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Stanley Francis Rother (March 27, 1935–July 28, 1981) was an American Roman Catholic priest from Oklahoma who was martyred in Guatemala.


  • It could be that the army group here was recalled to help out in El Salvador because the war there is now picking up in intensity. This whole Central American area is in the process of change and if the Governments don't want to do it peacefully, then it will be done by war. It is sad but it has to happen. I haven't been able to confirm the report that the army did move out. Just say a prayer on occasion that we will be safe and still able to be of service to these people of God.

Quotes about Stanley Rother[edit]

  • He was an ordinary man who was a good steward of the gifts God gave him. He cultivated those gifts, those natural talents. They were not necessarily the kinds of talents one would have identified as those of a future saint, but he used those gifts that God gave him faithfully and generously and allowed the Lord to lead him. He said, “Yes” to the promptings of grace in his life and was very generous in his response. So God calls all of us to be holy. All of us are called to sanctity. But the path that each of us walks is uniquely ours.
  • I’m grateful to the Church for recognizing him. I’m proud of him for not giving up, meeting his daily challenges and trusting in God’s promise to give him eternal life. Stanley was one who lived simply, gave his best, and I’m sure has heard the Lord say to him, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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