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Spider-Man is a Playstation 4 game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Act I


Main Mission - The Main Event

[As the story begins with a spider and we get a look around Peter Parker's apartment, suddenly his phone vibrates as a wake up call for him]
Police Dispatch: All units, level four mobilisation. Location-- Fisk Tower.
Peter Parker: Fisk?
[As he changes into his later ego, Spider-Man, he gets a mail letter telling him to pay his bills]
Police Dispatch: SWAT is 10-84 at Fisk Tower. All units standby, warrant is en route.
[Peter choose to go to Fisk Tower instead, as he swinging off and the plot is set]

Yuri Watanabe: Captain Watanabe.
Spider-Man: Did you take him down yet?
Yuri Watanabe: No. We're at Fisk Tower, but still waiting on the warrant.
Spider-Man: Mind if I join in on the fun?
Yuri Watanabe: You know how his lawyers are…this one needs to go by the book.
Spider-Man: C'mon Yuri, I've been waiting eight years for this.
Yuri Watanabe: You really want to help? Head to Times Square, sounds like his guys are trying to keep my backup from reaching the scene…
Spider-Man: You got it - almost there!

Spider-Man: Hello?
Boss: Parker? Where are you? We must run through the demonstration at least once before the grant committee arrives.
Spider-Man: Uhh, yes. Sorry. Yes. Dealing with a personal issue. I'll be in soon. Promise. [Hangs up] Eesh, better wrap this up quick, then get to my *real* job.

Spider-Man: [As he swinging in to Times Square to take down Fisk's men] Looks like Yuri called in the cavalry.

[In Times Square in the middle of a police shoot out]
Police Officer #1: We need more backup!
Police Officer #2: 10-32, Times Square. Officers under fire!!
Fisk Thug #1: [As he is telling the rest of his gang to cease fire] Bring in the hammer.
[A big tanker truck ram into the police unit's cars just when they think is safe. Then Spidey comes in to safe the unit just when they are about to get executed]
Fisk Thug #1: Get him!
Spider-Man: Morning guys! Who's ready for their hot fresh cup of bodily harm? [Pauses] Gotta warn you, I'm feeling punchy today.

[Just when Fisk's guys backup comes]
Spider-Man: This doesn't look good.
Fisk Thug #2: Somebody just shoot him!
Spider-Man: Man, Fisk has a lot of guys on his payroll…
Yuri Watanabe: Spider-Man, what's your status?
Spider-Man: Almost done here. You?
Yuri Watanabe: We're about to go in.
Spider-Man: Be there soon. Can't wait to see Willie's face when you slap the cuffs on him.

Spider-Man: [All Fisk's guys are taken down in Times Square] Okay, Yuri, all done. What's happen-- [An explosion has occur in front of Fisk Tower.] Yuri?! YURI?! (As he rushing there to see what's going on.) I knew Fisk wouldn't go quietly.

[The NYPD is trying to raid through Fisk Tower]
Yuri Watanabe: Get more backup! And lock down the airspace--
Spider-Man: Yuri, you okay?
Yuri Watanabe: If he makes it out of the building we're gonna lose him.
Spider-Man: I'm gonna go, uh…
[As the police are getting overwhelmed by thugs]
Yuri Watanabe: Do your thing.
Spider-Man: Yes! Today's the day, Willie. [As he's swinging in the building while dodging bullets and webbing up thugs]
Fisk Thug #1: Take him out!
Fisk Thug #2: C'mon, c'mon-- keep shooting!
Fisk Thug #3: Lead him!
Spider-Man: (To Fisk's gang) Heads up! [Thwiping the thugs' heads] Hey, where you going? [Graps a thug as he breaks through the window] (To the NYPD) Catch! I'll clear a path, follow me!
Police Officer #1: Get outta here, Spider-Man, we got this!
Spider-Man: Sorry to break it to you, but you do NOT got this, buddy.
Police Officer #2: What's Spider-Man doing here-- he's gonna mess everything up!
Spider-Man: Oh. Thanks for the confidence boost, guys! I guess this what they call a hostile workplace.

[Fisk's thugs have a higher shooting position.]
Police Officer: Down, down, down!
Spider-Man: Gotta take those shooters out.

Spider-Man: [When all Fisk's men are down for the count] I think that's all of 'em!
Police Officer #1: C'mon, c'mon!
[The elevators suddenly stop working]
Police Officer #2: They shut the elevators down! Take the stairs!
Spider-Man: I prefer a more direct approach. [He prys the elevator door with his bare hands]
Yuri Watanabe: Spider-Man, status?
Spider-Man: [While crawling up the elevator shaft] Heading to the upper floors-- and hoping nobody turns on the elevators…
Yuri Watanabe: Our choppers are taking fire, looks like Fisk has armed men on every floor.
Spider-Man: He's desperate…
Yuri Watanabe: …and he's hitting us with everything he's got.
Spider-Man: I have to find him and end this.
Yuri Watanabe: Not yet. We just picked up chatter - they're wiping all their data servers. We need that evidence if we want to put him away for good.
Spider-Man: Okay, server room it is.

Spider-Man: [As his aunt is calling him] Call from May. Better answer. Uh…hi Aunt May.
Aunt May: What is all that noise?!
Spider-Man: Watching a Super Hero movie. What's up?
Aunt May: I just wanted make sure we were still on for dinner tomorrow night.
Police Officer: Hostiles, next floor up!
Spider-Man: Totally. Uh, listen, I gotta go--
Aunt May: Okay, love you.
Spider-Man: Love you too.

Spider-Man: [As Spidey beats up Fisk's men] How exactly do you think this ends well for you? On to the next one. Regret your life choices yet? [In front of the server room] Gotta find that server room before there's no evidence left. If I go in this way they'll destroy all the evidence. I should look for a sneaky way in. [Looks and goes through a air vent] There we go. Huh. It's like my own private ventrance. Fisk may be a dirty criminal, but he has remarkably clean air vents.
Fisk Thug #1: Hurry up! The boss wants everything erased!
Fisk Thug #2: I can't make it delete any faster.
Spider-Man: [As he webs one of the thugs inside the vent] They're so cute when they're oblivious.
Fisk Thug #1: How's it coming?
Fisk Thug #2: Halfway there. Just need another minute or two. You think the cops know where we are?
Fisk Thug #3: Don't worry about out there. Worry about in here.
Spider-Man: Is this tech support? I forgot my password.
Fisk Thug #4: Spider-Man!
Fisk Thug #5: Here comes the pain.
Automatic Voice: Warning. Full deletion imminent.
Fisk Thug #2: Stall him! The system's still purging!
Spider-Man: And I thought the IT guys at my last job were rude. (thinking) Gotta access that console before everything's gone.

[As Spidey hacks Fisk's computer systems]
Spider-Man: Let's see just how good their security is. Oh you guys forgot the latest kernel patch, tsk-tsk...
Kingpin: Hiding in the server room? Cowardly...even for you.
Spider-Man: Says the guy frantically erasing his search history.
Kingpin: After all these years, you're still just an ignorant child...
Spider-Man: True, but that's part of my charm, isn't it?
[Spidey downloads the evidence before Fisk could destroy it]
Kingpin: Damn you. Get that door down, now! Get pass him! Destroy everything! Look around you! I did this! What have you ever done that mattered?
Spider-Man: Well, there was that time I took down a pompous, overstuffed crime lord before breakfast.
Kingpin: Without me, the scum I kept in check will run rampant. And it'll be your fault.
Spider-Man: Been a long, tough road, Fisk. Almost sad to see it end.
Kingpin: Mere prelude.
Spider-Man: Well, get ready for the main event.

Spider-Man: Yuri, an explosion just--
Yuri Watanabe: I saw it. Fisk could have the whole place wired. I'm sending in a bomb unit.
Spider-Man: I'll make sure no one gets in their way.
Fisk Thug: Kill him! Or the boss'll kill us! Like the fireworks? We got more where that came from!

[As the bomb squad finally arrived]
Police Officer: It 's clear, move up!
Spider-Man: Hey, guys-- I guess bombs are part of Willie's getaway plan.
[As another explosion has occur]
Woman: AAHH! Help!
Spider-Man: Sounds like they're trapped…
Bomb Squad Officer: You go after them, we'll look for the bombs--

[During the trapped civilian room as the fire keeps rising and the debris keeps falling]
Spider-Man: Everyone clear out! Evacuate the building!
[Spider-Man pulls the doors down to release the civilians]
Woman: I heard more people back that way!
Spider-Man: I'll find them.

[As two people are being crush by the fallen debris]
Woman: Spider-Man! We can't move, we're pinned down!
Spider-Man: I'll lift it. When you're free, get out, fast. If you can walk, help the injured. Got it?
Woman: Y-yes.
[As Spidey lifting the heavy rumble, more keeps falling on him as it gets heavier. But he pushes threw it and lifts it anyway until the civilians are safe]
Spider-Man: Go, go, go!
[As soon as the people are out of harm 's way, he pushes the fallen debris off of him to save himself]
Woman: Thank you! He did it! Let's go!
Spider-Man Okay Willie, comin' your way.

Yuri Watanabe: Spider-Man, it's Yuri.
Spider-Man: How we doing, Captain?
Yuri Watanabe: Could be better. Our choppers took a beating-- we just had to ground our last one. If Fisk calls in a chopper, we have no one to stop it from landing.
Spider-Man: And no one to chase him if he flies away…
Yuri Watanabe: Why do I get the feeling that's what he was planning all along?
Spider-Man: Because he probably was.

Spider-Man: [As he sees injured civilians all around him] Damn. [Calls Yuri] Yuri, get EMTs up here-- fast!
Yuri Watanabe: We're trying--

Spider-Man: [One though points a rocket launcher at Spidey] Uh-oh-- INCOMING! That's enough out of you… [More of Fisk's men comes through the doors, all armed with rocket launchers] More rockets? Little excessive don't you think? What--? Is it national rocket day or something?

Spider-Man: [Spidey is having a tough time parkouring through the scorched up room] Man, how'd the bomb squad guys get through this? [He encounter some thugs] Settle down. I've got enough for everybody. [After he finish humiliating the Fisk thugs] Okay, room is clear. Bomb squad must be somewhere ahead-- hope they're okay. [Goes in the next room and finds them] You guys all right?
Bomb Squad Officer #1: We were just about to call for backup.
Spider-Man: I think I'm it.
Bomb Squad Officer #1: Lead the way, we'll be right behind you.
Bomb Squad Officer #2: [As Spidey walks pass him] (Whispers on radio) Heads up, boss…
[Just when they're about to fire their guns on him, Spidey's Spider-Sense kicks in, make him dodge and yank the gun out of one officer's hands and hits him with it]
Spider-Man: So you guys were in bed with Fisk all along? Aww now I'll never get that image out of my head!
Bomb Squad Officer #3: Get him!
Spider-Man: So your plan didn't work. On to plan B-- getting kicked in the face.
Bomb Squad Officer #4: We can't let him get into the office!

Spider-Man: Hey Yuri, looks like some of your guys were on Fisk's payroll. Good news is, they were Willie's last line of defence. I'm right outside his office.
Yuri Watanabe: Take him down. Now.
Spider-Man: With pleasure.

