latest super-baddie turned on you, eh, Toomie?
Tombstone: I don't know who he is... yet! But he's not in my employ.
Spider-Man: That's okay. I can always pretend he's yours while I trounce him. I'll still feel all warm inside.
Green Goblin: Hell-ooo! I'm in the room! Really, you're both too rude!
Spider-Man: Oh, where are my manners? Here you come to terrorize the Tombster and I don't even say thank you. My only excuse is that you're holding innocent people hostage! It's confusing to my poor spider-brain.
Green Goblin: Mmm, yes, quite the puzzler. But the Green Goblin has a solution: You and I, join forces! Consider what we could accomplish by combining our powers! WE COULD RULE NEW YORK!
Spider-Man: Are we talking Manhattan, or all 5? Nah, sorry. I make it a rule not to partner with anyone green. Or, you know, psychotic.
Green Goblin: [sighs] Oh well, your loss... of life!

Spider-Man: NOW what's so funny?
Green Goblin: Just a special fire and brimstone pumpkin I left behind, as a present for our "Mr. Lincoln." Any minute now, the creme de la creme of New York City is going to paint the town red! Well, the ballroom anyway.


Norman Osborn: Now, run your experiments like a good Dr. Octopus.
Dr. Otto Octavius: Mr. Osborn, please, I've told you. That name is so… demeaning.

Dr. Otto Octavius: I've been good

Otto Octavius: I will not be weak.
Norman Osborn: Otto, get up…
[Octavius grabs Osborn with one of his mechanical arms and flings him to the wall]
Otto Octavius: Silence, you imperious moron!
Spider-Man: Whoa, there, slinky! Mr. Osborn here helped save your life!
Otto Octavius: You!
[Octavius grabs Spider-man and does the same]
Spider-Man: For the record, I helped save your life too.
Otto Octavius: Do not insult my intelligence, *hero*. You tracked me down and tried to destroy me! As I knew you would.
Spider-Man:Destroy you? Pal, I don't even know you.
Otto Octavius: Oh, but I survived. And more to the point, I have improved. I am now one with my arms. oh, you failed, Spider-Man! and your failure has given me new life.
[Octavius releases Osborn]
Norman Osborn: Otto…
Otto Octavius: Otto Octavius was weak. Call me… Doctor Octopus!

Spider-Man: Look, Doc, have you thought this through? The next Spider-Man who finds you buried under a pile of debris might view this as a cautionary tale!
Dr. Octopus: [slamming him to the ground with one of his arms] Glib.. does not... equate... with clever, Spider-Man!
Spider-Man: Yeah, well, the ratio of arms to sanity hasn't exactly been established either.
Dr. Octopus: Do you ever SHUT UP!?
Spider-Man: Sorry, no. My fans expect a certain amount of quippage in every battle.

Spider-Man: Come on, Doc. You're a cephalopod, I'm an arthropod. Can't we just hug it out?

Dr. Octopus: I cannot believe I once lived in this anemic hovel. Well, no more. And no more, "Yes, Mr. Osborn. I'm sorry, Mr. Osborn. Please, Mr. Osborn." How I groveled before that man. But soon the whole world shall grovel before the genius that is Dr. Octopus.

Dr. Octopus: Hand over the device.
Spider-Man: I'm thinking… no.

The Uncertainty Principle

Hammerhead: You think I'm afraid of a goofball dressed for Halloween? Don't respect what you don't fear, and there has only been one man that I have feared enough to respect.
Green Goblin: The Big Man, alias L. Thompson Lincoln. You see, I've peeked behind *his* mask…
Hammerhead: Lincoln *is* the mask! The *real* Big Man's Tombstone, 'cause that's all that's left after you cross him.
Green Goblin: In that case, then a man in your position would surely have acquired… [extends tongue blade of glader towards Hammerhead's throat] Life insurance.

