Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up

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Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up is a 2006 American direct-to-DVD animated adventure film directed by Jeff Buckland and produced by Cartoon Pizza. It is a feature-film for the animated television series Stanley. The film is notable for being the final film role of actor John Ritter who lends his voice to Great Uncle Stew; Ritter died shortly after recording his lines in September 2003 from aortic dissection, two years before the film's release. The film is dedicated in his memory.

Directed by Jeff Buckland. Written by Sherri Stoner.


Stanley: I looked it up in my Great Big Book of Everything.
Lionel: [rolls eyes] I should have known.

Stanley: I bet cowboys on Dude Ranches didn't have to go to bed at 8:00.
Dennis: Little ones do.
Stanley: Hey, Dennis. I'm confused.
Harry: Join the club, dude!
Elsie: What are you confused about, Harry?
Harry: [clueless] Uh! You name it!
Elsie: [groans] Awww!

Stanley: This is it?
Lionel: Man, this dude ranch looks like a dud ranch.
Mr. Griff: It does seem to have changed a bit.

Stew: I'll be forced to close the ranch.
Rockin' Rory: And I'll be the one to buy it.
Stanley: [gasps]
Rockin' Rory: Ah. I've got me some big plans for this here land. First, I'm gonna bulldoze the whole place. I can see it now. Rockin' Rory's Mega-Parking Lot. Ah. What with my business booming, I need some extra parking spots. Heh heh heh. Well, back to the bank, Jeeves. I feel like countin' my money. Ha! Wait for me! Franks and beans, come back here!

Stanley: What other animals do they have at the dude ranch?
Mr. Griff: They have horses... of courses. Ha ha!

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