Spider-Man: Writing your memoirs? Don't forget the hyphen between "Spider" and "Man."
[Fisk is contacting his men through his computer]
Kingpin: Get the chopper ready. I won't be long. [He crack his knuckles and pick up a remote control as he gets up and walks towards a art piece] I'm surprised you made it this far. But your foolishness ends now. [He press the button that sealed him off from the room by a glass widow]
Spider-Man: Uh…you do know I can still see you, right?
Kingpin: Eight years of this isolence…
[Giant machine guns begin to emerge from two columns from both sides of the room]
Spider-Man: For me? You shouldn't have… (thinking) Gotta wait for an opening. [The two giant machine guns ran out of ammo] Its reloading. [Spidey thwips them so they can't fire again and throws them at the glass window]
Kingpin: What are you doing?! [The window shatters] How is this happening?!
Spider-Man: What's wrong, Willie? You seem angry…
Kingpin: I will DESTROY you! [He smashes the desk as he charges at him]
Spider-Man: Take your best shot.

[Kingpin clobbered Spidey with both of his fist, and then he throws him threw the wall]
Kingpin: You are everything that's wrong with this city!
Spider-Man: [As he's getting up] Huh. I was gonna say the same to you.
Kingpin: You know what to do, men.
Fisk Thug #1: Surround him!
Fisk Thug #2: Everyone, ENGAGE!
Fisk Thug #3: He's hurt -- let's finish him off!
Kingpin: You'll die, as uselessly as you lived. You're out of you depth, boy.
Spider-Man: (softly) Not this time!
Spider-Man: [As he's being choked by Fisk] Was it…something…I said? [Flip kicks him off] You're losing Willie--
Kingpin: I haven't even started trying.

Kingpin: Time to end this!
Spider-Man: You asked for it.

Spider-Man: [Talking to Fisk after defeating him and hangs him upside down] So should we kiss now? [NYPD locking their guns at Fisk] Yeah. Maybe later.

Spider-Man: Finally off to Ryker's, huh? You know I think you've got more enemies in there than I do.
Wilson Fisk: If you think this will be more than a minor inconvenience--
Spider-Man: Whoop--gotta go. Hey! Good luck, Willie. I've a feeling you're gonna need it. [Then thwips away]
Wilson Fisk: Idiot! I'm the one who kept order to this city! [The NYPD shoves him in the back of the armored truck] One month! In one month you'll wish you had me back!

[As Wilson Fisk is being taken away, Spider-Man hangs on top of a pole]
Spider-Man: The Kingpin is heading to prison. End of an era. Feel like I should celebrate. Maybe take a vacation…

Main Mission - My OTHER Other Job

Boss: Parker, where are you? The committee will be here soon! We need to run an equipment check!
Spider-Man: I'm almost there! Blocks away!
Boss: Ugh. Guess I'll just do it myself.
Spider-Man: No, don't, it's not safe -- [Hangs up] Ugh. Gotta love Doc's enthusiasm, but sometimes it gets him into trouble. Better get there before he hurts himself…

Peter Parker: Sorry I'm late, I-- [Sees him already started] whoa!
[It reveals that Peter's boss is Doctor Otto Octavius and is testing some equipment for a robotic arm]
Peter Parker: You started without me-- !
Dr. Otto Octavius: The grant committee's director will be here soon. [Looks at Peter as looks worried about his safety] It's fine, Peter. I invented this equipment. I think I can handle it.
[But then sparks begins to fly everywhere]
Peter Parker: The power dampener-- [He unplucks the cores before there's a fire] Oh man… [He rushes t o the computer] Uh…maybe we should abort?!
Otto Octavius: Not yet-- [The computer malfunctions and electricity begins zapping Otto]
Peter Parker: Hold on-- [Peter presses the emergency power button and quickly runs to Otto's aid] Dr. Octavius! Are you okay?
Otto Octavius: Another setback. [coughs] But we're close.
[The grant committee finally arrives to see the mess]
Committee Director: Is anyone hurt?
Peter Parker: No. But it was all my faul--
Otto Octavius: Th-Th-The energy levels exceeded our expectations. Fr-From a certain viewpoint, that's a very positive development.
Committee Director: It doesn't smell very positive.
Otto Octavius: I assure you, in the next phase --
Committee Director: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. [coughs] Is there somewhere else we can discuss this?
Otto Octavius: Maybe you should take the rest of the day off, Peter.
Peter Parker: But--
Otto Octavius: We'll talk later.

Peter Parker: That was a disaster. How could the dampener have failed? I know Doc said take the day off … but I have to figure out what went wrong… [Tests the mechanical arm] Ohh… you are in bad shape, little guy. Let's see what's wrong with you… [Looks at the schematics] Circuit burned out. Dammit. If I had been here to do the pre-check, I would've caught this. Got it. OK… need to reroute servo control… Nice. Okay, what next. And now rebalance the voltage… Finished! Let's see if that worked. [Tests the arm again] Good as new. Doc's been testing new materials for the prosthetics. He asked me to review his work if I had time; may as well dig in now.

Committee Director: How many lab fires have we seen now, Otto? 3? 4?
Otto Octavius: That's how you know we're progressing! Out of the ashes of failure great science is born!
Peter Parker: Don't think Dr. Octavius' optimism has ever been shaken.

Otto Octavius: Today is the day: grant review. We're ready. The work has progressed at a remarkable pace. I honestly never thought we'd get the tensile actuator back to an acceptable tolerance, but Parker… the boy has an eye for guerrilla science like none other. Just as I was ready to order a custom machined replacement part, he returned from the hardware store with a bottle of solvent and a toothbrush. Bang: actuator problem resolved. The boy is a genius. Ugh. A chronically late genius. It's already ten after … where is he? Surely he can't have forgotten today's review…
Peter Parker: Sorry I let you down, Doc…

Otto Octavius: Peter - thank you again for doing these blind reviews. Peer review is the backbone of great science. You know, as we've prepped for the upcoming fitting, I've felt an itch in the back of my brain: is this "really" the best method of limb replacement? Silly I know, but I keep thinking … might there be another way?

Peter Parker: Doc's been testing new materials for the prosthetics. He asked me to review his work if I had time; may as well dig in now. [Reviewing the new materials] Doc was testing a new contact material for the prosthetic… Hydrogel/Polymer composite. Strong, but there's a lot of impedance. Better tell Doc to keep looking for other materials. Arlight - I should get out of here before I screw things up to Doc even more.

Main Mission - Keeping the Peace

Yuri Watanabe: Spider-Man, it's Yuri.
Spider-Man: Fisk make it to Ryker's yet?
Yuri Watanabe: Not Ryker's. Our boy qualifies for the VIP treatment … he's at The Raft.
Spider-Man: Ahhh - joining Scorpion, Electro, Agent Venom and the rest … Fisk should be honored - that's esteemed company.
Yuri Watanabe: Can you swing by the precinct? Got an issue that could benefit from your unique skill set.
Spider-Man: For you, Yuri: anything. I'm on my way.

Spider-Man: Hmmm - looks like Jameson's got a new episode out. Wonder what my number one fan thinks about the Fisk take down…
Just the Facts with JJJ: Producer: This is "Just The Facts with J. Jonah Jameson", where listeners like you discuss the issues affecting our city with Pulitzer Prize winning --
Just the Facts with JJJ: J. Jonah Jameson: Two-time!
Just the Facts with JJJ: Producer: Two-time Pulitzer Prize winning former publisher of the Daily Bugle.
Just the Facts with JJJ: J. Jonah Jameson: Hey, plug the book!
Just the Facts with JJJ: Producer: And as always, if you order Mr. Jameson's book, Spider-Man: Threat or Menace, within 24 hours of our broadcast, you'll get an autographed copy at no extra charge.
Just the Facts with JJJ: J. Jonah Jameson: No personalization! Don't ask, not gonna get it!!
J. Jonah Jameson: Welcome to "Just the Facts" with J. Jonah Jameson - alerting you to tell threats you don't even know about. Let's dive right into the calls. Speak!
Caller: Okay, so not for nothin', you gotta give Spider-Man respect for taking down Wilson Fisk, right? I mean, one less mob boss is good for everyone.
J. Jonah Jameson: Is that right? Tell me, are you a police officer? Prosecutor? Maybe an award-winning reporter with decades on the job, like me?
Caller: Uh, no, I'm a plumber.
J. Jonah Jameson: Oh, good. Then fix my toilet and SHUT UP! Let me explain something to you about crime bosses. Soon as one goes down, every punk with a gun, a tracksuit, and a drawer full of gold chains decides he's the next Godfather. We're gonna have a gang war in the streets. But does that web-headed moron give a damn? Of course not. He got on TV, that's what counts.
Caller: Yeah, well, I can get copper pipe without paying kickbacks now. So until that gang war starts, I'm on the web-head's side!
J. Jonah Jameson: And you'll be singing a different tune when three new mobs are lining up and charge you triple for that same pipe…or just break your legs! GOODBYE!
Spider-Man: Some day, Jonah. I'm gonna get you to say something nice about me … some day.

Spider-Man: Now that you quit smoking, what do you tell people when you come up here?
Yuri Watanabe: That I need a break from their crap.
Spider-Man: [Front flips on the rails on her right] Fair enough. So why'd you call? Need a date to the policeman's ball?
Yuri Watanabe: You got a black and white suit?
Spider-Man: Uhh…
Yuri Watanabe: No ball this year anyway. We spent too much integrating Oscorp's surveillance tech.
Spider-Man: Worth it though, right?
Yuri Watanabe: It was… until an hour ago. The whole system went down. Citywide. Every tower.
Spider-Man: How?
Yuri Watanabe: They tell me someone sabotaged the central server, and now all the towers are offline.
Spider-Man: Hm. Inside job?
Yuri Watanabe: Maybe. I'll figure that out later. Right now we need to get this towers back online. Fast.
Spider-Man: And you called me? Aw, that's sweet.
Yuri Watanabe: I called someone I can trust. Plus the signals are scrambled and we have no idea how to fix it.
Spider-Man: Ooh! I love a challenge.
Yuri Watanabe: You break it you buy it.
Spider-Man: I thought you trusted me!

Spider-Man: Let's take a look at this tower. [As he hacks the tower] Input bands have been shifted. Subtle.

Yuri Watanabe: We just had a tower come back online, was that you?
Spider-Man: Not just a pretty mask, eh?
Yuri Watanabe: Whatever you did, any chance you could do it to the other towers?
Spider-Man: Sure. But just so you know, I had to sync up with the tower to fix it. I'm seeing all crime data in the area now. Looks like there's a break-in happening near me.
Yuri Watanabe: Great I've got units nearby-
Spider-Man: Don't bother - I'm on it.

Thug #1: Do it.
Thug #2: Watch my back.
Spider-Man: (whispering) Pretty sure these guys didn't forget their keys. [As he springs into action]
Thug #1: We ain't afraid of you.
Thug #3: Came to the wrong 'hood.
Thug #1: This is *not* how we planned it!
Thug #4: You ain't gonna bring me down!
Thug #5: You ain't ready for this!

Spider-Man: Okay: wrapped up.
Yuri Watanabe: Thanks for that. Now I'm seeing an assault near you.
Spider-Man: You're in luck, Yuri. (In a deeper voice) Your favourite tough-but-lovable, grizzled, seen-too-much detective is in town-
Yuri Watanabe: What? No, no, no, no, no, you promised you wouldn't do that any-
Spider-Man: (deep voice) Spider-Cop.
Yuri Watanabe: Please no.

Thug #1: So, you're the snitch.
Homeless Woman: Back off, creep.
Thug #2: Yep, she's the one.
Homeless Woman: I said back off! Leave me alone!
Thug #3: Keep it quiet, lady.
Spider-Man: Get away from her!
Thug #4: As crap. Spider-Man.
Thug #3: You're goin' down!
Thug #5: Someone knock him out already!
Thug #2: You're going down, hard!
Thug #6: No whining when I break your bones.
Thug #3: That's it, gloves are off!

