Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is the third main game in the Star Ocean series. The game was developed by tri-Ace and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 2 console.


Cliff Fittir: Fine with me, but I don't know about Mr. Square; champion of the UP3.
Fayt: Haha, very funny.

Cliff: Hey, don't laugh. I'm actually a bit of an artiste myself, though you wouldn't know it to look at me. Mirage said as much.
Fayt: She did?
Cliff: That's right. She said, "You're the kind of guy who decides with his emotions before using his head." In other words, she thinks I'm an impressionist.
Fayt: I don't think that's what she meant...
Cliff: Yeah, and she also said I'm "Always looking at pretty girls," which I guess is her way of praising my keen sense of aesthetics, don't you think?

[in the dungeon of Airglyph castle, the inquisitor tries to interrogate Fayt has his arms is chained to the ceiling]
Inquisitor: Why don't you just spit it out! Play nice, and we'll treat you right.
Fayt Leingod: ...
Inquisitor: [grabbing Fayt's chin] That thing you were hiding-what waaaaas that? A new Aquarian weapon? Ehh?
Fayt Leingod: [wondering] Aquaria?
Inquisitor: [shouting] Answer the question!
[the Inquisitor punches Fayt's stomach]
Fayt Leingod: Oof!'t know...
Inquisitor: [continuously striking Fayt with his whip] Suuuuure you doooon't! Aahahahaha!
Fayt Leingod: Argh! Oooh...
Inquisitor: Hmm...?
Fayt Leingod: [knocked out]...
Inquisitor: Damn, he fainted on me. And it was juuuuust getting fun! See you again soon, my little kitten! Hahahaha... [to an Airyglyph soldier] You! Throw this one in the cell!
Airyglyph soldier: Yes sir!

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