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Star Wars Rebels (2014-) is an animated American TV series which aired on Disney XD, in which a small cell of Rebels work to sabotage the workings of the Galatic Empire on the subjugated planet of Lothal. The timeline and conflict is set between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, as the Rebel Alliance begins to gain momentum.


Season 1[edit]

Spark of Rebellion: Part 1[edit]

Ezra: [amazed] I'm... I'm in space... [a wave of TIE Fighters opens fire] And I'm about to DIE!

Stormtrooper: That thing's not a Wookiee.
Kanan: Haven't you ever seen a rare, hairless Wookiee before?
[Zeb makes a poor attempt at a Wookiee roar and the Stormtroopers look at each other]
Zeb: Aw, forget it! [Zeb proceeds to punch out the Stormtroopers and then speaks to Kanan] Told you they wouldn't buy it.
Sabine: You didn't exactly give them a chance to buy it.
Zeb: Heh. There's just something about the feeling of their helmets on my fists.

Spark of Rebellion: Part 2[edit]

Agent Kallus: [over comlink] I don't know how, but the Rebel ship approached without alerting our sensors.
Ezra Bridger: They came back! [hits his head on the ceiling of the crawlspace] Ow... I don't believe it.
Agent Kallus: Order all stormtroopers to converge on the lower hangar. I'll meet them there.
Ezra Bridger: [clears throat, into comlink] This is Trooper LS-123 reporting intruders in the upper hangar. Sir, I believe the lower hangar is a diversion.
Agent Kallus: Maybe, maybe not. Squads 5 through 8, divert to upper hangar. The rest, converge as ordered.
Ezra Bridger: [to himself] Well, every little bit helps.

Hera Syndulla: [piloting the Ghost, under fire from pursuing TIE fighters] I can't maintain position!
Kanan Jarrus: [taking cover behind some crates with Ezra, Zeb, Sabine and the Wookies as Kallus' troops fire at them] Go! Lead the TIE's away and give yourself maneuvering room!
Hera Syndulla: I am not leaving you behind!
Kanan Jarrus: [pause] No, you're not. We're running a "twenty-two pick-up!"
Sabine Wren: Seriously?
Kanan Jarrus: You got a better option?
Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios: Jump into the pit and get it over with!
Hera Syndulla: Alright, I'll be back. Make sure you're ready!
Ezra Bridger: Twenty-Two Pick-Up? Care to let me in on the secret?
Kanan Jarrus: Kid, I'm about to let everyone in on the secret.
[Kanan jumps over the crates and walks fearlessly towards the stormtroopers; surprised, Kallus gestures for them to cease fire. Kanan removes the two pieces of his lightsaber from his belt, connects them together and ignites it, assuming a warrior stance. As they all realize what Kanan is, Kallus looks shocked, while the Wookies look hopeful; the stormtroopers look at each other uneasily]
Ezra Bridger: [similarly amazed] Wow!
Agent Kallus: [regains his composure] All troopers! Focus your fire on... on the JEDI!

Obi-Wan Kenobi: [recording] This is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. I regret to report that both the Jedi Order and the Republic have fallen, with the dark shadow of the Empire rising to take their place. This message is a warning and a reminder for any surviving Jedi: trust in the Force. Do not return to the Temple; that time has passed and our future is uncertain. We will each be challenged- our trust, our faith, our friendships, but we must persevere, and in time, a new hope will emerge. May the Force be with you, always.

Droids in Distress [1.01][edit]

Agent Kallus: You, Lasat! [draws a weapon identical to Zeb's] FACE ME! [Enraged, Zeb draws his own weapon and charges, brushing aside Kanan and Ezra's attempts to stop him]
Kanan: Wait!
Ezra: ZEB! [Zeb and Kallus duel]
Zeb: Only the Honor Guard of Lasan may carry a bo-rifle!
Agent Kallus: I know! [cackles gleefully] I removed it from a guardsman myself! I was there when Lasan fell! I know why you fear those disruptors...I gave the order to use them!

