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Star Wars: Squadrons is a 2020 space combat game set in the Star Wars universe. Set after Return of the Jedi, the campaign alternates between the New Republic's Vanguard Squadron and the Galactic Empire's Titan Squadron, both of which become involved with the Republic's Project Starhawk; Vanguard Squadron wants to ensure its completion, while Titan Squadron attempts to destroy it.

Lindon Javes[edit]

  • TIE pilots push the limits. Sometimes the limits push back.
    • Prologue Mission: Lord Vader's Command
  • Terisa Kerrill was my second in command at FoStar Haven. She was my protege. She's gone from a Coruscant street orphan to captaining her own star destroyer. The Empire gave her everything, and she'll do anything to defend it.
    • Prior to Mission 6: Signal to Noise
  • When I left the Empire, I tried to leave behind their views on morality and certainty. The core of Imperial doctrine is certainty that what you're doing is right. Doubt is seen as disloyalty. Now I understand that you have to look at your decisions with a clear heart, and ask what more you could do-should do. For those who lead, doubt is necessary.
    • Prior to Mission 12: Rally the New Republic

Terisa Kerrill[edit]

  • How could you challenge an Imperial Star Destroyer? [...] This is a futile gesture. You have nowhere to go. And I have no interest in prisoners.
    • To Vanguard Squadron, Mission 7: Into the Abyss
  • Before us is a historic victory... if we have the mettle to seize it. The baradium, the Overseer, even our TIE fighters are only tools. What decides a battle is our will to conquer. That's what the rebels have never understood.
    • Prior to Mission 10: Terisa 's Vengeance
  • The Nadiri Dockyards are burning. Their Starhawk flees before us. Lindon and Vanguard are within our reach. Vengeance is sweet, isn't it? But this is no time to get complacent. I've waited too long to let Lindon slip away again. Admiral Sloane is adamant that the Starhawk be destroyed. But we cannot engage it directly. The tractor beam is too powerful. Instead, we must force them into the Ringali Nebula. There, Vangaurd and their battleship will be erased from history. Our Empire has called us to serve. We cannot fail.
    • Prior to Mission 11: Nowhere to Stand
  • With Vanguard Squadron backed into a corner, Lindon Javes has made his last mistake. We have confirmation that Lindon has joined the fray. That's not all. He's leading the same rebel squadron we decimated at Mon Cala. This is a calculated move. Lindon wants me to do something reckless. He thinks he knows me. But he's wrong. We're not going to take the bait. Titan Squadron will focus on our real target, the Starhawk. Admiral Sloane is counting on us! I wish I could deal with Lindon personally. But a commander's true weapon is a squadron, not a starfighter. Go. Complete your mission. And if you get Lindon in your sights, strike him down once and for all.
    • Prior to Mission 13: Fire in the Heart