Green Goblin: [While fighting with Spidey] We both want Tombstone out of the picture– [Gets elbowed in the face]
Spider-Man: For completely different reasons!
Green Goblin: Details, details... And speaking of details, I've got a jump-drive with enough inciminating evidence to put Tombstone down for good!
Spider-Man: Great! Fork it over, I'll turn you both in!
Green Goblin: Ah, ah, ah! I don't have it on me, but I will have it tonight!
Spider-Man: When tonight? Where?
Green Goblin: [to the camera] Anyone else getting déja vu? Oh, well! Let's run with it! [to Spidey] Believe me, you'll know.

Green Goblin: Why don't you just GIVE UP?!
Spider-Man: Because I know your secret! I know whose face is behind that mask!
Green Goblin: We all wear masks, Spider-Man. But which one is real? The one that hides your face or the one that is your face?
Spider-Man: I know you're Norman Osborn!
Green Goblin: Ha, ha, ha! Am I?

Spider-Man: This makes no sense. If Har... If this kid's the Goblin, why would he attack the Big Man? Why attack OsCorp?
Norman Osborn: I've had "dealings" with the Big Man. But when I tried to extricate myself, I was threatened by his stooge.
Harry Osborn: Hammerhead.
Norman Osborn: Harry must have overheard. Under the influence of the Green, his subconscious created someone who could take the Big Man down. Now, as to why he attacked me...
Harry Osborn: Maybe I've got some anger issues.
Norman Osborn: I will not allow this. I'll say I was the Goblin. After all, I invented the Green. I'm the obvious suspect.
Spider-Man: No. He needs you. And what good could you do him locked away for a crime you didn't commit?
Norman Osborn: Didn't I? This is all my fault. I drove Harry to ... I will get him help, I swear. If you'll let me.
Spider-Man: Me?
Norman Osborn: If you turn him in, if the Big Man learns Harry was the Goblin, he wouldn't survive the night. Please. He's my only child.
Spider-Man: [to himself] And my best friend. [to Osborn] The Goblin disappears. Forever. Leaving a mystery that never gets solved.
Norman Osborn: Thank you.

J. Jonah Jameson: And why should I care what the Globe runs on it's front page?
Robbie Robertson: Because their Spider-Man scoop, and Parker's pictures of it, slaughtered our space shuttle coverage at the newsstands.
J. Jonah Jameson: The people have spoken. Get that traitor Parker in here and lock him to an exclusive deal. If they want Spider-Man, we'll give'em Spider-Man. Here's tomorrow's front page headline: "Spider-Man: Threat or Menace?"



Peter Parker: Boss! I'd like a word!
J. Jonah Jameson: How 'bout scram. Or two words; scram kid. Or seventeen; get out of my office in two-point-three seconds or I'll staple you to a flagpole!
Peter Parker: [pauses for a moment; surprised] How did you count so – uh, never mind!

J. Jonah Jameson: As I predicted, the web-head's turned out to be just another thug in a mask! Soon he'll be cut, jailed and run outta town!
Peter Parker: [Brooding] How can he be jailed and run out of town?

Captain George Stacy: He's too tall. This guy's a fraud.
J. Jonah Jameson: Spider-Man is not a fraud. [whispering] Can't believe I just said that.

Group Therapy

Spider-Man: [sighs] Gotta love these lazy Saturday mornings. [Looks at clock. It's 12:16] ...Or...noons.... Ah, better get up. [gets up]

[The Sinister Six arrive and prepare to attack Spider-Man]
Dr. Octopus: So then arachnid, any last words?
Spider-Man: [scared] "Homina homina homina" comes to mind.

Mary Jane Watson: [to Eddie Brock] Pete may not be perfect but whatever his faults, he's twice the man you'll ever be.

[Doctor Octopus watches the tears of the sleeve of Spider-Man's black alien suit repair itself]
Dr. Octopus: Your new suit interests me, arachnid. I'm going to enjoy peeling it away for further study.