Kanan: [receiving payment] That's very generous, sir.
Bail Organa: Well, I'm very fond of these droids.
Kanan: Then I'm glad we could return them.
Bail Organa: The simplest gesture of kindness can fill a galaxy with hope.
Kanan: Isn't that a Jedi saying?
Bail Organa: [smiles enigmatically] Safe travels, my friend.

Fighter Flight [1.02][edit]

Ezra: Yeah... about that, uh... [quickly] we stole a TIE Fighter...
Kanan: YOU WHAT?!
Zeb: He's taking it better than I thought...
Kanan: Get RID of it!
Ezra and Zeb: Do we have to?
Kanan: [sighs] At least tell me you dismantled the locator beacon?
Zeb: [nervous laughter] Of course... we're not fools... [whispering to Ezra] Under there, the red one. No, wait! The blue!
Ezra Bridger: Well, which one?!
Kanan: [annoyed] It's the red and the blue!

Rise of the Old Masters [1.03][edit]

[Upon finding that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, whom the rebels believed alive, is in fact long dead]
Ezra: What happened to her? I don't understand.
Inquisitor: No? It doesn't seem complicated. I am the Inquisitor. Welcome. Yes, I'm afraid Master Luminara died with the Republic, but her bones continue to serve the Empire, luring the last Jedi to their end.
Ezra: Spectre-3, come in! It's a trap! [Ezra's radio emits nothing but static]
Inquisitor: There will be no reinforcements. [Kanan and the Inquisitor ignite their lightsabers and duel; the Inquisitor quickly gets the upper hand] seems you trained with Jedi Master Depa Bilaba.
Kanan: [shocked] How...? Who are you?
Inquisitor: The Temple records are quite complete; in close quarter fighting, Bilaba's emphasis was always on Form III...which you favor to a ridiculous degree. Clearly you were a poor student.

Inquisitor: The Jedi are dead, but there is another path...the dark side!

Inquisitor: Your master cannot save you, boy. He's unfocused and undisciplined.
Ezra Bridger: Well then we're perfect for each other!

Ezra Bridger: [to Kanan upon seeing the Inquisitor's rotating dual-bladed lightsaber] Does yours do that?

Breaking Ranks [1.04][edit]

Out of Darkness [1.05][edit]

[Zeb and Ezra have just discovered a mistake on their part has put Hera and Sabine in trouble]
Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios: This is your fault! You and Chopper!
Ezra Bridger: You were the one running the diagnostic; you should have checked!
Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios: I'll check you, right into the wall!
Ezra Bridger: We have to tell Kanan, but don't tell him it's our fault! [Ezra and Zeb burst into Kanan's room]
Ezra and Zeb: Kanan-! [Kanan holds up a hand to stop them]
Kanan Jarrus: Hera and Sabine are in danger.
Ezra Bridger: [impressed] Wow, how could you tell? Could you sense it?
Kanan Jarrus: No...I could hear you two yelling outside the door!

[Hera and Sabine are being attacked by vicious creatures]
Sabine Wren: They just keep coming!
Hera Syndulla: Tell me something I don't know!
Sabine Wren: We're going to die!
Hera Syndulla: That's no secret!

Empire Day [1.06][edit]

[The rebels have found Tseebo, a Rodian fugitive and old friend of Ezra's family]
Ezra: Tseebo went to work for the Imperial Information Office after the Empire took my parents away.
Kanan: Your parents? You never told us--
Ezra: What's to tell? They've been gone for eight years; I've been on my own since I was seven.
Kanan: Ezra, you okay?
Ezra: I'm fine.
Kanan: I told you, sometimes you have to let your guard down.
Ezra: [brusquely] I said I'm fine. [Ezra leaves the room]
Tseebo: Ezra Bridger, son of Ephraim and Mira Bridger, born fifteen years ago today.
Sabine: [gasps] Empire's Ezra's birthday.