Thug #1: Walk away now or she's dead! [As he's holding her at gunpoint]
Homeless Woman: Let me go!
[Spidey quickly webs his hand to disarm his gun and his head to pull her away from him as he knocks the thug out]
Spider-Man: All clear, Ma'am.
Homeless Woman: I knew Jameson was wrong about you. You're a little weird, but you got a good heart.
Spider-Man: Have you got somewhere to go?
Homeless Woman: I can take care of myself.
Spider-Man: I'm sure you can. But just in case, there's a place called the F.E.A.S.T. Center --
Homeless Woman: Seen it. I don't want charity.
Spider-Man: They got the best wheatcakes in the city. Hands down.
Homeless Woman: Mom used to make those. Haven't had any… in a long time. I'll check it out. Thanks, Spider-Guy.
Spider-Man: [As she walks away] It's Spider-Man… oh well.

Spider-Man: [Looks up towards a billboard] Should be able to stop the next tower from up there. [As he's climbing up, he's narrating in a deep voice, not noticing Yuri called him] From his elevated position, Spider-Cop spies his destination: a second surveillance tower.
Yuri Watanabe: Are you … narrating yourself?
Spider-Man: What? No. Of course not… [He continues in his deep voice] The chief never did understand Spider-Cop. Thought he was a loose cannon.
Yuri Watanabe: Already regretting this…

Spider-Man: Bet I can modify these towers to track more than just crimes… [After he finished hacking the second tower] Score! Towers are picking up all kinds of TFID signals now… including one nearby. What is that? [He web zips over to investigate] Oh wow. One of my old backpacks from high school; forgot I attached tracking dots to these. [Looks at the city] Wonder how many of these are scattered around re city… [Then looks inside the bag] The menu from my first real date with MJ; Wish I could've afforded some place fancier… but she didn't seem to mind.

Yuri Watanabe: Still there? Got a robbery a few blocks away.
Spider-Man: Spider-Cop on it. "Part Man, part Spider, ALL cop."
Yuri Watanabe: Ugh.

Thug #1: Open the safe - do it!
[Spidey jumps in and knocks on the window]
Spider-Man: Hey fellas.
Thug #2: Uhh! Spider-Man! Shoot him!
[The thugs shoot at him through the glass, but Spidey dodges the bullets and takes them out one by one, until a car with more things came on the scene]
Spider-Man: More of 'em? Guys, if you worked this hard at a legit job, you wouldn't need to be criminals.
Thug #5: You're gonna regret this, Spider-Freak!

Spider-Man: Alright Yuri: I'm gonna repair the last Chinatown tower now.
Yuri Watanabe: Don't you mean Spider-Cop's gonna repair it?
Spider-Man: Been doing a little thinking, Yuri. Policing's a young man's game, and Spider-Cop… well he's no spring chicken.
Yuri Watanabe: Please be going where I think you're going.
Spider-Man: As of today, Spider-Cop is officially retired.
Yuri Watanabe: Oh thank God. I need a drink.
Spider-Man: We'll all drink tonight, Yuri, drink to the memory of Spider-Cop's tireless… Yuri? Yuri, you there? Huh. Guess the emotion of the moment overwhelmed her.

Spider-Man: [After repairing the last tower] Not good. Can't have people taking pictures of my three chest hairs. Tools I need for suit repair are at the lab… wonder if Dr. Octavius has left for the day…

Main Mission - Something Old, Something New

Spider-Man: [Calls Otto] Doctor! How did it go with the committee? I'm so sorry I screwed things up.
Otto Octavius: Not at all, Peter. They're just nervous in the face of imminent triumph! They'll calm down; they always do.
Spider-Man: Should I head back to the lab for cleanup?
Otto Octavius: No no. I'm stepping out for dinner anyhow; we'll resume tomorrow. Short break, then back to creating the future! [Hangs up]
Spider-Man: Wish I could bottle and sell that man's optimism. Sounds like he's left the lab for the day - good time to work on my suit in private.

Peter Parker: [In the lab] Looks like Doc's gone for the night. Time to sneak in some spider-work.

Peter Parker: We're trying to improve the prosthetic's hardware. I should review what Doc's been developing, and double-check his work. [Looking at the schematics on tablet]

Peter Parker: We really need to get better about organizing our workspace… Think we got samples of every type of prosthetic in existence…

Otto Octavius: The Grant Review was a debacle, yes, but it may also prove to be the inspiration I need. We can no longer simply meet the committee's expectations: we must exceed them.

Peter Parker: [looking at a graduation photo] Graduation - feels so long ago. I interned for Doc in college. He made me realise I could do as much good for the world in a lab coat as I could in tights. Maybe more.

[As Peter is fixing his Spidey suit, Otto come through the door]
Otto Octavius: Parker.
Peter Parker: (surprisingly) Dr. Octavius! I - ah… Watcha got there?
Otto Octavius: Chinese. If I knew you'd be here I would've-- [Then notices something behind Peter] What are you working on?
Peter Parker: Uh, just a side project.
[He leans over then sees the Spider-Man suit, in surprised]
Otto Octavius: (gasps) Of course. It's you.
Peter Parker: I-- um… I-I don't know what you're…
Otto Octavius: Oh come on, Parker, it's obvious.
Peter Parker: L-L-- um… Let me explain.
Otto Octavius: I only wish you'd told me sooner.
Peter Parker: I wanted to. But I was afraid that if word got out, my family might be in danger.
Otto Octavius: Hm, yes. I guess if you design his equipment you're bound to be a target too.
Peter Parker: Yeah. [The realizing what he said] I mean… YEAH.
Otto Octavius: Don't worry, your secret's safe. [Pauses] Well, I'll leave you to it.

[Peter wakes up from a short nap and finds and reads a sticky note on his head form Otto]
Peter Parker: "Check your email…" [Gets up and goes on his computer] Hope this isn't how Doc fires me… [Then reads what Otto send him]
Otto Octavius:

SUBJECT: Just a thought.

Peter, the revelation of your second job as Spider-Man's suit crafter [is that the right term?] (mm hm) is a reminder of the good man and partner you are. No matter how hard you work, you still find time to help others.

I hope you don't mind but I noticed the suit was a bit damaged and took the liberty of sketching up some of my own improvements. Attached are a few ideas I had on how you could enhance his suit and help protect Spider-Man, who does so much for this city.

Looking forward to the incredible work we are doing and changing the world together!

Your partner and friend,


Peter Parker: White spider, huh? Hm. That should do it.

[Spidey walks out of the lab to the rooftop and try out his new Advance Suit by going on patrol doing flips and tricks]
Spider-Man: 'Scuse me, late for work! [The scene goes in slow motion to get the details on his new suit] Comin' through!
Woman: Looking good, Spidey!
Spider-Man: Hellooo New York! Ah-Ha! New suit! Same old me!

Main Mission - Fisk Hideout

Yuri Watanabe: Spider-Man, I think I figured out how Fisk's men are keeping his rackets running. Construction sites.
Spider-Man: Wasn't that shut down when he was arrested?
Yuri Watanabe: No. It's one of his legitimate businesses …multiple investors. We can't act without cause.
Spider-Man: But now you've got that, right?
Yuri Watanabe: That's why I'm hoping you can keep an eye on the locations, tell me if you see anything suspicious.
Spider-Man: You got it. I'll be your nosy neighbourhood Spider-Man.

J. Jonah Jameson: My loyal listeners - "brush-head," they call themselves, though I've never quite understood why - will remember my warnings about the downright Orwellian Crime Monitoring System the city was installing. Well, it's not operating. Why, you ask? Because someone came to their senses and realised they'd be violating civil liberties? WRONG! Because those incompetent bureaucrats built a network that crashes more often than a wink driving a bumper car! So your tax dollars got wasted… and there's nothing to show for it. Which is about as close as you get to a happy ending in the real world, kids.

Spider-Man: [Calls Yuri] Yuri, I'm at a Fisk Construction site and there's a lot of guys here who aren't exactly constructing.
Yuri Watanabe: What are they doing?
Spider-Man: I'm going to go find out. [Hangs up, then get a text from Otto] Huh. Just got a text from Doc. Looks like he attached an idea for a spidey-gadget. Man, does he ever stop inventing?
[He takes what has and what he can find to craft his Impact Web]
Spider-Man: Wow. This looks like it could work…
Fisk Thug #1: Hm. Let's see… Can't read this… Should have brought my glasses…
Spider-Man: [As he uses his Impact Web on the thug] Awesome! Doc would be proud.
Fisk Thug #2: Can't believe Spider-Man finally won.
Fisk Thug #3: It ain't over 'til it's over.
Fisk Thug #2: No, I know, but I remember when he was a punk kid and the boss used to hand him his ass on the regular.
Fisk Thug #4: The he'll was that?
Spider-Man: Nap time.
Fisk Thug #3: I thought the boss killed him that one time.
Fisk Thug #2: Maybe he did. Penny says there's more than one Spider-Man.
Fisk Thug #3: Bite your tongue. That's all we need, an army of Spider-Men.
Fisk Thug #5: You guys are new here so lemme give you rule number one… You do *not* want to be late with a shipment. Ever. Boss runs a tight ship. He does *not* like screw-ups. …We had this guy once, he decided to stop off a drink on the way to a delivery… That was his last delivery, you know what I mean? … We get paid well because we deliver. Every time, on time. Got it?
Fisk Thug #6: Shoulda brought my sudoku.
Fisk Thug #7: Hey, who's that? Freeze!
Spider-Man: Nighty-night.
Fisk Thug #8: The hell is this stuff made of?!
Fisk Thug #9: Hey! There he is!
Fisk Thug #10: Dammit…
Fisk Thug #11: Oh, no.
Fisk Thug #12: Somebody shoot him down!
Fisk Thug #13: Kick his ass!
Fisk Thug #14: How'd you like that, Spider-Man? [Spidey kicks him] Ouch!
Fisk Thug #15: Spider-Man! Show him who he's messin' with!
Spider-Man: Uh-oh, more of them.
Fisk Thug #16: Got something for you.
Yuri Watanabe: [On phone] Spider-Man, turns out we've busted four illegal firearm dealers within a three block radius of that site.
Spider-Man: Gun running. Let's see what I can do to cut down the supply.
Fisk Thug #17: I don't fold that easy.
Fisk Thug #18: Today you die!
Fisk Thug #19: You shouldn'tve messed with the Kingpin.
Fisk Thug #20: The hell?!
Fisk Thug #21: You're gonna have a bad day.
Fisk Thug #22: This'll wrap things up.
Fisk Thug #23: Smash his skull!
Spider-Man: Dang. Looks like they called their buddies.
Fisk Thug #24: Grenade!
Fisk Thug #25: Get down here and fight like a man!
Fisk Thug #26: I'll shut your mouth-- permanent!
Fisk Thug #27: What are we supposed to do against that?!
Fisk Thug #28: Take him down before he knocks us all out!
Spider-Man: Oh hey, more guys. Welcome to the party! House rules, leave your shoes at the door. Unless you're not wearing socks, in which case-- buy some socks already…
Fisk Thug #29: Damn!
Fisk Thug #30: Whoop his ass!
Fisk Thug #31: I'll teach you some respect.
Fisk Thug #32: Got a present for ya!
Fisk Thug #33: Get these webs off me!
Spider-Man: Ahh. Anyone want to surrender? No?
Fisk Thug #34: Get back down here!
Fisk Thug #35: Wreck him!
Fisk Thug #36: I can't reach him!
Fisk Thug #37: Man down!
Fisk Thug #38: Bring him down already!
Fisk Thug #39: I'm webbed!
Fisk Thug #40: Smoke'im!
Fisk Thug #41: Hey, what the!?
Fisk Thug #42: You shoulda stayed in bed.

