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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is a video game released in 2010 by Beenox and Activision. The game features The Amazing Spider-Man working in conjunction with his counterparts from other dimensions (Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man 2099, and Ultimate Spider-Man) to reassemble a shattered magical tablet before its power falls into evil hands.

Amazing Spider-Man[edit]

  • Is that a... cartoon pig? (when seeing all of his various incarnations)
  • I'm Spider-Man! That's what I do. Break pots!
  • I've seen enough scary movies to know that this is the moment the monster jumps out at me. (Sandman's hand comes out of the ground) I knew it!
  • Aw, we're not going into the spooky old mine, are we? Will we have to solve a mystery and unmask someone dressed as a ghost, too? If so, my money's on Old Man Jenkins! (while chasing Sandman)

Spider-Man Noir[edit]

  • Don't let the bedbugs bite. (after taking out an enemy)
  • When I'm good, there's no one better. (after taking out an enemy)
  • Take a nap, sap. (after taking out an enemy)

Spider-Man 2099[edit]

  • Punchy punch-punch!
  • Hooray for violence!
  • Shock shock shock shock shock shock shock shock shock! (repeatedly swearing while standing on a collapsing glass floor)

Ultimate Spider-Man[edit]

  • Ugh, dude, pants! No one wants to see your junk! (seeing Electro's transformed and naked self)
  • Uh, eww! Do you and your generator, like, need some time alone? (as Electro makes creepy-talk towards the generators while draining them)
  • Do super villains find me this annoyingly talkative? Uh, don't answer that. (while being completely annoyed by Deadpool's rambling)


(In the opening cinematic, the supervillain Mysterio is robbing a museum)
Mysterio: Ahh, the Tablet of Order and Chaos. Selling you to the black market is gonna make me a mint.
Amazing Spider-Man: Good, you could use a mint. Ugh, I can smell your breath from here.
Mysterio: (shouts) Spider-Man?!
Amazing Spider-Man: Wait, how would you eat a mint through that fishbowl?

(During the tutorial level)
Madame Web: And now, scale the wall with your unique adhesive ability.
Amazing Spider-Man: I believe the technical term is "stick 'em powers".

(Later during the tutorial level, in the Ultimate universe)
Madame Web: And you can run across narrow walkways such as this one without fear of falling, due to your natural agility and powers of adhesion.
Ultimate Spider-Man: They're called "stick 'em powers"... did one of the other mes make that joke already?
Madame Web: Yes, and it was no funnier then.

Ultimate Spider-Man: (while dodging runaway trucks thrown by Electro) You really have a thing for trucks, huh? Are you sure you want to be called Electro? How about Elec-truck? Truckodon? Truck Master! Truckleberry Finn! Trucktor Doom! Oh, I know! Professor Pickup! That is something else.
Ultimate Electro: Be quiet!
Ultimate Spider-Man: I really drove that one into the ground!
Ultimate Electro: Maybe these will shut you up!! (attacks Spider-Man with lightning bolts)
Ultimate Spider-Man: Or maybe it'll make me talk more! You never know...

Ultimate Deadpool: Listen, Webby. I can't have you swinging around in your footy pajamas destroying my cameras. You're going to have to tangle with my ARMY! And by army, I mean production assistants, and by production assistants, I mean unpaid interns, and by unpaid interns I mean fans. You're going to have to tangle with my FANS! (costumed "fans" appear to pound on Spider-Man)
Ultimate Spider-Man: Lamest... super villain... ever.

Doctor Octopus 2099: Computer, this lab has been compromised. Activate self-destruct sequence... 10 seconds.
Spider-Man 2099: Ten seconds? That's barely enough time to come up with a clever explosion-related quip.
Dr. Octopus 2099: Ooh, that must really burn you up. So long, Spider-Man. It's been a blast. [escapes]
Spider-Man 2099: Oh, she's good.

(Mysterio has claimed the entire Tablet of Order and Chaos and all its power)
Spider-Man Noir: You don't need to get a swelled head about it.

(Mysterio is defeated and reality is returning to normal again)
Madame Web: Thank you, Spider-Man. You should be proud to know your legacy is being upheld across time and space
Amazing Spider-Man: Yeah, those guys were alright, but you have to admit...
Spider-Man Noir: With 4 different Spider-Men...
Ultimate Spider Man: ...One thing I know for sure...
Spider-Man 2099: ...Out of all of them...
All Spider-Men: [in unison] ...I'M THE BEST!

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