Gathering Forces [1.07][edit]

Ezra: [defending an unconscious Kanan from the Inquisitor] You're not going near him! [The Inquisitor disarms Ezra easily and advances on him with lightsabers drawn]
The Inquisitor: I believe I am; in fact, it's time to end both Jedi and Padawan...for good! Your devotion to your Master is admirable, but it will not save you...nothing can! [The Inquisitor pushes Ezra back to the edge of a cliff with the Force]
Ezra: [angrily] Get back!
The Inquisitor: [grinning] Ah yes, good, unleash your anger! [chuckles] I will teach you what your Master could not.
Ezra: You don't have anything to teach me!
[The Inquisitor: The darkness is too strong for you, boy; it is swallowing you up, even now.
Ezra: [afraid] No...!
The Inquisitor: Your Master will die...
Ezra: No!
The Inquisitor: Your friends will die, and everything you've hoped for will be lost! This is the way the story ends!
Ezra: NO!

Path of the Jedi [1.08][edit]

Kanan: You lost focus.
Ezra: [having been scared by the desiccated corpses of several Jedi] Well, dead guys are distracting!

Yoda: [to Ezra] Ahead of you, a difficult path there is, Padawan. A Jedi, you may yet be.

Yoda: [to Kanan] A dangerous time this is for your apprentice, for you.
Kanan Jarrus: I know, I can sense it. I feel as if his abilities are growing faster than I can teach him.
Yoda: You sense? Or you fear?
Kanan Jarrus: I lost my way for a long time, but now...I have a chance to change things.
Yoda: Last chance.
Kanan Jarrus: I won't let him lose his way...not like I did.

Idiot's Array [1.09][edit]

Kanan Jarrus: What is going on out here?!
Ezra: It's a... um...puffer
Kanan: [takes one look at the situation] I don't wanna know.

Vision of Hope [1.10][edit]

[Ezra has just received a prophetic vision]
Kanan Jarrus: Look Ezra, just because you want something to happen, doesn't mean it's going to.
Ezra Bridger: But it might! [Zeb whacks him on the head] Ow! What are you doing?!
Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios: [snickers] Helping you to hone your Jedi powers! Why didn't you see that coming?
Ezra Bridger: It doesn't work that way...[Sabine punches him in the shoulder] Ow! Stop!
Sabine Wren: Maybe if we keep trying...!

Ezra Bridger: What's wrong with us?
Hera Syndulla: We have hope; hope that things can get better. And they will.

Call to Action [1.11][edit]

[Grand Moff Tarkin's shuttle arrives on Lothal, greeted by Minister Tua, Agent Kallus and the Inquisitor]
Minister Tua: Ah, Grand Moff Tarkin, I am honored by your visit to Lothal!
Grand Moff Tarkin: [disdainful] My visit is hardly an honor, Minister.
Minister Tua: I admit I was surprised to learn you were coming...
Grand Moff Tarkin: And I too have been surprised, by what is happening on your little backwater world!
Minister Tua: [nervous] If you are referring to the insurgents-
Grand Moff Tarkin: In the absence of Governor Pryce, you have had a single, simple objective, Minister; to protect the Empire's industrial interests here, interests that are vital to our expansion throughout the Outer Rim. But instead of protecting those interests, you have allowed a cell of insurgents to flourish right under your nose. Am I correct? [Tua stammers and coughs for an explanation. Tarkin turns his attention to Kallus] And Agent Kallus, have you just stood idly by while this rabble have attacked our men, destroyed our property and disrupted our trade?!
Kallus: [abashed] I have exhausted every resource to capture them, sir. This group has proven quite...elusive.
Minister Tua: It's said their leader is a Jedi...
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin: [disparagingly] Ah, yes, let us not forget the sudden appearance of a Jedi, as if leaping from the pages of ancient history! [regards the Inquisitor and adopts a sarcastic tone] A shame we don't have someone who specializes in dealing with them, otherwise our problem might be solved. [The Inquisitor scowls at the criticism. Tarkin rolls his eyes] Minister, have you ever met a Jedi?
Minister Maketh Tua: No, I-
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin: I actually knew the Jedi; not from the pages of folklore or children's tales, but as flesh and blood. And do you know what happened to them?
Minister Maketh Tua: Well, there were rumors-
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin: They died! Every last one of them. So you see, this criminal cannot be what he claims to be, and I shall prove it!