Spider-Man: Place is locked down, Captain. Actually, webbed down.
Yuri Watanabe: And someone finally reported shots fired, so I've got officers inbound. Good work. Fisk has more construction sites throughout the city. Betting they're fronts too. Keep an eye out, and report in if you see anything suspicious.

Main Mission - Landmarking

Spider-Man: If I'm gonna find all of Fisk's construction sites, I should recalibrate my mapping software to be more accurate. Using a depth mapped post process on photos of popular landmarks should do it, and I know just the one to start with.

Spider-Man: Good ol' Empire State. Man I love this town. Time to grab a snapshot. [Take picture] That'll do it. Map should be re-calibrated now. Haven't done much photography since quitting the Bugle - forgot how much I enjoy it. Should keep an eye out for more landmarks to shoot.

[Spidey phone rings]
Spider-Man: Hm, it's Mr. Li. [Picks up] Hello?
Mr. Li: Peter, it's Martin Li. I just wanted to let you know we need a little extra time to get set for May's party-- I guess the cake delivery is stuck in traffic.
Spider-Man: Oh, sure thing. Ahm. Just let me know when you're ready and I'll swing by.
Martin Li: Great. Talk to you soon. [Hangs up]
Spider-Man: Okay, got some time to kill. Let's see what's happening out in the city.

Main Mission - She's a Jolly Good Fellow

Spider-Man: [Picks up phone] Hi, Mister Li.
Martin Li: Hey Peter, we're all set for the party, whenever you're ready.
Spider-Man: Cool! I'm on my way.

[Outta nowhere, a guy pulls out a gun on Spider-Man, reveling to be a Kingpin supporter]
Fisk Thug: Regards from the Kingpin.
[Spider easily subdue him]
Spider-Man: I better be more careful with my "adoring public."

[As Spidey arrives at the F.E.A.S.T. Center]
Spider-Man: Now where'd I put my bag?

Peter Parker: Mr. Li is probably in the kitchen, getting ready for the party.

Homeless Woman #1: And done! Oh wait… not done. Hm.

Homeless Man #1: Ugh, I must've screwed up somewhere…

Homeless Man #2: But I gave you my paperwork yesterday, I've been clean for like two months.

Homeless Man #3: What about my dog?
Volunteer: No problem. But always on a leash, and never in the kitchen area.
Homeless Man #3: (breaths) Of course. Man, this is great. You guys are great. Thank you so much.

Homeless Man #4: Ugh. This coffee's terrible. But is free.

Homeless Woman #2: Hi, Peter.

Homeless Woman #3: Rather live on the street than ask my parents for help…

Homeless Man #5: Doesn't pay much, but a guy's a gig.

Peter Parker: People don't realize how many kids are homeless. One in thirty. And too many shelters aren't equipped to care for them.

Peter Parker: Everyone feels hopeless at some point. Helps to know there's somebody willing to listen.

Homeless Woman #4: God grant me some strength…

Homeless Woman #5: So I got the job! May's recommendation really helped.
Homeless Woman #6: People know that when she says something, she means it.

Peter Parker: [Looking at a photo of his younger self] Man, was I ever a dork. Well, we all have an awkward phase.

Peter Parker: [Looking at a photo of Uncle Ben Parker] Miss you.

Peter Parker: [Looking at old drawings of his] So I was into horses-- wasn't everybody at some point? Wish May would take some of this down-- it's embarrassing. An artist I was not. I wish everybody had a mom like May. The world would be a better place.

Homeless Man #6: I can patch these shoes, they'll last a while yet…

Peter Parker: Veteran homelessness is down, but still way too high. Good thing my buddy Flash Thompson's doing his best to fix that. You know… The business community's really stepped up… both job training and hiring. Well, most of 'em. Sad not to see Oscorp here.

Homeless Woman #7: I never used to feel safe at the other shelter. And this one, I've never had a problem.
Homeless Woman #8: There's always someone looking out for us.

Homeless Man #7: Aha! I'm on a roll now.

Homeless Woman #9: Peter! You're so thin, are you eating?
Peter Parker: Every chance I get!

Homeless Man #8: We don't have to make it a thing. We can just be casual.
Homeless Woman #10: Yeah, that's fine. But I still want a ring…

Homeless Woman #11: Someday I'll open one of those food trucks.

Homeless Woman #12: Peter, thank you again for helping me with the Social Security website.
Peter Parker: Glad to.

Homeless Man #9: If I had powers? I wouldn't fight crime, I'll tell ya that. I'd be a TV star.
Homeless Man #10: Na. I'd be a pro wrestler. Best gimmick ever.

Homeless Man #11: Today's gonna be a good day.

Homeless Man #12: Can't fall asleep. That's when they get you.

Homeless Man #13: Petey! Thanks for the tip, I got the job!
Peter Parker: That's great! Congrats!

Homeless Man #14: I should probably look for a job.

Homeless Man #15: Think of hat you want and the universe will send it to you.

Homeless Man #16: Hey, Peter.
Peter Parker: Hey guys, how's the game going?
Homeless Man #16: How's it look like it's going? I'm winning.
Homeless Woman #13: Get this guy checked for dementia, Pete. I'm crushing him.
Peter Parker: Well, the important thing is having fun.
Homeless Woman #13: Oh, I have a lot of fun whooping his ass.
Homeless Man #16: In your dreams, crazy lady. Want a game, Pete? We play for peanuts.
Peter Parker: N-no-no,too rich for my blood. I'll leave you to it.

Homeless Man #17: Hey, Pete, good to see ya!
Peter Parker: You too!

Homeless Woman #14: Peter, right? Your Aunt's been showing off baby pictures. Gloria, I'm new here. Spider-Man turned me on to the place.
Peter Parker: Oh, right - I mean, great! How do you like it?
Gloria: They're good people. I might stick around. For a little while.
Peter Parker: Well, if there's anything I can do to help, just say the word.

Homeless Woman #15: Oh, Peter, I just started a mystery novel you might like.
Peter Parker: Thanks! I'll check in with you later.

Homeless Man #18: What's this world coming to.
Homeless Woman #16: That cute social worker was here again today. You wanna meet her, you let me know.

Homeless Man #19: (gasps) I could write these

Homeless Man #20: Wish I could afford an electric wheelchair…

Peter Parker: May kept Uncle Ben' clothes a long time. It's like he was still looking out for her.

Homeless Man #21: I could really use a muffin. A blueberry muffin.

Homeless Woman #17: Don't think about it. Just stop thinking about it.

Homeless Woman #18: Hi, Pete. Your Aunt's in the back, I think.
Peter Parker: Thanks!

Homeless Woman #19: Peter! Did May tell you? I got a job! She was so helpful.
Peter Parker: That's awesome!

Homeless Man #22: Yo, Pete, that Aunt of yours is a saint.
Peter Parker: You're telling me?

Homeless Man #23: Hey, Peter, what's up?
Peter Parker: Just dropping in.

Homeless Man #24: Is this decaf? Ah, what the hell.

Peter Parker: Hey, Martin, so sorry I'm late--
Martin Li: You're right on time. Just keep her distracted while we get everything ready.
Peter Parker: You got it. [He then walks up to May] Hey, there's my favorite aunt…
Aunt May: Peter! What a nice surprise.
Peter Parker: Needs some help?
Aunt May: Uh, yeah, sure. Oh, there are some heavy boxes in --
Peter Parker: NO! No. No! I mean, I mean…not yet. I mean, I came to, uh, uh, I just wanted to talk.
Aunt May: Okay… okay.
Peter Parker: Um…
Aunt May: Peter, are you in trouble? Do you need money?
Peter Parker: No! No. I mean, I mean I'm a little behind on my rent, but… no, no, no… no, I'm fine.
Aunt May: Girl problems again?
Peter Parker: What? No, that's crazy--
Aunt May: I still wish you and MJ could work things out. She's a great girl--
Peter Parker: She is, but…
Aunt May: The two of you would make some beautiful babies.
Peter Parker: Wow! Uh…
Aunt May: Peter. What is it? Come on. You can tell me.
Peter Parker: These past few years-- you helping me through college and working here… sacrificing so much, and asking for nothing. I just wish there were more people like you in the world.
Martin Li: He's right. [As he brings the cake and everyone in the room] Five years ago, you walked in here and told me you were inspired by my mission to help others. Now it's *you* who inspires *me*. Thank you, May, for everything. Here's to many more years of service!
[Everyone in the room claps for May]
Peter Parker: Thanks again for setting all this up.
Martin Li: Oh, I just wish I could do more.
Peter Parker: Well, May's always told me, "if you help *some*one--
Martin Li: --you help *every*one." Ah, maybe we should send May to City Hall to have a word with the mayor…
Peter Parker: [Peter phone vibrates] Oh, I gotta run. Um, thanks again for the party and everything. It really means a lot.

Peter Parker: Voicemail from Yuri… should check it outside…

Main Mission - Don't Touch the Art

[Just outside of the F.E.A.S.T. Center, Spider-Man checks his voice-mail]
Spider-Man: Voice-mail from Yuri…
Yuri Watanabe: [voice-mail] Hey. Silent alarm at the auction house holding Fisk's estate sale just tripped. Could you check it out? Quietly? I don't want to make a scene if it's nothing… [Message ends]
Spider-Man: Fisk estate sale. Sounds fun. Wonder what the Kingpin had hidden in his closets…

[As Spider-Man swings by the Fisk's estate place, his aunt is calling him]
Aunt May: Peter, I lost track of you at the party…
Spider-Man: Yeah. I…had to get to the lab. Sorry.
Aunt May: Don't apologize…I just wanted to tell you how much what you said meant to me. I always wonder if I'm doing right by you…
Spider-Man: Well stop wondering. After losing my parents, and Uncle Bent here are so many times I would've fallen apart if not for you.
Aunt May: Well, that works both ways, Peter. I just wanted to make sure you knew that.
Spider-Man: May, I… I don't know what to say --
Aunt May: Oh, I think Mr. Li needs my help. I should go. See you soon, dear. I love you.
Spider-Man: Love you too. [Hangs up]

[As Spider-Man crawls through the air ducts in the Fisk's estate place, he see a woman being held hostage by some demon masked criminals]
Demon #1: I am losing patience. Where is the file.
Woman: There's someone else here - they must have taken it!
Spider-Man: (whispering) Those masks… who are these guys?
Demons #1: There's no one here but us. We will find the file. Or you will die.
Spider-Man: (whispering) This is bad. They'll kill her if I alert them. Need to pick 'em off silently. [Calls Yuri] Yuri… the silent alarm was legit. Masked gunmen and a single hostage. Looks like a heist-in-progress.
Yuri Watanabe: Copy that. Sending units your way. Keep the situation from getting worse in the meantime.
Spider-Man: Can do. [Hangs up]

Spider-Man: [on the perch point] Gotta do this quietly. Don't wanna alert the others…
[Then he shoot a web at the floor to lure the demon]
Demon #2: (In Japanese) [I heard something.]
[As the demon goes right underneath him, he performs at Perch Takedown by webbing him on the ceiling supports]
Spider-Man: They always look so cosy webbed up like that.