[Peter arrives at the hospital. Eddie is leaning against the wall.]
Eddie Brock: Yo, bro. [Grabs Peter's black shirt] You cost me my job!
Peter Parker: [Enraged] SHUT IT! [Slams Eddie against the wall in far more rage, violence, and aggressiveness than before] We're tired of your whining.
Security guard: [Approaches Peter and Eddie] Hey, hey, hey, hey, what's this now?
Peter Parker: [Shoves Eddie away] Shove off, Brock– [Eddie falls to the floor] –permanently.
[Eddie stands up and glares at Peter, then walks away.]

Symbiote: You didn't hurt Uncle Ben. The world took him away from us. The world takes everything we love. There's no one you can trust, Peter Parker. No one, except us! Join with us! Make our bond permanent. Together, nothing can stop us. And everything we ever wanted... will be ours.

[Spider-Man bursts out of the cocoon and lands on the floor.]
Symbiote: This isn't over. You will be ours!
Spider-Man: I don't think so, Symbiote. I know what you are now, and what you need. [Punches the bell, causing it to start ringing, then starts tearing the symbiote off his body and putting it in a bucket] You feed off of negative emotions. But right now, I'm starving you out.
Symbiote: Stop! Don't do this! We only wanted to help you! Be with you!
Spider-Man: Sorry, Symbie. I know this must hurt, but we're just no good together. Consider yourself dumped.

Symbiote: Eddie Brock. We sense your fury, your hatred – and its taste is sweet. Do you hate the Spider? Do you hate Parker?
Eddie Brock: You have to ask?
Symbiote: No. But we have much to show!
[The Symbiote reveals Spider-Man / Peter's memories to Eddie.]
Eddie Brock: [Realizes] Pete... is Spider-Man! Why didn't I see it before? I don't have two enemies; I have one.
Symbiote: We have one enemy! The Spider-Parker sought to destroy us too! Bond with us, Eddie Brock – mind, body, and soul!
Eddie Brock: Yes.
Symbiote: Accept the gift the Parker rejected!
Eddie Brock: Yes!
Symbiote: And together, we will have our desire!
Eddie Brock: YES!
[The two bond, becoming Venom.]
Venom: WE WILL HAVE VENGEANCE ON SPIDER-MAN!!! [Venom lets out a roaring yell as black goo covers the scene, and the episode ends]

Nature vs Nurture

[Venom uses his webbing to pull Spider-Man out of the house through his bedroom window. Spider-Man hides the gene cleanser in his suit, then puts on his mask.]
Venom: Oh, you don't need to wear a mask with us, Pete. [jumps down in front of Spider-Man] We know all your secrets, [backhands Spider-Man, knocking him down] because, of course, [picks up Spider-Man] we were you. [throws Spider-Man into the wall of the house]
Spider-Man: The Symbiote... [Venom tries to punch him, but he dodges, causing him to punch the wall] but I destroyed...!
Venom: Did you really think a little refrigeration would do us in?
Spider-Man: You ensnared another human being?! [tries to attack Venom, but he counters his punches]
Venom: [grabs Spider-Man] Someone better suited to our gifts. [punches Spider-Man repeatedly before pinning him down] And to our mission: destroying you for rejecting us. From now on, WE'RE poison to Peter Parker and Spider-Man. WE'RE VENOM!!!

Venom: We've toyed with you long enough!
Spider-Man: Okay, you win.
Venom: [Laughs, starts walking forward] Of course we win.
Spider-Man: Not you. It.
[Venom stops]
Spider-Man: The Symbiote's proven its point. I'm nothing without it. Take me back. That's what it wants, right? A reunion with its first love?
Venom: [Chuckles evilly] The Symbiote has found a better partner in me!
Spider-Man: 'Me'? Not 'us'?
Eddie Brock: [as the Symbiote melts off him] Wait! No! You can't do this! Don't... don't leave me...

