Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

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Spider-Man: The New Animated Series is an American-Canadian teen adult computer-animated superhero television series based on the Marvel comic book superhero character Spider-Man.


Heroes & Villains[edit]

Harry: [to Peter] My dad's company convinced ESU to bulldoze ... Villeroy Towers.

Jameson: Amazing! Lizard ta
Peter: Um, M.J., protests generally aren't about fun.
Mary Jane: That's 'cause you haven't been to one with me!

Royal Scam[edit]

FBI Agent Moseley: That was you called us yesterday, wouldn't it? [frisks Peter)] You've been trying to tell me this isn't the phone you used to call about the Kingpin?
Peter: Uh...
FBI Agent Moseley: Here's the guy you know. [shows a picture of Spider-Man in the screen] How long you've been cahoots with Spider-Man?
Peter: Cahoots? I think I'm not with anybody.
FBI Agent Moseley: I think you are. Spider-Man steals the TX-1. You call in the Kingpin shag story to send use sniffing the wrong mutt. I'm only going to ask you this once: where do we find Spider-Man?
Peter: Spider-Man and I don't actually see eye to eye.
FBI Agent Moseley: If the TX-1 is online, it would cause the world to encrypt these transmissions. If that happens, you better find Spider-Man 'cause if I don't, I'll be coming after you and I'll be treating as that you and Spider-Man are one and the same.
Peter: Can I have my things back?

Jameson: Amazing! Lizard ta
Kingpin: FBI protocol is none of your business.
Spider-Man: So, where's Agent Roberts?
Kingpin: Special Agent Roberts has important business to take rather than making hiccups.
Spider-Man: Oh, that's why you're so special.
Kingpin: You did a good service, Spider-Man.
Spider-Man: What about the half of the vigilant? I scratch yours and -- what about the world knowing what a great guy I am? Oh, give me a break.

Law of the Jungle[edit]

Peter: Doc Connors.
Dr. Connors: Parker.
Peter: You've canceled class ... but you never cancel anything.
Dr. Connors: Stay back.
Peter: I thought your experiments are promising. Maybe we should continue.
Dr. Connors: Yes ... by myself.

Jameson: Amazing! Lizard tail, lizard foot, Spider-Man, lizard, Spider-Man, lizard. Well, there's good to know there is an occassion in your human finder. You got the sake of town overrun with animals.
Peter: Actually, Spider-Man is a ... man. Sort of.
Jameson: Oh, goody. He's a man. So, what's next? The human rat?
Peter: I can think of a candidate.
Jameson: It make it safe, "The human rat outlives entire whole civilizations, overrun cities at will." Huh? Huh? What do you think?

The Sword of Shikata[edit]

Shikata: A real man wouldn't be afraid to fight me alone.
Raymond: Yeah. We'll write that on your gravestone.

Harry: But, um, do you think it's safe for you to be alone with Damien? A lecherous producer and a young, beautiful actress?
[Mary Jane pulls out a bottle of mace]
Mary Jane: You know the girl scout motto.
Harry: "Don't leave home without lip gloss?"
Mary Jane: The cookies are a cover-up.

Keeping Secrets[edit]

Talon: Sorry I'm late. Couldn't do a thing with my hair.
Spider-Man: Yeah, that's why I have the mask.

Peter: You mean you're going to make food for the means of human consumption by the means of heat!?

Tight Squeeze[edit]

Peter: Like you said, "amazing".
Jameson: And straight. Do you have initial Spider-Man cracking the safe?
Peter: No, Spider-Man didn't crack the safe. Those robbers were on the building. He chases them away.
Jameson: Spider-Man hires robbers to crack safe and chases them away. These photos worth $40.00.

Indy: You're supposed to meet your future mate in the workplace. They never say anything about dying there with him. Oh, I can't believe I just said that. If we get out of this, I'm going to be really embarrassed.
Peter: So, you'll do a lifestyle piece ... "Hostages' Most Embarrassing Moments."

Head Over Heels[edit]

Peter: Help me, Harry-Won Kenobi. You're my only hope.

Peter: I got the lab partner from Sunnydale.

The Party[edit]

Spider-Man: [after realizing who Electro is] Oh, my God. Max, what's happened to you?
Electro: I don't know. You don't understand.
Spider-Man: Max, you can't do this to innocent people.
Electro: Nobody's innocent! No one!!

Sally: No! Please, stop! [Sally touched Electro and was shocked]
Electro: [sadly] No, I didn't mean to. [angry; to Doug Reisman] You turned me into this!

Flash Memory[edit]

Flash: [after being injected with the brain juice] My head feels funny. Cramped.
Dr. Zellner: Those are ideas, Mr. Thompson. You'll get used to those.

Flash: I lost you because you can't keep up with my brain power.
Peter: Keep up? I'm giving myself a headache slamming on the brakes and going into reverse.

Spider-Man Dis-Sabled[edit]

Harry: Two women, both into Peter. If he plays his cards right ... nah!

Spider-Man: After hours sale? Or just applying for the Winona discount.

When Sparks Fly[edit]

Teen #2: There's some kind of ghost here.
Teen #1: Dude, it tried to shred us.
Spider-Man: Right. And the dog ate your homework. The car started by itself, and that's secondhand smoke your mom smells on you.
Teen #1: Crap, he's been following us.

Harry: Hey, you know what this is like? It's like those old Beatle albums my dad used to make me listen to. You played them backwards, and you'd hear stuff, like, "I buried Paul."

Mind Games, Part One[edit]

Spider-Man: [to Kraven] Don't you get tired of me using your butt for a doormat?

Peter: I'll do whatever you want!
Kraven: What I want is to see you suffer.

Mind Games, Part Two[edit]

News Reporter: It's been 3 days since New York city went into shock, after an innocent woman was thrown off a building by the often controversial, and now infamous Spider-Man. No one has seen him since. Is he gone for good? Has he heeded the cry for him to leave this city? Only time will tell, one thing is certain, the people of New York overwhelming feel they will be better off without him.
Peter Parker: They're right of course, too bad no one told me that being a superhero is an impossible game to win. Or that the ones closest to me would always suffer the most. Some who hold a grudge against me, and some who try to give me so much, only to lose everything. I don't want to cause anymore pain here, I can't live with that burden any longer. So it's time for me to say: "Goodbye, Spider-Man".

Kraven: My old friend, the amazing Spider-Man.
Spider-Man: [in strong anger] I AM GOING TO RIP YOU APART, KRAVEN!


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