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SpyHunter is an enhanced remake and sequel of the 1983 arcade game for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

In the original Spy Hunter, a popular arcade game, the player drives a souped-up spy car with Bond fittings. While the original was viewed from high above, Midway revamped it with next generation graphics and a behind the car view. One of the staff members involved in the game's development was British stand-up comedian Imran Yusuf.

Spyhunter (2002)[edit]

NOSTRA leader: Good evening, gentlemen. You've been summoned here today to discuss the final operations of Operation: Rebirth. So without further delay, it's time to start our new world. All stations are now fully operational. Petra, Venice, French Riviera, Germany, England, United States, and Panama. After each base has completed its operation, we will all meet in Petra where we will all witness the launch of the Four Horsemen. On my command, the strategically placed satellites shall send an electromagnetic pulse that will spread like much needed cure across the globe, leaving the earth's plants completely drained of power. Neither the deepest canyons nor the highest mountains shall be spared. Unfortunately, there is one precaution we must take. Our insider told us that IES is aware of our presence and has sent a spy to stop us. Normally, I wouldn't worry about a single spy, but I have reason to believe that this is the very man who crippled our headquarters and postponed our plans. This will not happen again! We will use our army of agents to eliminate him. Ignorant government agencies don't know who they are dealing with. They will soon understand that this will happen. It has been foretold. It's for the good of all humanity. That is all, gentlemen. When the Four Horsemen ride, darkness will blacken the Earth and then a new king will rise from the ashes.

Spyhunter 2 (2003)[edit]

Spyhunter: Nowhere to Run[edit]

Alex Decker

Looks like I'll just be kickin' your ass in a more... hands on style!

Can you believe I'm here to rotate the tires?


Webster: With Gomez controlling the operation, NOSTRA isn't in the minor leagues anymore. He's recruiting top personnel. Weapon specialists. Soviet spetznas. Scientists. And setting up a network that exceeds well beyond Europe. Armed with a technology, I regret to say, far more advanced than that which is stolen from us!
Alex Decker: :[Comes into the room] Sorry I'm late. :[Sits down in one of the briefing chairs] The traffic was a bitch.
Webster: You said you took care of the scientist.
Alex Decker: No, I said the mission was a success.
Webster: But she's still alive. How the hell IS THAT A SUCCESS!?!?
Alex Decker: Got her phone number.  :[Everyone but Alex and Webster laughs]
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