[As he goes to another room though the air vents, Spider spots another demon]
Spider-Man: Should web him from above…
[Spidey performs a Vent Takedown by webbing him up inside the vent, then perceived down to the room. He spots a demon right next to him]
Spider-Man: Whoa - careful.
[Spider gets behind him for a Stealth Takedown]
Spider-Man: You stay quiet now
Demon #3: (In Japanese) [Check in there]
Demon #4: (In Japanese) [On it.]
Spider-Man: Someone's coming. They'll see me down here.
[He quickly Web Zip to the vent and escapes quietly]

Demon #1: My patience wears thin.
Woman: Someone else is here, I swear. She must have the file!
[She scream as the demon shoots the artifacts right next her]
Demon #1: If they're here, WHERE ARE THEY?
Woman: I don't know. I don't know. I just don't know.
Spider-Man: Move it, Pete. Bad guys are getting ready to be bad.

[On a perch point in another room Spidey sees two demons in a conversation]
Demon #5: (In Japanese) [With Fisk gone, our chance has finally arrived …]
Demon #6: (In Japanese) [Keep your eyes open.]
Demon #5: (In Japanese) [They are open!]
[Spidey lures one of the demons by webbing the nearby crate to cause a distraction]
Demon #6: (In Japanese) [Stand by, I heard a sound.]
[As he goes by the crate, Spider webs the other guy on the ceiling support post, then performs a Web Strike Takedown by web ziping towards the other demon, knocking him out]
Spider-Man: Sleep it off.

Spider-Man: Hey - what is that?
[Spider notices a camera hanging off the shelf]
Spider-Man: [As he pick up the camera] This totally belongs to-
Demon #7: [The demon surprises Spidey and points a gun behind him] Don't move.
Spider-Man: Buddy, [turns around] if I had a nickel for every "Don't Move" I'd-
[Then the demon gets knocked over the head by someone carrying a golden object, only to be a familiar face to Spidey]
Woman: Hey Pete.
Spider-Man: MJ … what are you doing here?
Mary Jane Watson: Same as you, working. At least, I was.
Spider-Man: Ooh. I…um think this is yours.
MJ: Yeah. Thanks.
Spider-Man: So, Robbie's got you covering a break-in for the Bugle?
MJ: Well. Robbie doesn't technically know I'm her. And it wasn't a break in until a few minutes ago.
Spider-Man: Uh…Huh?
MJ: Let me explain…

[The story cuts back to 15 minutes earlier as Mary Jane enters the Rosemann's building, about to talk to Rose Rosemann, the woman who the demons would held hostage]
Rose Rosemann: Uh - excuse me?
'Mary Jane Watson: Hi, Mary Jane Watson. I'm covering the Fisk estate sale
Rose Rosemann: Hello … Craig said we'd do this tomorrow.
MJ: I like to get a jump on things.
Rose Rosemann: Well I don't. You'll have to come back tomorrow.
MJ: Right, OK. I'm sorry.
[As she walks to the door, MJ pretends to call Craig]
MJ: Hey Craig… no, sorry, just … It looks like we're going to have to run something else on the cover… I don't know, uhh-- maybe the expressionist piece?
Rose Rosemann: You know what. I think I can make today work.
MJ: (whispering) Are you sure?
Rose Rosemann: You're here. No moment like the present.
MJ: (whispering) Thank you. [On the phone] Craig? Nevermind. We're good.
Rose Rosemann: Let's get started.
Robovoice: -of Motor Vehicles, for English, press "1"… [MJ hangs up the phone]

Rose Rosemann: Look around and familiarise yourself with the items. I'll be waiting by the Baku statue when you're ready to begin.
Mary Jane Watson: Can do.

[Mary Jane looks around and reads each of the antiques, stautes and artefacts, reminding her of something in her life]

Theatre Masks, 18 Century.

A group of Noh and Kyogen masks from the Edo period. Most notable is Buaku,the demon hiding sorrowful eyes.

Mary Jane Watson: Hmmmm … I get why Peter does it, but I never totally loved the "heroes hiding behind masks" thing. Feels like part of being a hero is standing behind your actions; being willing to say "yeah, that was me." That's the sort of hero I'd want to be, at least.

Tatami Armour, 15th Century.

Rumoured to have been worn by a powerful samurai who believed ends justified means.

Mary Jane Watson: Bet Fisk saw himself in this: a great man willing to do what others wouldn't. Dude had no self-awareness.

Katana, 14th Century.

A katana blade attributed to Masamune; hilt re-wrapped in early 19th century.

Mary Jane Watson: (sighs) Fisk cut Peter open like a pork sausage with this the first time they fought. Pete got away, collapsed in my yard half dead, and I had to steal my dad's car to drive him to the ER. The first of many "Nurse MJ" moments; too many.

Sengoku period Samurai, 16th Century.

Most likely depicts Bamako to Kansuke, the blind swordsman, known for dispensing justice on his own terms.

Mary Jane Watson: I remember when Fisk started illegally importing artefacts like this. He bought the local harbour to cover his tracks, and laid off the old staff, including my dad. Wish dad was here now to see how the tables have turned.

Hand Rolled Cigars, 20th Century.

Luxury product of Symkaria; manufactured exclusively for royalty.

Mary Jane Watson: Hmmm … Symkaria … weren't they just in the news?

Tatami Armour, 15th Century.

Rumoured to have been worn by a young ronin who challenged a tyrannical, illegitimate leader.

Mary Jane Watson: Sometimes I feel like the whole history of the world is just boys playing dress up, getting into fights.

Tapestry, 17th Century.

Depicts two Nio Guardians, Misshaku Kongo and Naraen Kongo.

Mary Jane Watson: I can't get over this image. So much tension between these two figures.

Oil Landscape on Silk, 19th Century.

Depicts travellers outside Kyoto.

Mary Jane Watson: Kyoto. So beautiful. Part of me wishes I could drop everything and travel the world … but life and work are here.

Rose Rosemann: Let me know when you're ready to begin.
Mary Jane Watson: Sounds good.

Cello, 18th Century.

Milan or Bologna, famously owned by Benito Mussolini prior to his death.

Mary Jane Watson: What did Fisk call this … "Vanessa"?

Woodcut, 19th Century.

Image of a young maiden who brought a corrupt dynasty's hidden crimes to light, causing it to collapse.

Mary Jane Watson: " Brought hidden crimes to light." We got an old school investigative journalist over here. I like her.

Walking Cane, 20th Century.

A very rare jewelled and pearl-set walking cane with concealed features

Mary Jane Watson: Always hated this cane. So tacky.

Rose Rosemann: Starting with the prize: A one-of-a-kind Kakiemonbaku.
Mary Jane Watson: Beautiful. It's a Mifune?
Rose Rosemann: Correct. Mr. Fisk has… exceptional taste.
MJ: [Snaps the picture] Did you know him well, before his arrest?
Rose Rosemann: In a … professional context. I handled many of his sales. Let's move on, please.

Rose Rosemann: Now, this exquisite piece exemplifies the traditional tarashikomi puddled-ink effect.
Mary Jane Watson: The two Nio are so imposing. I can see why Fisk liked this piece; definitely his style. [Snaps the picture]
Rose Rosemann: He loved the duality. "Destruction screams, but creation toils in silence."
MJ: Was there ever anything irregular, in any of the sales you handled for him?
Rose Rosemann: No … no … of course not. Not that I was aware of.

Rose Rosemann: Notice the intricate gold inlay on this ceremonial tea set.
Mary Jane Watson: It's just… a friend in the DA's office mentioned that Fisk used art sales to launder stolen goods.
Rose Rosemann: I'm… sure I wouldn't know anything about that.
MJ: [Snaps the picture] Oh I know. I was just wondering, now that he's arrested, if you had ever noticed anything… strange.
Rose Rosemann: You know what. I'm actually running short of time. Why don't we grab the cover photo while we can?
MJ: When I told my DA friend I was doing a piece on you, he mentioned your name was familiar.
Rose Rosemann: Just the photo please. Stand right there.
MJ: Are you sure there's nothing you'd like to say, maybe off the record, regarding Fisk's activities?
Rose Rosemann: I don't think your readers would have any interest in- [Phone rings] Dammit. Wait here, please.
[Rosemann opens the door to get some privacy. Mary Jane sees a golden statue inside]
MJ: Wait … I recognise that statue … Gotta get a photo. That shouldn't be here.
Rose Rosemann: Hello?
[MJ snaps an picture of the statue]
Rose Rosemann: Craig, I'll call you back. [Hangs up and walks out] My dear, I think it's time for you to go.
MJ: Oh…um…could I … use the restroom real quick?
Rose Rosemann: … fine. Follow me.
MJ: Thank you … this … this is a really lovely space.
Rose Rosemann: It is. And this will be the last time you see it. The ladies' is right around the corner. Be quick.
MJ: Of course. Be right back.

[Mary Jane goes to the restroom then sneaks back out]
Rose Rosemann: Hello, Craig. Funny you should call … Because the reporter you sent is clearly not working the puff piece we agreed upon …

[Mary Jane crouched and hides between tables so she can get to the back room where she saw the statue in, without getting caught]
Rose Rosemann: No, she's here now …
Mary Jane Watson: I've got to get into that back room. If that statue is what I think it is, this just turned into a huge story.
Rose Rosemann: What do you mean he had to reschedule? …
MJ: (whispering) Quiet.
Rose Roseman: If she's not your reporter, who is she, Craig? … Who is in my auction house? … Oh my god … No I do not trust you will fix this … Well the first thing I'm going to do is have Miss Investigative Journalist arrested- And the second thing I'm going to do is collect you head, Craig …
MJ: Dang. She's pissed.

Mary Jane Watson: [As she enters the back room] Pete told me about this. Fisk used it to hide evidence. Why didn't the cops take it? I know this statue opens… but how?

[MJ looks at a photo of Rosemann and Fisk]
Mary Jane Watson: That's the Nio behind them … but it looks different … She certainly is cosy with Fisk.

[MJ looks at a biosure title "Bicon: The Wilson Fisk Collection" on the table]
Mary Jane Watson: Hmmm … he's holding something…
[Then she picks up a booklet on the Nio]

An Articulated Nio Guardian Statue 15th Century, Japanese 45,000 - 60,000 USD

Notable for its modular design and five distinct points of articulation, this statue can adopt a multitude of poses. The most common is that of that of the Naraen Kongo: mouth closed, left arm down, right palm facing forward. This pose of latent power conveys the change and chaos that can arise from small events.

MJ: The statue can move … the most common pose is "latent power"… " Mouth closed … left arm down … right palm facing forward." Hmmm.

Mary Jane Watson: Maybe these pieces move.
[She begins to move the statue as what the description says]
MJ: Maybe I should turn the head… [turns it facing right] Nice.
[As she followed the description well, the statue does nothing]
MJ: So close … but a piece is missing…

[Mary Jane turns to the table with gold objects]
Mary Jane Watson: I've seen these before…
[She takes the one on the far right and places on the statue left hand]
MJ: That's it!

