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Spirited Away, or Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (千と千尋の神隠し) is an anime film, first released in Japan in 2001, about a young girl who discovers a fantasy world where spirits live after her parents undergo a mysterious transformation.

Written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki


  • I finally get a bouquet and it's a goodbye present. That's depressing.
  • [before realizing that her parents have become pigs] Come on, quit eating, let's get out of here!
  • I'm see-through!
  • [To Haku, grabbing his arm] No! Don't leave me, I don't want to be alone!
  • It's a bath house...
  • I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming! Come on, wake up! Wake up...
  • [To Yubaba] I'm not leaving until you give me a job!
  • Hey, Lin—what's a foreman?
  • I think he needs help! It looks like there's a thorn in his side!
  • [as Bo is twisting her arm] That hurts! Please, I'll play with you later okay?
  • [To Bo, holding out the palm of her hand, which has blood on it] Germs! See, I've got germs!
  • [To one of Yubaba's shrunken heads] Shut your mouth!
  • Open your mouth... That's it.. [forces Haku's mouth open while he's in dragon form] Got it. Now swallow! [holds his mouth shut as he thrashes around]
  • [approaching a giant No-Face] I was saving this for my parents, but I think you'd better have it. [Throws the leftover medicine into his mouth]
  • Haku, I've just remembered something. I think it might help you...when I was little, I dropped my shoe into a river. When I tried to get it back, I fell in. I thought I would drown, but the river carried me to shore. I think that was you! And I think that your real name is Kohaku river!


  • You shouldn't be here. Get out of here, now!
  • That bird is looking for you, you've gotta get out of here.
  • [To Chihiro, serious expression] I've known you since you were very small. Good luck, and whatever you do, don't make a sound.
  • Don't talk to me. And address me as "Master" Haku.
  • Three days of eating our food and her smell will go away. And if she doesn't work hard, roast her, boil her, do whatever you want. Now get back to work! Where is Lin?
  • Lin: [referring to Chihiro] What? Don't you dump her on me!
  • Haku: You said you wanted an assistant.
  • Meet me at the bridge. I'll take you to your parents.
  • Haku: If you completely forget it, you'll never find your way back home. I've tried everything to remember mine.

Chihiro: You can't remember your name? Haku: No. But for some reason I remember yours.

  • Komaji: Haku? You're alright..
  • Haku: I'm fine. Where is Sen? Did she go somewhere? Can you tell me what's going on?
  • Komaji: You blacked out, remember?
  • Haku: [looks down] Yeah I remember, being in darkness... [realizes] Then I could hear Sen's voice calling out my name, so I followed her voice and the next thing I knew, I was lying here better then ever.
  • [To Yubaba] You still haven’t noticed that something precious to you has been replaced’

  • You did it, Chihiro! I remember. I was the spirit of the Kohaku River!

Chihiro: A river spirit?!

  • My name is the Kohaku River!

Chirio: They filled in that river, it's all apartments now!

  • That must be why I can't find my way home, Chirio. I remember you falling into my river, and I remember your little pink shoe.

Chihiro: So, you were the one who carried me back into swallow waters, you saved me! I knew you were good!


  • Aren't you even going to knock? You're the most patheic little girl I've ever seen.

  • [Upset] Oh, dear, you woke up the baby!
  • Ohh, your name's Chihiro? What a pretty name! [uses magic to steal the kanji of Chihiro's name] And it belongs to ME now.
  • Sen, you did it! We've made so much money!
  • [sounding annoyed] Oh, Haku's bleeding all over the carpet. Get him out of here; he'll be dead soon, anyway.
  • [about to blast No-Face] Enough's enough! I don't care if he's rich. This nonsense has got to stop!
  • [To Haku] Don't get fresh with me, young man.
  • Zeniba?!
  • [to Bo; sounding hurt] But a deal's a deal, sweetie! I get to give Sen one final test!
  • [after Chihiro completes her challenge; huffing] All right, fine, you win. Now get out of my sight!

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