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Spy is a 2015 American action spy comedy film starring Melissa McCarthy as a desk-bound C.I.A. analyst named Susan Cooper who transforms into a field agent attempting to foil the black market sale of a suitcase nuke. It was theatrically released on 5 June 2015 and nominated for two Golden Globe Awards.

Written and directed by Paul Feig.
She's finally getting some action. (taglines)

Susan Cooper


Rick Ford


Rayna Boyanov




Zac D Amato": [to Bichir] You no go ket information in bomb per cause did say bas that case, I go to kill"


Bradley Fine: I could kiss you!
Susan Cooper: Oh. [chuckles] Well, I would accept that with an open mouth.

Bradley Fine: Did you wipe your eye after you cleared out the cat box?
Susan Cooper: I don't have cats.
Bradley Fine: Why did I think that?
Susan Cooper: I don't know.
Bradley Fine: You should get some. They're—they're good company.

Rick Ford: What're you gonna do: bring one of your cats as a sidekick?
Susan Cooper: I don't have any cats.

Patrick: And, may I say, it is very brave of you to sacrifice your life for your country.
Susan Cooper: Oh, I'm not sacrifi—I-I'm coming back.
Patrick: Let's see.

Rick Ford: You really think you're ready for the field? I once used defibrillators on myself. I put shards of glass in my fuckin' eye. I've jumped from a high-rise building using only a raincoat as a parachute and broke both legs upon landing; I still had to pretend I was in a fucking Cirque du Soleil show! I've swallowed enough microchips and shit them back out again to make a computer. This arm has been ripped off completely and reattached with this fuckin' arm.
Susan Cooper: I don't know that that's possible, I mean, medically
Rick Ford: During the threat of an assassination attempt, I appeared convincingly in front of Congress as Barack Obama.
Susan Cooper: In blackface? That's not appropriate.
Rick Ford: I watched the woman I love get tossed from a plane and hit by another plane mid-air. I drove a car off a freeway on top of a train while on fire. Not the car, I was on fire.
Susan Cooper: Jesus, you're intense.

Susan Cooper: It probably happens all the time.
Woman: It's never happened before.

Susan Cooper: Oh, my God! Somebody just put something in her drink.
Nancy B. Artingstall: What is it? is it poison?
Susan Cooper: I don't think it's a fibre supplement.

Susan Cooper: I will have the Sapori e Delizie.
Waiter: Right. That is the name of the restaurant.

Susan Cooper: You may never be as wise as an owl, but you'll always be a hoot to me.
Rayna Boyanov: What a stupid fucking retarded toast. You're delightful.


  • One of the guys. One of the spies.
  • She's finally getting some action.


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