[Aresko and Grint arrive at Tarkin's office]
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin: Gentlemen, sit. I understand you have experience dealing with these insurgents?
Commandant Aresko: Yes, sir.
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin: And your efforts have been less than successful?
Commandant Aresko: [stammering] Well, I...I, er, wouldn't say- [the Inquisitor moves to stand behind Aresko and Grint]
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin: Commandant, if your efforts had been successful, we would not be having this little chat. Now, when was the last activity reported?
Taskmaster Grint: Sir, we personally responded to an attack last night on one of the outlying towns.
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin: And the details of this attack?
Commandant Aresko: Nothing of note. The insurgents stole some supplies and escaped on speeder bikes. No casualties.
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin: Ah, but you see, Commandant, there is something of note in that report; no casualties. Your rebel cell is more principled than others.
Taskmaster Grint: Others, sir? You mean there are other cells?
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin: Cells, factions, tribes; call them what you will. They lack the one thing that would make them a credible threat to the Empire...Unity. While your cell seems uninterested in violence, it does present a specific threat; the Jedi.
Commandant Aresko: We have encountered him, sir, and he does live up to their reputation.
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin: Oh, I doubt that very much, but I am not concerned with his skills as a warrior; I am concerned with what he represents, or perhaps I should say, I am concerned with what you allow him to represent by failing to stop him: Hope. There are whispers of this alleged Jedi in the streets; in time, such whispers might spark belief in something other than the strength and security of the Empire, and that, gentlemen, is something I cannot have. [The Inquisitor ignites his lightsaber and decapitates Aresko and Grint. Agent Kallus starts in shock while Minister Tua gasps in horror at the execution, but Tarkin is unconcerned] Make no mistake; from now on, failure will have consequences. Agent Kallus! You will dispatch probe droids to every known location of insurgent activity on Lothal. We will discover the whereabouts of these criminals, and we will make examples of them!

Rebel Resolve [1.12][edit]

[The group have been searching for intel on where the captive Kanan is being held]
Sabine Wren: Kanan is being held on Governor Tarkin's Star Destroyer, the Sovereign. It's still above Lothal, but it's scheduled to leave soon.
Hera Syndulla: Where to?
Sabine Wren: The Mustafar system. I've never heard of it. Hera?
Hera Syndulla: [sighes] I've only heard that name once, from Kanan. He said Mustafar is where Jedi go to die.

Fire Across the Galaxy [1.13][edit]

Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios: [upon seeing the TIE Fighter they plan to use to infiltrate Kanan's prison, heavily graffitied by Sabine] This plan's as crazy as those colors!

Kanan Jarrus: I know nothing of a larger rebellion, and if I did, I'd rather give my life than tell you!
Inquisitor: So heroic...just like your master. Tell me, Jedi, how did you survive Order 66, hmm? It was your Master, Bilaba, who laid down her life for yours. Do you remember her last word to you, her last and final breath before she died? You do, don't you? You see it in your sleep, you hear her voice when you wake. Tell me, Jedi, what was her last word to you?
Kanan Jarrus: [anguished] Run.
Inquisitor: And does your loyal and precious crew know you ran as your Master fell? Abandoned her and the Jedi Order, when they needed you most? [Kanan looks ashamed] What do you think your rebels would do, if they knew their leader was a coward? You're even afraid of your own power; you don't have the courage to wear your false saber out in the open! Let me tell you something,'re right to be afraid! You couldn't save your Master then, and you can't save your followers now!

