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Stage Fright is a 1950 film about a woman attempting to help her friend, who has been accused of the murder of an actress's husband.

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Written by Selwyn Jepson (novel Man Running), Alma Reville (adaptation), Whitfield Cook (screenplay), James Bridie (addl. dialog), Ranald MacDougall (uncredited).
Hands that applaud can also kill! (taglines)

Charlotte Inwood[edit]

  • [about her late husband] He was an abominable man. Why do women marry abominable men?
  • [disappointed with the mourning dress she is trying on] Can't you make it... plunge a little in the front?

Wilfred Smith[edit]

  • Every time I'm beginning to think I know what colour your eyes are you disappear!

Commodore Gill[edit]

  • I never hope to be appreciated. Yes, your mother cured me of that. That's why I could never be bothered with your mother.


Eve Gill [as Doris]: I'm afraid the murderer might come here, Madam. Might get into the dressing room. Might even murder me, Madam. I'm surprised you're not a bit afraid yourself.
Charlotte Inwood: The theatre is the last place he would be seen. Now stop acting like a silly schoolgirl. The only murderer here is the orchestra leader!

Eve Gill: There's nothing the matter with your reputation!
Commodore Gill: Oh, indeed? I'd rather flattered myself that there was...

Wilfred Smith: I once had a cousin who had an ulcer and an extremely funny face, both at the same time. Everybody laughed at him when he was telling his symptoms. His name was Jim.
Eve Gill: That must've been terrible!
Wilfred Smith: Oh, I don't know, "Jim" is quite a common name.

Eve Gill: I played the Fourth deadly sin.
Wilfred Smith: Were you good?
Eve Gill: I was... pretty deadly.


  • Love held its breath as sudden terror held the stage!
  • Gripping New Greatness From Warner Bros.
  • Hands that applaud can also kill!


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