[The statue opens up a drawer beneath, revealing a file]
Mary Jane Watson: "Norman Osborn"…what is this? "Devil's Breath"? What is Devil's-
[MJ suddenly hears some commotion outside the room]
MJ: What the?
[She peaks outside the door when she see the demon mask guys from later in the story]
Rose Rosemann: Excuse me! Sir! You … you can't be in here- [One of the demons smacks her on the floor]
MJ: [Trying to concealed her scream of horror] (whispering) Not good.
Demon #1: Where's the statue?
Rose Rosemann: In … in there-
Demon #2: [Kicks open the back room door] (In Japanese) [Find the file.]
[As they enter the room, Mary Jane found a back way out of the room and takes the file with her]

[Cuts back to the present time in the story]
Mary Jane Watson: I was on my way to the exit when I saw you…
Spider-Man: You're lucky to be alive.
MJ: Says the guy I saved five minutes ago. Listen, whoever these mask guys are, they're after this file. But I'll never get it out of here while the place is swarming with them.
Spider-Man: Right. OK. Ummm, you hide back there, I take out the bad guys, you make a break when it's clear.
MJ: Sounds like a plan. [As she leaves the door, she turns around] Good to see you, Pete.
Spider-Man: Yeah you too. Not exactly how I pictured us meeting again, though.
MJ: Funny. It's exactly how I pictured it. [Leaves the room]

Spider-Man: [about MJ] Did she … change her perfume…? Focus, Pete. Focus.

[Spider crawls on the ceiling, where he finds more demons mask guys]
Demon #8: (In Japanese) [Move!]
Rose Rosemann: Yes. Alright. Of course.
Spider-Man: Should clear these guys out before I push forward…

Demon #9: (In Japanese) [Fisk's men are desperate. They should be.]

Mary Jane Watson: OK Pete, I'm hidden near the front. Give the word and I'll make a break for it.
Spider-Man: Will do. How about that file? What's in it that these guys want so bad?
MJ: Notes on something called "Devil's Breath." Fisk was hired to build a secret research lab for it. Not clear what Devil's Breath is, but it seemed to scare Fisk. He compares it to "Pandora's Box."
Spider-Man: Not much shook Fisk … we need to get you and that file out of here. Hang tight.

Demon #10: (In Japanese) [Stand by, I heard a sound.]
[As the mask man is being lure by the webbing sounds, Spidey does a Perch Takedown]
Spider-Man: There we go… Gotta stay silent. [As he takes out the remaining guys] Okay, room is clear.

Demon #11: (In Japanese) [No hesitation…]
Spider-Man: Keep it tight, Pete. [As he webs him up on the ceiling]

Spider-Man: Easy does it.
Demon #12: (In Japanese) [Continuing my sweep.]
Demon #13: [As a web was being fired] (In Japanese) [Anyone else hear that?]
[As one of them goes to investigate, Spidey webs up the other one above.]
Spider-Man: Man … Fisk had a lot of stuff.
Demon #13: (In Japanese) [What the help was that?]
Spider-Man: [As he knocks him out] You literally didn't see that coming. That's all of them.
Mary Jane Watson: NO! LET ME GO!
Spider-Man: MJ!

[Mary Jane is being dragged and thrown across the floor. She tries to hold on to the file, but one demon punches her in the head and takes it, while another one aims a gun at her]
Mary Jane Watson: Stop!
Spider-Man: [As he charges in] No.
[Spider webs and graps all the guns from the bad guys, free MJ and Rosemann]
Spider-Man: HIDE!
[The two woman run as Spidey takes the demon guys down]

Mary Jane Watson: [to Rosemann] Get in the office!
Demon #14: (In Japanese) [Take cover!]
Spider-Man: Not cool with the hostage taking, guys.
Demon #15: (In Japanese) [Flank him!]
Spider-Man: Whoa … what is up with that glow-y stuff on your hands? Are you guys … ghosts? Never fought a ghost before…
Demon #16: (In Japanese) [Look out, webs!]
Spider-Man: I mean. I've fought spectres, but, you know, technically, spectres aren't ghosts. "All ghosts are spectres, but not all spectres are ghosts" you know what I mean?
Demon #17: (In Japanese) [Die!]
Spider-Man: Ehh. Seems like this is an energy thing, not a ghost thing. All good. "Fight a ghost" stays on the old bucket list.
Demon #18: (In Japanese) [You will break like any man.]
[One of the guy charges in the room with a scythe]
Demon #19: (In Japanese) [Today you die.]
Demon #20: (In Japanese) [What'd he hit us with?!]
Demon #21: (In Japanese) [The boss will not accept defeat!]
Spider-Man: [After he defeats all of them] Whew. That was a work-out.

[Spidey picks up one of the bad guys wooden mask]
Spider-Man: Hm. Looks antique. I think I know someone who can help track down where this came from… [Hears sirens coming] …a job for later. [Leaves]
[The police are here and are already investigating the crime scene]
Rose Rosemann: [Walks up to MJ] I just talked to Craig. You are not the reporter he was sending. You don't even work for Heritage Arts.
Mary Jane Watson: Never said I did. [Hold out her hand] Hi. Mary Jane Watson. Daily Bugle.
Rose Rosemann: You … you will not write a word of what you saw here.
MJ: [She pulls on her camera and begins recording] For the record, what do you know about the file those masked men stole?
Rose Rosemann: That … I don't …
MJ: What about the long history of stolen goods Fisk has laundered at this auction house?
Rose Rosemann: Your editor will be hearing from our attorney.
[As Mary Jane turns off and puts away her camera, she got a text from Peter saying "Hey you OK?" She texted back "Fine But they got away with the file." Peter responds "Sorry. I'll make it up to you. Dinner at Mick's?"]
MJ: Mick's? Like the last six months never happened? (sighs heavily) [She text to him " Sure, see you in a few."]

[Peter and MJ are having dinner at a restaurant called Mick's]
Mary Jane Watson: Since when did Nick's become Italian?
Peter Parker: No idea…but I'm still glad he makes these fries.
MJ: Totally, best in the city.
Peter: So, how's the grind at the Bugle?
MJ: Mm well.. [Looks at her phone] Yeah well, I just got an all-caps text from Robbie about my so-called 'antics' tonight. So, looks like I'll be meeting with the legal team. Again.
Peter: Nah, soon as he reads the article you're gonna write. Guaranteed promotion.
MJ: So. Creepy mask guys. What's your take?
Peter: Just another night in the city. What's your take?
MJ: Hm. I feel like there's a bigger story there… [Pauses] Let's not make this all about business. How's it going with you? Did you get that promotion?
Peter: No, but we're on the cusp of something really big.
MJ: You know Oscorp would hire you in a heartbeat, right? One phone call to Harry…
Peter: Sure. But Dr. Octavius' work will help millions. I'm right where I want to be-- right where I *should* be.
MJ: Almost sounds like it's more important than your other job. I've never heard you talk like that before.
Peter: A lot can change in six months.
MJ: [Pauses] Why did you ask me her, Pete?
Peter: You know, just…um…just dinner between friends.
MJ: Friends. Is that what we are?
Peter: I-I mean we could be. You know. If…if that's what you wanted.
MJ: (sighs) There's a lot of baggage here.
Peter: Yeah sure but, is that so bad? I mean baggage can carry good things too. Like uh--money and uh, keys, and raspberry lip balm.
MJ: Do you remember why we broke up?
Peter: This is a trick question, isn't it?
[Police cars are speeding by them in the window outside]
MJ: Saved by the siren.
Peter: Talk to you later?
MJ: Go.
[As Peter rushes our the restaurant, MJ ponders her opinion about their relationship. As she gets up and heads out too, she is greeted out by Stan Lee as a short order cook]
Short Order Cook: Love seeing you two together again! You always were my favourites.

Main Mission - A Shocking Comeback

Spider-Man: [Calls Yuri] Hey it's me. What's with the units heading down third?
Yuri Watanabe: Looks like our old friend Herman Schltz is at it again.
Spider-Man: Shocker. Didn't he just get paroled?
Yuri Watanabe: Yeah, well, guess it didn't take.
Spider-Man: No worries-- Herman's just a big cupcake. I'll have him back in Ryker's by bedtime. [Hangs up] Just had dinner with my ex after saving her from masked criminals… and now I'm gonna go beat up a maniac who uses shock waves to rob people. What a perfectly normal life you have, Peter Parker.

[On his way to stop Shocker, he gets a call from Dr. Octavius]
Dr. Otto Octavius: Peter, I just want to make sure you haven't left any equipment you've built for your… friend… around the lab. It's no bother to me, but if the grant committee stops by again --
Spider-Man: Don't worry, Doc, I make a point not to leave anything there. But I know my "friend" appreciates you looking out for him. There's a lot of people who don't like him very much.
Otto: That buffoon Jameson and his audience of sheep? Please. The people who do great things in this world are those who don't let bullies like him stand in their way. People like us!
Spider-Man: You said a mouthful, Doc. Take care.

[Spider arrives just as Shocker is about to make his get away]
Shocker: (goans)
Spider-Man: Hi, Herman.
Shocker: Seriously? Grr…

[Spider-Man begins to chase Shocker around the city]
Shocker: Give it up. You're never gonna catch me.
Spider-Man: That's what you said last time.
Shocker: I don't wanna hurt you, it'll just slow me down.
Spider-Man: Wow, that's…considerate.

Spider-Man: What's the money for, Herman?
Shocker: Why do you care?
Spider-Man: Actually, I don't. Just trying to make polite conversation…
Shocker: I'm done talking.
Spider-Man: But this could be so much more rewarding if we connected on an emotional level… Wait, I forgot, you don't have emotions.

Spider-Man: C'mon, Herman. At least talk to me so we can make it interesting. Herman? C'mon. Do you only answer to "Shocker" now? Mister Shocker?

[Spider-Man ketch up and caughts Shocker]
Spider-Man: Gotcha. Now let's talk--
Shocker: I said I'm…*DONE*…*TALKING*!
[Shocker punches Spider on the ground and makes a runs again]
Spider-Man: Noted.

[The chase still continues]
Spider-Man: Honestly Herman, why are you robbing again? You know the police are watching your every move. I mean, we all know you're kinda dumb, but I didn't think you were *this* dumb. You must be desperate. Which means you're not just stealing for yourself. You must be working with someone. Or *for* someone… You can tell me who it is now, or make me punch it out of you later. Your choice!
Shocker: I've said enough.
Spider-Man: Gotta hurry.

Spider-Man: [As Shocker using a full shock wave blast at him] Move-move-move!

[Spider-Man finally caught Shocker and webs his arms to himself and webs him to the ground]
Spider-Man: You know what Herman, you have like zero personality… but your suit is awesome. Can we talk design details? [Shocker struggles] Maybe later.

[Yuri and the cops arrive and are taking Shocker to an holding cell]
Yuri Watanabe: Good work, Spider-Man. Did you learn anything about his motive?
Spider-Man: I tried. But he's not very talkative. Plus, I think he hates me.
Yuri Watanabe: You have that effect on a lot of people.
Spider-Man: But you love me, right Yuri?
Yuri Watanabe: I tolerate you.
Spider-Man: Wow. That might be the nicest thing you've ever said to me.

Main Mission - My Mask

Spider-Man: Looks like I got some free time. Maybe now's a good time to look into that mask. [MJ's calling him] Oh. It's MJ. [Picks up] Hey MJ. You're up late.
Mary Jane Watson: Just catching up on the news-- looks like you had quite an adventure with Shocker tonight.
Spider-Man: Yeah, he was unusually combative. Anyway, thanks again for dinner, what do I owe you?
MJ: How about a favour? You still have that mask from the gallery?
Spider-Man: Yeah. I'm actually on my way to the F.E.A.S.T. Center now to ask Martin Li about it.
MJ: Martin Li? Why?
Spider-Man: He has a degree in Art History. If anyone knows about the origins of that mask, he will.
MJ: Just keep me in the loop. Like I said, I think there's a bigger story here. And I plan to be the one to break it.
Spider-Man: Uh, sure. So I can call you, like whenever?
MJ: Yeah. Whenever, whatever.
Spider-Man: So I guess we're talking again. Cool.