Inquisitor: [dueling Kanan and Ezra simultaneously] At last...a fight that might be worthy of my time!

[Kanan believes the Inquisitor has killed Ezra]
Kanan Jarrus: That was a mistake.
Inquisitor: Why? Because you have no one left to die for you?
Kanan Jarrus: No...because I have nothing let to fear!

Kanan Jarrus: [dueling the Inquisitor after Ezra's "death"] You were right: I was a coward. But now I know there is something strong than fear. Far stronger: the Force. [The Inquisitor spins his lightsaber in defense.] Let me show you how strong it is. [Kanan places both his blades inside the spinning ring of the Inquisitor's dual lightsabers. The Inquisitor realizes what is happening as Kanan brings both lightsabers up, destroying the weapon and making his opponent fall off the ledge where he hangs on. The severed blades fall and hit the reactor which starts to explode.]
The Inquisitor: [Looking up to find Kanan holding both lightsabers at his throat] You have no idea what you've unleashed here today. There are some things far more frightening than death. [The Inquisitor lets go of the ledge, falling to his death in the exploding reactor as a shocked Kanan looks on.]

Season 2[edit]

The Siege of Lothal[edit]

Minister Tua: [fuming] Agent Kallus, I've exhausted every resource to find information about the rebels, but there is nothing to be found! What more does Governor Tarkin expect?
Agent Kallus: He expects Lothal to be punished, Minister Tua. His own Star Destroyer was demolished by these rebels; he takes that somewhat...personally.
Minister Tua: I've doubled patrols, set up checkpoints, established curfews; I honestly don't know what else to do.
Darth Vader: Perhaps that is the problem; you lack imagination, Minister, when it comes to producing results.
Minister Tua: Lord Vader, with all due respect, you and Governor Tarkin are asking for miracles! If the rebels have left Lothal-
Darth Vader: If the rebels have left, then we must draw them back, and if they are here, we must draw them out. We will squeeze Lothal, until someone reveals the whereabouts of these traitors.

Kanan: After this mission, I want us to go back on our own. Fighting alongside soldiers isn't what I signed up for.
Hera: You seem to be forgetting these soldiers helped save your life!
Kanan: And I'm grateful, but that doesn't mean I want to join their little army. When you and I started together, it was rob from the Empire, give to the needy: a noble cause. Now, we're getting drawn into some military thing, and I don't like it.
Hera: We are fighting a bigger fight, but it's still the right fight.
Kanan: I survived one war; I'm not ready for another one. I saw what it did.
Hera: To the Jedi?
Kanan: To everyone.

Darth Vader: [to Ezra] Your master has deceived you into believing you can become a Jedi.

Sabine: You know what I do in hopeless situations?
Zeb: [laughs] Yeah, blow stuff up!

Agent Kallus: [triumphant] With their command ship destroyed, the rebel fleet is shattered; you have them on the run-!
Darth Vader: [brusquely] Clear the bridge. [Kallus and the remaining Imperials vacate the bridge. Vader goes to one knee as a holographic transmission begins]
Emperor Palpatine: Lord Vader, have you dealt with the rebels in the Lothal system?
Darth Vader: Yes, Master. They are broken.
Emperor Palpatine: And yet, I sense in you something...more to your victory.
Darth Vader: I believe the apprentice of Anakin Skywalker lives, and is in league with these rebels.
Emperor Palpatine: [surprised] Are you certain?
Darth Vader: It was her.
Emperor Palpatine: This is an opportunity we cannot let pass. Skywalker's apprentice could lead us to other lost Jedi.
Darth Vader: Such as Kenobi.
Emperor Palpatine: Perhaps, if he lives. Be patient, my old friend. For now, dispatch another Inquisitor to hunt them down.
Darth Vader: [bows head] As you wish, my Master.