Fight. Fall. Get up. Fight again. All for the Empire
  • (War's over, Imp) It's not over yet. Not for me.
    • Varko Grey, reminiscing on the last words of a New Republic pilot, 'Hunted' Trailer
  • Your commander and I have something in common- I once flew for the Empire too. At Skystrike Academy. Turning to the Rebellion was the smartest move I ever made. I wish more of my friends had done the same.
    • Wedge Antilles, prior to Mission 2: The Skies of Yavin
  • Call me Shen. Before you ask, helmet stays on, cockpit or not. Too many hard landings. Broken neck, five, six times. Cybernetics keep me going. Fight. Fall. Get up. Fight again. All for the Empire.
    • Shen, prior to Mission 4: Secrets and Spies
  • Captain Kerrill understands. She doesn't lecture me about 'justifiable force' like my other commanders. She knows all I need is a target. Politics are for admirals. I keep it simple: always shoot to kill.
    • Havina Vonreg, prior to Mission 4: Secrets and Spies
  • The Captain ha a personal stake in project Starhawk. A vendetta with Lindon Javes. Take it from me, nothing motivates like betrayal. I've seen too many good pilots-friends-turn traitor. I put them out of their misery, but there's always more out there.
    • Havina Vonreg, prior to Mission 5: The Trail From Desevro
  • The first crash was hardest. Had to learn breathing, walking... Saw my cockpit in my nightmares. Wasn't personal. A rebel shot me down, my wingmate returned fire. But pain is personal. My team deserved my best. The Empire demanded it. So step by step I conquered pain. I rose-I flew.
    • Shen, prior to Mission 8: Fractured Alliance
  • You know this attack is about more than the Starhawk, Vanguard, or even the dockyards. It represents a strike at everything the 'New Republic' represents-what they think they gained at Endor. New Republic-even the names a joke. The Republic has never been anything but ten thousand squabbling voices. Though after this, they'll be screaming in unison. Lets show the New Republic for the sham it really is.
    • Rella Sol, prior to Mission 10: Terisa's Vengeance
  • You know, after Endor, I wasn't sure about staying with the New Republic. I'd fought the good fight, even shaken that death mark. I didn't see the point in going legit, so to speak. Figured I'd cash out, and get back to doing what I do best. It was Grace who changed my mind. The day I was set to leave, she pulled me aside and told me something I'll never forget. She said I'll miss you Frisk. Back home on Dosh, my clan and I never got along. 'Your too loud Ferrisk. Why don't you like hunting Ferrisk?' As soon as I could fly, I left. Made my own way, on my own. Until I met Vangaurd. The only thing better than pulling one over on the Empire was flying with my Vanguard buddies. But it never occurred to me they felt the same way.
    • Frisk, prior to Mission 12: Rally the New Republic
  • The point I'm trying to make is... whether it's a life or death mission, or just helping a Trandoshan feel at home, we make it work. So yeah, things look bleak. But when Vanguard flies together, there's nothing we can't do. Especially with you around. And if we fail, we fail together. And no-one will ever know because we'll be dead!
    • Frisk, prior to Mission 12: Rally the New Republic
  • I'm so tired of arguments about imperial morality. I've heard pilots question our Empire. They wonder if our methods were right. But they always forget one thing... The simple fact is this. We have the power, so we have determined what is right. When you're out there, never forget that you get to decide who lives and who dies. You've earned that power.
    • Varko Grey, prior to Mission 13: Fire in the Heart
  • Once the Starhawk is gone, we'll be one step closer to ending this war. But the end of the war doesn't mean the end of our duty, does it? Captain Kerrill may be satisfied with destroying the Starhawk, but it's only one ship. Enemies of the Empire exist all across the galaxy. I'll deal with them myself if I have to. Sounds like a good retirement to me!
    • Havina Vonreg, prior to Mission 13: Fire in the Heart


  • Terisa Kerrill: Captain Javes!
    Lindon Javes: Everything ready Lieutenant Kerrill?
    Terisa Kerrill: Squadrons' on their way. They're excited to fulfill Lord Vader's command.
    Lindon Javes: And you? No qualms hunting down refugees from a world we destroyed?
    Terisa Kerrill: During the Iskalon Uprising, you taught me to ignore propaganda. They're traitors, not refugees, and will be dealt with accordingly. I've prepped our usual Sigma 9 loadout.
    Lindon Javes: No. Only standard TIEs today.
    Terisa Kerrill: Flying old-school Sir? This might be a real challenge after all.
    (Kerrill smiles warmly and departs to prep the squadron. Javes, now visibly distraught, looks after her)
    Lindon Javes: You hear me, Terisa. But I don't think you understand me. Guess we'll find out.
    • Prior to Prologue Mission: Lord Vader's Command
  • Terisa Kerrill: (Having just been disabled) All systems down! Those were ion missiles-where the hell did they come from?
    Lindon Javes: Sorry Terisa. After Alderaan, I can't ignore what the Empire's become.
    Terisa Kerrill: Sir-Lindon. What are you saying?
    Lindon Javes: That I don't care who ordered it. I didn't sign up to hurt innocent refugees. And if protecting them makes me a rebel... Then so be it.
    Terisa Kerrill: Dammit! Pilot, see if you can bypass his shutdown. Catch up with that traitor!
    • Prologue Mission: Lord Vader's Command
  • Frisk: I hate these clouds. Who knows what's out there.
    Gunny: We know what's out there. A star destroyer with a Captain who wants us dead.
    Frisk: Real helpful. Thanks Gunny.
    • Mission 7: Into the Abyss
You only see what I've lost. Not what I've saved
  • (The Star Destroyer Overseer is targeting a New Republic Starhawk battleship with barradium missiles)
    Terisa Kerrill: Your people needed you Lindon. But you weren't here. Is there anyone you won't turn your back on?
    (Vanguard Squadron's flagship arrives in system and absorbs the first pair of missiles, shielding the Starhawk)
    Lindon Javes: I'm here now, Terissa. If there's anything you want to say, say it.
    Terisa Kerrill: All stations, fire on that ship!
    • Mission 10: Terisa's Revenge
  • Terisa Kerrill: I won't insult you by asking for your surrender, Lindon.
    Lindon Javes: Terisa... I underestimated you. Not just your talent. Your willingness to be used... By an Empire that will destroy you.
    Terisa Kerrill: You never knew me at all. You failed at Nadiri. Your Starhawk is finished! Was it worth it, Lindon?
    Lindon Javes: You only see what I've lost. Not what I've saved.
    • Mission 13: Fire In the Heart

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