Spider-Man: Almost morning, Mr. Li will be he soon. I could use a snack…
[Spidey sits on the roof of the F.E.A.S.T. Center with a cup of coffee and a bagle, checking his e-mails]

Peter Parker: Mr. Li's usually in his office now.

Peter Parker: You guys holding up all right?
Eileen: This moron thinks I'm gonna move in with my daughter.
Peter: Hey, that'd be great!
Eileen: She hasn't asked. And she's not gonna. I'm not going anywhere.
Cam: You don't know that. Nobody does.
Peter: Well, I'm not going anywhere. That's a promise.

Peter Parker: [Looks at the food on the kitchen table] The partnership with restaurants and grocery stores works great. Any surplus food comes right here.

[Peter knocks on the door as he about to enter Martin's office]
Martin Li: Peter! What can I do for you?
Peter Parker: I'm sorry to bother you, Mr. Li… I have a friend, Mary Jane, she's a reporter … She's doing a story about art imports, and she found this piece… and she wanted an expert opinion on it, and I know you have a degree--
Martin Li: And this might be the first time I actually get to use it. Let's see what you have. [Peter then shows him the wooden mask] Interesting. [Then holds the mask] Where'd she find it…?
Peter: Um…I'm really not sure. Why, what is it?
Martin Li: A replica of an antique Chinese opera mask. I haven't seen one in years. This symbol here roughly translates to "Demon."
Peter: Demon…?
Martin Li: Well, my father read me ghost stories with that mask and symbol in it when I was young. Scared the he'll out of me. [Pauses] Peter, listen. That mask, it's… it could be connected to dangerous people. Mary Jane might want to find a different story.
Peter: You think she's in trouble?
Martin Li: (sighs) I don't know. [Pauses] Why take the risk?

[As soon as Peter steps outside Li's office, he calls Mary Jane]
Mary Jane Watson: Hey.
Peter Parker: The symbol inside the mask means "Demons." It really spooked Mr. Li. Never seen him like that. He even said you should drop the story.
MJ: Fat chance. Do you think Mr. Li knows more than he's letting on?
Peter: No, I think he just had a weird flashback or something. I know his childhood was pretty traumatic…
MJ: Yeah, make sense. Demons, huh? Catchy name. Okay, gotta get writing. See you soon. [Hangs up]
Peter: Well, that went about as well as I could've hoped…

Homeless Woman #1: I never used to feel safe at any other shelter. This one, I've never had a problem.
Homeless Woman #2: There's always someone looking out for us.

[Peter looks at the board where all the communities that support the F.E.A.S.T. Center.]
Peter Parker: You know, the business community's really stepped up… both job training and hiring. Well, most of 'em. Sad not to see Oscorp here.

Homeless Man: I can patch these shoes, they'll last a while yet…

Spider-Man: Got some time to kill before Doc needs me at the lab. Let's do a little spidey-work out in the city.

Main Mission - Day to Remember

[As Peter is heading it of F.E.A.S.T., his Aunt May calls him]
Aunt May: Peter, Mr. Li spoke to me...he seemed worried. Are you into something dangerous?
Spider-Man: Oh, it's just a story Mary Jane's investigation. Don't worry, I'll make sure she's careful.
Aunt May: Please tell me you two are back together.
Spider-Man: We're talking again. Baby steps. I hope I didn't upset Mr. Li.
Aunt May: He's just concerned. I was actually touched by how concerned. I knew he likes you - he admires how dedicated you are to helping others. I think you remind him of himself when he was younger. Both orphans, both so smart...
Spider-Man: Well the admiration's mutual. You've got a good boss, May.
Aunt May': I'll tell him you said so. Love you, Peter. [Hangs up]

[Otto is calling Peter while he swinging for the lab]
Spider-Man: Hello?
Dr. Otto Octavius: Peter, it's Dr. Octavius.
Spider-Man: Oh, hey, what's up?
Otto: Lance Corporal Texidor is here for a fitting.
Spider-Man: I totally forgot! I mean, I didn't forget-forget, I just...uh, I'll be there soon.
Otto: (sighs) This tardiness is starting to become a pattern. Come on, Parker. You're better than this. [Hangs up]
Spider-Man: Ugh, he's right. How did I lose track of time? Grr...

Veteran: How does it work?
Dr. Otto Octavius: Just like a natural arm. You think of what you want it to do, and...
[Through shire will, the veteran picks up the cup with the robotic arm]
Peter Parker: Yes!!
[Both Peter and Otto chuckles of excitement that their project work, when suddenly they were interrupted by a group of people that barged into the lab]
Peter: Hey! Hey! Wh-what do you think you're doing?
City Worker: This site's been declared a safety hazard.
[She hands a clipboard to Peter, while the city workers began confiscating their stuff]
Otto: Stop that right now! This is highly sensitive equipment. That's it. I'm calling the mayor's office directly!
Norman Osborn: Peter Parker! How the hell are you.
Otto: Speak of the Devil.
Peter: Mr. Osborn, what --
Norman: Oh please. How long have we known each other? It's "Mr. Mayor." (jokingly laughs) It's Norman. Norman!
Otto: Norman, what do you think you're doing?
Norman: The grant agreement you signed has strict safety provisions. This isn't your first violation.
Otto: (sighs) Those were excused --
Norman: By me. We should have confiscated this equipment long ago.
Otto: But, but I've had a breakthrough -- [shows him the arm]
Norman: [to the Veteran] (chuckles) Thank you for your great service to our country. These folks will escorted you to Oscorp Robotics, where you'll receive the latest in prosthetics, no charge.
Otto: This isn't about safety infractions, is it?
Norman: I'm trying to help you, Otto. You're free to continue your work... in a secure environment.
Otto: At Oscorp.
Norman: You always were the smartest guy in the room.
Otto: You haven't changed a bit.
Norman: Neither have you. [turns to Peter] Hey, Peter, Harry will be coming back from Europe early next year. Maybe the two of you can start that business you always talked about. This is opportunity knocking.
[Everyone is gone, leaving Otto and Peter alone in the lab]
Peter: Easy, easy, easy. They didn't take everything. Maybe we can start all over--
Otto: Peter... there's no "we." Without the grant from the city, I can no longer pay you. I need some time to think. If I were you... I'd look for a new job.

Main Mission - Harry's Passion Project

[Just outside the lab]
Spider-Man: Wish I could do something to help Doc… maybe call Harry? Ash him to talk to his dad? No… Norman never listens to Harry. Even tried to kill funding for his research stations. Hey. One of those stations is nearby. Should see how they're doing while Harry's in Europe…

[On his way to a research station]
Spider-Man: Must be some way to help Doc… I'll think of something…

[At the research station]
Spider-Man: Harry left me a message about these before he left for Europe…
[Plays Harry's message]
Harry Osborn: Pete, I-I need a favour. My Mom's pet project was research stations that could benefit the public. Now I launched 'em, but now that I'm … away…Oscorp's gonna shut them down unless they prove their value. I was hoping you could watch 'em? I left details in each one. Thanks, man … as long as they're here, it's like part of my mom is too. [Message ends]
Spider-Man: Well, it's not gonna pay the bills, but it sounds like it means a lot to him. I'll do what I can to help.

[Spider enters the station labeled "Snapping up Smog]

Snapping up Smog

This is another of our air quality stations, monitoring contaminants in the surrounding atmosphere. Super important for the city and its citizens … but certain corporate overlords are less than thrilled by the prospect of their pollution output being publicly reported.

[A message from Harry begins as Peter goes through the data]
Harry Osborn: I've got a couple stations measuring air pollution. The idea's to catch…oh, what's the word… contaminants before they reach toxic levels. Between you and me, I think Oscorp wants this to fail 'cause it might show they're polluting. [Message ends]
Spider-Man: The amount of polycyclic hydrocarbons in the air is way too high… and rising. If it keeps getting worse, people could die. The particles are concentrating in trouble spots… like mini-clouds of smog. I'll swing through them and get samples, then trace 'em to the source.

[As Spidey is swinging through the cloud smog]
Spider-Man: Nasty as they are, I gotta swing right through those clouds.

Spider-Man: For these clouds to be visible to the naked eye, the level of toxins must be up there.

Spider-Man: Aaand, gotcha.

Spider-Man: I'm getting some good stuff… well, good samples of bad stuff anyway.

Spider-Man: (coughing) Got it. (coughs)

Spider-Man: (coughing) GAH! It feels like I'm breathing from a tailpipe… (coughs)

[After Spivey collects all the samples]
Spider-Man: Huh. The toxin's coming from two types of cars… and a faulty smokestack. I better get photos. [Snaps camera] Perfect. [Snaps camera] Great light on that one.

Spider-Man: [Snapshot a photo of the smokestack] Best smokestack picture I ever took. The Department of Environmental Protection will take it from here. Maybe I should make a green spider costume for Earth Day.

[After completing the mission]
Spider-Man: Well, Harry's station just stopped a public health crisis. Oscorp's gonna have a hard time arguing it's not useful.

Main Mission - Financial Shock

Yuri Watanabe: [Calling Spidey] Spider-Man. Shocker has escaped. And now he's robbing a bank on East Thirty-First.
Spider-Man: What happened? I thought he was behind bars?
Yuri Watanabe: He was. But one of the guards just walked up to his cell and released him, then gave him his suit back.
Spider-Man: I *knew* Shocker was working for someone. What'd you get out of the guard?
Yuri Watanabe: Wish I could ask him, but he's dead. Whoever made him released Shocker didn't want any lose ends.
Spider-Man: Damn.
Yuri Watanabe: Looking at the security footage, the guard was in some kind of trance. And it might have been the lighting, but it looked like his eyes were glowing.
Spider-Man: Well that's creepy. Okay, I'll see what I can get out of Shocker when I get to the bank. [Hangs up]

[On his way to the bank, MJ calls him]
Mary Jane Watson: Peter, I've been looking into the Demons. Sounds like they've quietly established a power base in the vacuum left by Fisk.
Spider-Man: A vacuum I created by putting Fisk away. Jameson was right, the Demons are my fault.
MJ: What were you supposed to do, let Fisk keep Godfather-ing? Are you okay? You sound even mopier than usual.
Spider-Man: I think I might've just lost my job. The city - Norman, actually - pulled our funding.
MJ: Oh Pete…I'm sorry. If Harry were here he could talk some sense into his dad. You'll find another source. Your work's too important.
Spider-Man: Thanks, MJ. Talk to you soon. [Hangs up]

Main Mission - Wheels within Wheels


Main Mission - Home Sweet Home


Main Mission - Stakeout


Main Mission - Couch Surfing


Main Mission - Straw, Meet Camel


Main Mission - And the Award Goes to…

Rio: There's the stage entrance. And we'll be right out front.
Jefferson: Sounds like a lot of people out there.
Rio: You'll be fine, honey.
Jefferson: The last time I gave a speech, I was in high school. Ms. Steinberg gave me a C minus.
[Miles and Rio both chuckle]
Rio: If only Ms. Steinberg could see you now.
Miles: Hey, you got this, Dad. I mean come on, you saved Spider-Man-- I'm pretty sure that makes you an official Super Hero.
Jefferson: A Super Hero? [Chuckles] Or... maybe I'm just a guy who doesn't give up.
[Rio kisses Jefferson on the cheek and Jefferson begins making his way over to the stage to give his speech]
Rio: C'mon, honey. [Walks off with Miles]

Peter: I'm sorry for your loss.
Miles: Do I know you?
Peter: I'm Peter Parker. I was at City Hall when-- Look... I know you don't know me, but I just wanted to say--
Miles: " I know what you're going through."
Peter: I, uh...
Miles: That's what you were gonna say, right? Orr. "It all gets easier with time." Or, "Don't worry... it's part of God's plan."
Peter: I'm sorry, I was just trying--
Miles: "--trying to help." I know. [Walks off sadly]
Rio: [Approaches Peter] I'm sorry about that. I don't know what I'm gonna do with him. [Begins to follow Morales]

Act II


Main Mission - Dual Purpose


Main Mission - Hidden Agenda


Main Mission - A Fresh Start


Main Mission - Dinner Date


Main Mission - Up the Water Spout…


Main Mission - What's in the Box?


