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Spooks Run Wild is a 1941 film about a group of boys at a camp who encounter mysterious activities.

Directed by Phil Rosen. Written by Carl Foreman and Charles R. Marion.


Radio Announcer: We interrupt this program for an important announcement to listeners near Hillside and Colton: All citizens are warned to be on the lookout for The Monster Killer, who is believed to be in this vicinity. This maniac has left a trail of three inhuman murders, and is believed heading upstate. We return you now to your program.
Muggs: Monsters? That don't mean nothing to us. We eat 'em every morning for breakfast.
Glimpy: Bring those monsters on. I ain't ascared of them. I'm anemic. I was taken for a ride once.
Margie: You were?
Glimpy: Yeah. There I was, miles from Time Square - somewhere in Central Park I think - and them gangsters, they had me backed against a tree, and they got machine guns, see, and they went... [makes machine gun noises] And what do you think happened?
Margie: I don't know. What happened?
Muggs and Danny: He got killed.
Glimpy: Fantastic, wasn't it?

Muggs: What're you looking for?
Danny: Remember what we heard on the radio about that... that, that ghoul, that guy that sucks all the blood out of ya?
Muggs: What would he be doin' out here, suckin' the sap out of the trees?
Glimpy: Hey, does the guy really suck all the blood out of ya?
Danny: Yeah!
Glimpy: Well, I got nothin' to worry about, 'cause the mosquitoes got all mine. Ow!
[slaps neck]
Glimpy: That was a Messerschmitt.
Danny: Hey, what if he really was out here?
Muggs: What if you was back home?
Danny: Yeah?
Muggs: Your old man 'ould give you a hit in the head like dat.
[smacks Danny in the head]
Danny: I ain't got an old man.
[smacks Muggs back]
Glimpy: The kid's an orphan.

Muggs: I'm going alone.
Danny: That makes three of us going alone.

Danny: How can you read in the dark?
Glimpy: What'd you say?
Danny: I said how can you read in the dark?
Glimpy: I went to night school.

Glimpy: You know, I milked a cow once. A very intricate affair. You see, a cow's got four faucets.
Danny: What for?
Glimpy: Well, the first faucet is for buttermilk, the second for bottled milk, and the third is for evaporated milk.
Danny: What's the fourth one for?
Glimpy: Come to think of it, this cow only had t'ree.

Danny: I don't like that guy's al'itude.
Muggs: Me, neidder. If anybody thinks I'm gonna stay up here and associate with him and all these cows and chickens, they're crazy.

Danny: Hey, Muggs.
Muggs: What?
Danny: I'm not scared or nothing like that, but... remember what we heard about that... that guy on the radio?
Muggs: So?
Danny: Well, suppose he was prowling around here. Don't you think we ought to stand guard or something?
Muggs: Nah. You just go outside and set a couple of bear traps for him.

[an apparition confronts Nardo]
Apparition: So, you couldn't stay away, could you? The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime.
Nardo: Who... who are you?
Apparition: You don't remember me, but twenty years ago in this very house I was a livin' being. I had flesh on my bones, blood flowed through my veins, but you... you... you scared the health out of me.
Nardo: I was never in this house until tonight. You have made a mistake!
Apparition: It is YOU who has made the mistake, my friend. For years you have wantonly taken the lives of millions; so, tonight I am going to take yours.
[laughs maniacally]


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