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Spirit Untamed is a 2021 American computer-animated adventure film, produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Universal Pictures. It is both a spin-off and a standalone sequel/reboot of the traditionally animated Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002) and loosely based on its Netflix spin-off television series Spirit Riding Free. The film's plot follows a young girl named Fortuna "Lucky" Prescott who moves to the small rural community of Miradero, where she meets the titular wild kiger mustang she names "Spirit" and immediately begins to bond with him.

Directed by Elaine Bogan. Written by Aury Wallington and Kristin Hahn.
Adventure awaits. (taglines)

Lucky Prescott[edit]

  • It's in your heart to run free. It's in mine, too.
  • Is that barn okay?
  • We'll get your family back, Spirit.
  • I just ride a horse but I almost died but I just ride a horse.

Pru Granger[edit]

  • Out here, we call it "hanging for dear life".
  • So, you want us to get on our horses, ride all night to stop a speeding train, take down a band of dirty old thieves, and release a herd of wild horses?
  • Out here, we stick together.
  • Now I decide not to die falling into a canyon, but instead go home and have my dad kill me for even attempting this.

Abigail Stone[edit]

  • Tomorrow, we face our destiny, but tonight, we feast!
  • It's okay. You can't rush these things. I spent a whole week singing to Boomerang before he would let me ride him.
  • I've heard tales. The most treacherous and merciless creatures hiding in the shadows. Creatures you wouldn’t believe! There’s a moose... and he’s a-waitin', but he doesn’t know what he's waitin' for. And they say at the bottom of a bridge is a shifty fox, who's just sitting there being... shifty! And then, there's a possum that just hangs out lighting matches! [laugh manically] Whoa!
  • [sings "Join Up" while playing the ukulele] When the trail gets rough I′ve got my pal and that's enough. Join up, join up. It′s easier than ever when we do the things together. Join up, join up. Heels down in the saddle with my very best friend. Now the beats having someone you can trust to the end! Just listen to each other and together make it through. We join up, join up.


  • This horse got a lot of spirit.
  • Alright, boys, let's round 'em up!
  • These horses are none of your business! But thank you for leading me straight to them.
  • Doesn't that girl ever give up? Get rid of her!


Jim: So, uh, Lucky, how was your first day exploring Miradero?
Lucky: Great! I made some friends. [Cora gasps happily] Well, I hope we'll be friends. One’s kind of shy, and he's a little wild.
Cora: Wild?
Jim: What's his name? Where's he live?
Lucky: His name is... Spirit. We met on the train. Well, outside the train, technically.
Cora: You mean that horse?
Jim: The one in Al's corral? No.
Lucky: No, what?
Jim: You will not go near that horse again. Evers.
Lucky: But why?! It's not Spirit's fault, mom fell off the horse.
Jim: No, no, you don't know what you're talking about! You stay away from that horse. No horses allowed. It's too dangerous.
Lucky: I'm full. [leaves]

Jim: I asked for one thing. One!
Lucky: It was an accident.
Jim: You don't... listen.
Lucky: But…
Jim: You don't listen. That horse doesn't belong to you.
Lucky: He doesn't belong wranglers either! They’re mistreating him and you don't even care!
Jim: This isn't the city! Around here we have different rules.
Lucky: Well, you should change your rules and by the way, you can't just come back into my life and tell me what to do! [marches upstairs]
Jim: You're going back to your grandfather's. [Thief: No!] You'll be safe there.
Lucky: What?! That's not fair!
Jim: I'm getting you two on the next train. No police.
Lucky: I thought Prescotts never give up, but you’re giving up on me, again!
Jim: I'm trying to keep you safe.
Lucky: Sorry to be such a burden! [slams her door]
Jim: [groans]
Thief: trust have grandfather's kill them!

Jim: Lucky?
Lucky: I know. I broke the rules. Your one rule. I'm sorry.
Jim: No. no. no. Lucky, I'm sorry. I should have known how far you'd go to save Spirit. Your mom would have done the same thing.
Jim: I am so proud of you. Now go finish what you started. You're also a Prescott, and Prescotts never give up. [she hug him]
Lucky: Thanks, Dad.


  • Adventure awaits.


  • Isabela Merced - Fortuna Esperanza "Lucky" Prescott
    • Bridget Hoffman (baby)
  • Lucian Perez - Snips Stone
  • Jaxon Andrews - Spirit
  • Jana Kayla Disher - Chica Linda
  • Eleanor "Ellie" Gentile - Boomerang

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