Main Mission - Back in School


Main Mission - Spider-Hack


Main Mission - Uninvited


Main Mission - Strong Connections


Main Mission - First Day

Ernie: Piece of junk!
[Miles turns to see Ernie hitting a TV.]
Ernie: Aw, hell! My dick fell off
Miles: [Approaches Ernie] Uh, you mind if I take a look?
Ernie: Eh?
Miles: Oh, we have a couple of CRT's at school. I know how to fix these when they–
Ernie: CR-what? No, no, you just gotta– [Starts hitting the TV] –smack it a couple times! Get it goin'!
Miles: Or it could be a loose coax cable.
Ernie: Alright, alright. Be my guest, Mister Smarty Pants. Please, go ahead.
[As Ernie picks up his mug from a chair, Miles puts down the coffee pot on the floor. Miles fixes the cable on the TV. The TV shows a news report about Jefferson's death.]
Reporter: Tributes continue to pour in for Officer Jefferson Davis, the hero killed in the City Hall bombing–
[Miles becomes saddened over seeing the new report.]
Reporter: –as reports emerge that he used his own body to shield others in his last moments of life.
[Miles picks up the coffee pot.]
Ernie: [Sitting on the chair] Hey, new kid, I'm empty here.
[Miles pours coffee into Ernie's mug.]
Reporter: Davis is survived by his wife Rio and son Miles, as well as a brother, Aaron. In addition to the praise and condolences from heads of state and celebrities, his fellow officers say Davis' heroic actions were typical of him.
Ernie: Hero? He didn't do nothing heroic except get himself blown up.
Peter: [Approaches Miles and Ernie] Hey, Ernie, I see you've met Miles. He's gonna be helping out around here. You may have heard of his father Jefferson Davis.
Reporter: Captain Yuriko Watanabe called him, quote, "a true hero," the epitome of what every police officer should aspire to be, and one of the finest men I've ever had the honour to work with. Jefferson Davis was a seventeen year veteran of the force, and was awarded several commendations in that time. most recently when he saved innocent bystanders from being run down by an armoured vehicle carrying illegal weapons stolen by the notorious Demon gang.
Peter: Pretty great that even though he's got a lot of stuff going on right now, he decided to come and volunteer. Don't you think?
Ernie: Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Thanks. [Stands up] Uh, listen, kid, I'm– I'm– sorry about your dad.
Peter: Come on, Miles, let's see if Aunt May needs a hand in the kitchen.
[Peter and Miles head into the kitchen.]

Main Mission - Collison Course


Main Mission - The One That Got Away…


Main Mission - Breakthrough


Main Mission - Reflection


Main Mission - Out of the Frying Pan…




Main Mission - Quarantine


Main Mission - Into the Fire

[On the roof.]
Spider-Man: Is May okay?
MJ: Everyone's safe.
Spider-Man: MJ. If it weren't for you and Miles. I would've been–
MJ: –as dead as I would've been the last 8 1/2 thousand times you saved me. Pretty sure I still owe you a few.
Spider-Man: [Chuckles, then groans] That's smart.
MJ: Hey. I'm sorry I screwed things up. It's just– hard being the one who always gets saved, you know? Sometimes I wanna do the saving.
Spider-Man: I'm sorry I made you feel like you couldn't. Still partners?
MJ: Always.

Main Mission - Picking up the Trail


Main Mission - Streets of Poison

[After using the computer to make the antidote, Spider-Man finds himself back in the lab in the real world.]
Spider-Man: I think I did it. [Realizes he is in his boxers] Where'd my suit go? I think I took decontamination a little too far. I'd better put some clothes on.
[A few seconds later.]
Spider-Man: [With his suit on] Much better. Let's just go ahead and forget that ever happened.
[Spider-Man leaves the lab.]

Main Mission - Supply Run


Main Mission - Heavy Hitter


Main Mission - Step Into My Parlour…

[MJ approaches a dresser with a phone.]
Harry: [Through voicemail] Hey, Dad. On my way to Dr. Michael's for one last shot before the, um– the big trip. Uh– Hey, if you're gonna meet there, could you grab my journal from my room? I just wanted to record some thoughts on the big bon voyage day. [Chuckles] Anyway. Listen, I know I don't say this enough, but– thank you, Dad. You know, for doing this. I love you.
MJ: [Touched] Wow. Haven't heard Harry's voice in so long. He sounds so– tired. Let's hope that journal is still here. Gotta check his room.

[MJ walks out into the balcony where she discovers a recorder on a table.]
Norman: [Through recording] Happy birthday, dear. Sorry I'm a little late. It's been a busy month. I miss you, Em– especially today. I've put Harry– I've sent him away, for treatment. We'll fix him, Em. I promise. Development of GR-27 was too slow to save you. It won't fail Harry. I'm keeping his room exactly as it is, ready for when he gets back. The key is with you, Em. I know you'll keep it safe.
MJ: [Confused] Wait. Norman sent Harry away "for treatment"? I thought he went to Europe on his own. What were you hiding from us, Harry?

[MJ walks out into the outdoor pool area.]
MJ: Ugh, Norman would have a pool. New York is about subway rats and street pizza, not sunbathing and umbrella drinks.

[MJ approaches a photo of Norman, Emily, and a toddler Harry.]
MJ: I used to be so jealous of Harry's family. They were so happy. At least, compared to me and my dad. But when Emily got sick– everything changed.

[MJ approaches a photo of herself, Peter, and Harry.]
MJ: Oh, man, look at us. We used to be so carefree. I miss those days.

[After tasering the Sable agent from behind with the stun gun, MJ turns to see the Sable agents running towards her.]
Sable agent: Hey! Boss, we got her!
[MJ throws down a flower shelf in front of the glass door, blocking it.]
MJ: [On her earpiece communicator] Pete, you here?
[The agents shoulder charge against the door.]
Spider-Man: [Over MJ's earpiece communicator] Turning off Lex now. Are you okay?
MJ: [On her earpiece communicator] I will be in a few seconds. Northwest corner.
[As MJ runs to the balcony, Sable approaches the glass door and shoots through it with her blasters. As MJ climbs up on the balcony, Sable and the agents start running towards her.]
MJ: [On her earpiece communicator] Hey, you ready?
Spider-Man: [Over MJ's earpiece communicator] Wait, wait, hold on!
MJ: [On her earpiece communicator] Too late! You're up! [Jumps off the balcony]
[As MJ falls through the air, Spider-Man swings in and catches her.]
Spider-Man: You are crazy.
MJ: You're amazing.
[Spider-Man and MJ swing away.]

Main Mission - Heart of the Matter

Otto Octavius: That look on your face... You can't imagine how satisfying it is. Ready for your final act?

Spider-Man: Thank you.
Silver Sable: Thank me by not dying.

Spider-Man: I need to find Otto. He has the antiserum.
MJ: Maybe you can't. Maybe Spider-Man needs a little help from his friend Peter.

MJ: Go get 'em, Tiger.

Main Mission - Pax in Bello

Silver Sable: I must leave New York. Recent events… give me pause. Your rescue of Osborn, despite his hatred… it affected me. I must return home, reflect on this life I choose.
Spider-Man: Dang… I think I’m gonna miss you and your death troopers.

Silver Sable: I will miss you and your bizarre witticisms, Spider-Man. Until we meet again.
Spider-Man: What a strange, violent lady.

Spider-Man: We did the impossible, Doc. But now I have to destroy it. With a little creation of my own...

Otto Octavius: Now... The truth.
Norman Osborn: The truth? Okay... The truth is, you were only ever worth a damn when you worked for me! The truth is, you could never accept that I'm better than you! You're a failure, Otto! And you always will be!

Spider-Man: Give me the antiserum! Otto. You worked your whole life to help people. Please...
Otto Octavius: You're fighting the wrong man. But have it your way.

Spider-Man: I know your weaknesses!
Otto Octavius: I have no weaknesses!

[Peter's mask has just been damaged, revealing a portion of his face. He hides it away from a rapidly-approaching Octavius.]
Otto Octavius: Such a disappointment... Parker.
[Peter pauses in shock and turns to face him.]
Spider-Man: You knew...?
Otto Octavius: I tried to warn you, Peter. But you didn't listen!
[Peter looks down for a second before meeting Otto's gaze, enraged.]
Spider-Man: You knew!
Otto Octavius: I won't let you win...
[Otto lunges for Peter, who quickly takes a position at the top of the tower.]
Otto Octavius: This means too much to me!
Spider-Man: Not more than it means TO ME!

Spider-Man: Please...! Think of the man you were!
Otto Octavius: That man is gone. You can't save me, Peter!
Spider-Man: Then I guess you'll have to save yourself!

Otto Octavius: You look tired, Parker.
Spider-Man: Not tired! Just hurt.

[Peter makes to grab the antiserum from a prone Octavius, but Octavius grabs Peter's wrist.]
Otto Octavius: Peter... I saw you as a son... I should've known you'd turn on me, just like all the others.
Peter Parker: "Turn"--? "Turn"--? I worshipped you! Your mind. Your conscience, wanting to help others. The way you never gave up!
[Otto pulls Parker closer.]
Otto Octavius: That's because men like us have a duty. A responsibility, to use our talents in the service of others, even if they don't appreciate it! We have to do what's best for those beneath us, whether they understand it or not!
[Peter rips his wrist out of Otto's grasp, clearly distraught.]
Peter Parker: No, you're wrong! You were everything I wanted to be! You just--
[Peter picks up one of Octavius' arms, then throws it on the ground.]
Peter Parker: Threw it away!
[Peter begins to walk away, but Octavius calls out--]
Otto Octavius: Yes, of course! You're right, Peter! I see that now! The neural interface affected my mind! But I can fix it. We can fix it, together. If you'll help me.
Peter Parker: I'll do everything I can. I'll make sure you get the best help--
Otto Octavius: No! If they put me away... they'll take my arms! I'll be trapped in this useless body! Please, Peter... That wasn't me! You said you'd never abandon me. You promised, you remember?
[Peter looks conflicted for a moment. Octavius' face turns sinister.]
Otto Octavius: And, of course, you'll rest easy... Knowing your secret is safe with me.
Peter Parker: ...You do what you think is best, Doc. It's all any of us can.
[Peter walks away.]
Otto Octavius: Peter...?
Peter Parker: [to himself] Even when it hurts like hell.
Otto Octavius: Peter, where are you going? Peter?! PETER!

Spider-Man: You're gonna be okay, ma'am. I've got the cure right here.
May Parker: Take off that mask. I wanna see my nephew.
[Peter complies with tears in his eyes.]
Peter Parker: You knew...?
May Parker: I've known for a while.
Peter Parker: I never wanted you to worry...
May Parker: I did. And I am so proud of you. And Ben would be, too. All the people you've saved...
Peter Parker: I don't know what to do!
May Parker: Yes, you do.

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