Season 2



Stan Lee: [at a shipyard] You know when you stick your tongue on the side of ship and it sticks there? I hate it when I do that. [guy looks at Stan] Just saying.

Spider-Man: Wow, nice trick bubblebrain! And I bet the cheesy magician act really goes over big with the tourists.
Mysterio: You dare call Mysterio a magician?! FOOL! Mysterio is no illusionist playing parlor tricks. Mysterio is a master of the arcane arts!
Spider-Man: It seems to me that Mysteeeeerio is a master of talking about himself in the third-person.

Destructive Testing

Spider-Man: Where did you come from?
Kraven: Mother Russia. By way of mother Africa!
Spider-Man: Ah, two moms and still so ill-behaved?

Kraven: Amazing! No beast has ever broken Sergei Kravinoff!
Spider-Man: Okay, I see the confusing.. not a beast, a Spider-MAN. Get it?



Shear Strength


First Steps

[Spider-Man arrives at the construction site.]
Spider-Man: Gotta be sure. This is where I buried the symbiote. [Lands on the spot where he buried the symbiote] Under a ton of cement. And it's undisturbed. So I didn't see Venom. Maybe Eddie's back. Maybe it's all in my head. Either way, without the symbiote, Venom's gone for good. Now my biggest problem will be explaining where I went to Liz. [Swings away]
[As Spider-Man swings away, Eddie emerges from behind the pillar and swings down.]
Eddie Brock: Knew if I made your paranoid enough– [Removes his mask] –you'd lead me right to the one I love. [Picks up a sledgehammer] Thanks, bro.
[Eddie starts hammering the floor.]

Growing Pains


Identity Crisis

[Eddie, strapped to a gurney, is being wheeled into a ambulance.]
Eddie Brock: It'll come back! You'll see! WE'RE VENOM! AND WE'LL DESTROY SPIDER-MAN YET!


Spider-Man: Whoa. I got the thing on the thing. What do I win?
Rhino: You!
Spider-Man: I win me? That makes no sense.

Probable Cause



Silvermane: Et tu, Octopus?
Dr. Octopus: What can I say? A opportunity is a opportunity, Silvermane..


Green Goblin: Good news, lowlives! The city's gone green! Say hello to the new Big Man of crime! The Green Goblin!

Spider-Man: [Referring to Molten Man] Is that an Oscar with my name on it? I was thinking Emmy, but spiders can't be choosers.

Peter Parker: [Approaches Liz and Mary Jane] Liz! I heard about Mark at the Bugle–
Liz Allan: [Angrily and tearfully] Perfect! Take all the pictures you want!
Peter Parker: That's not why I'm here.
[Liz embraces Peter while sobbing.]

Opening Night


Final Curtain

Green Goblin: What's wrong, Spider-Man? Off your game!

Green Goblin: Rule One: Spidey must splat!

Norman Osborn: I told you I invented the Green. Of course, I wasn't a fool enough to drink it. Small doses in gaseous form increase my strength, agility, intelligence, with no black-outs, no loss of control.

Spider-Man: [Enraged] You framed your own son?!
Norman Osborn: I protected Harry! If I'd been sent to prison, who'd have made a man out of him?

Norman Osborn: Once you're out of the picture, I'll make everything right!

[Peter, Gwen, and Harry are paying their respects to Norman's grave.]
Harry Osborn: Dad was sick. A victim of the green. No one knows how that stuff changes you better than I do. Spider-Man should have helped him, not– [Sighs, then embraces Gwen] I don't know what I'd do without you, Gwen. You're all that's keeping me from going back on the green myself. [Smiles evilly] Oh– I got your messages. [Pulls away from Gwen] Was there something you wanted to tell me?
[Gwen turns to Peter, who hangs his head as if to say "You can go with him".]
Gwen Stacy: It was nothing.
[Gwen and Harry leave, with Peter looking on.]

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