Stanisław Leszczyński

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Stanisław Leszczyński

Stanisław Leszczyński (20 October 1677 – 23 February 1766) was King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Duke of Lorraine and a count of the Holy Roman Empire (a rank bestowed by Emperor Frederick III on the Leszczyński family).


  • Presumption should never make us neglect that which appears easy to us, nor despair make us lose courage at the sight of difficulties.
    • "Reflections on different Subjects of Morality, in The Universal Magazine (1765), p. 119.

Maxims and Moral Sentences[edit]

Quotes collected by and reported in Moral Reflections, Sentences and Maxims of François de La Rochefoucauld (New York and London, W. Gowans, 1851), pp. 153-186.
  • It is having in some measure a sort of wit to know how to use the wit of others.
  • Where religion speaks, reason has only a right to hear.
    • No. 2.
  • To make good use of life, one should have in youth the experience of advanced years, and in old age the vigor of youth.
    • No. 4.
  • Long ailments wear out pain, and long hopes joy.
    • No. 8.
  • Reason shows us our duty; he who can make us love our duty is more powerful than reason itself.
    • No. 15.
  • Religion has nothing more to fear than not being sufficiently understood.
    • No. 36.
  • Science when well digested is nothing but good sense and reason.
    • No. 43.
  • Can princes born in palaces be sensible of the misery of those who dwell in cottages?
    • No. 56.
  • To believe with certainty we must begin with doubting.
    • No. 61.

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