The Lost Commanders [2.1][edit]

[Ezra confronts Kanan about his distrust of Rex and the clones]
Ezra: Okay, you don't trust these clones, but they haven't done anything--
Kanan: You don't understand- they're dangerous. They could--
Ezra: They could what?! Rex doesn't seem bad at all. Ahsoka said to trust him; you trust her, don't you?
Kanan: [angry] You weren't there! You weren't even born!
Ezra: [confused] What are you talking about?
Kanan: [curtly] I don't feel like discussing it. [Ezra turns to leave; Kanan lets out a bitter sigh and starts talking] It was at the end, the end of the war. Our fellow soldiers, the clones, the ones we Jedi fought side by side with suddenly turned and betrayed us. I watched them kill my Master! She fought beside them for years and they gunned her down in a second! Then they came for me. Later, they said they had chips in their heads that made them do it, that they had no choice.
Rex: [reveals himself in the doorway] I didn't betray my Jedi. [indicates a scar on his temple] Wolffe, Gregor and I all removed our control chips. We all had a choice.

Relics of the Old Republic [2.2][edit]

Kanan: Give me some good news; has the Empire showed up yet?
Hera: I'm a little busy finishing repairs on the Ghost, but Chopper's been scanning; so far, nothing. [At that moment, an Imperial Star Destroyer emerges from hyperspace. Hera groans in annoyance] Just had to say it...!

Agent Kallus: This image was taken by one of our probe droids; it clearly shows you harboring known rebels. Now surrender them or be destroyed!
Rex: If it's a fight you want, I hope you brought a better class of soldier than those...[disparagingly] "Stormtroopers".
Agent Kallus: They serve the Empire well, and I have a great many of them!
Rex: You're gonna need all of them.
[The new Inquisitor, the Fifth Brother, emerges from his shuttle aboard Kallus's Star Destroyer]
Admiral Konstantine: Inquisitor, I thought Lord Vader was coming aboard. I wasn't aware that you-
Fifth Brother: Lord Vader has sent me in his place.
Admiral Konstantine: [annoyed] Well this unnecessary diversion may have compromised the success of Agent Kallus's mission! We must return-!
Fifth Brother: I care not for your struggles. I will succeed where you and Kallus have failed.

Always Two There Are [2.3][edit]

[Ezra and Sabine encounter the Seventh Sister for the first time]
Seventh Sister: I've been searching for you for some time.
Ezra Bridger: A bounty hunter?
Seventh Sister: Guess again! [ignites her lightsaber]
Ezra Bridger: [gasps] You're an Inquisitor?!
Seventh Sister: Oh good, I won't have to explain it to you! [She goes en garde] So, you know what comes next?!

Seventh Sister: You handle a lightsaber well, apprentice.
Ezra Bridger: Well, I've got some time if you wanted a lesson.
Seventh Sister: You have great potential, but perhaps it is I that might teach you, as your Master never achieved the rank of Jedi Knight, did he?
Ezra Bridger: Maybe not, but he took out the last Inquisitor, so I think I'll just stick with him!
Seventh Sister: Yes, the death of the Grand Inquisitor was a surprise to all, yet it does present the rest of us with new opportunities. There are many hunting you now, all intent on killing you and your Master. Does that frighten you?
Ezra Bridger: [scoffs] If you were going to kill me, you'd have already done it.
Seventh Sister: Kill you? I have no plans to kill you...yet.
Zeb: [talking to Chopper after Ezra and Sabine have been taken prisoner by the Inquisitors] Truth is, I don't really stand a chance going in alone, much less with you. But if we leave this space station, we will never see those kids again; I came here with them, and I am not leaving without them!

Brothers of the Broken Horn [2.4][edit]

Hondo: [catching a briefcase full of credits] I'm rich! [sees he's on a conveyerbelt about to hurl him into space] I'm dead!

Wings of the Master [2.5][edit]

Blood Sisters [2.6][edit]

Stealth Strike [2.7][edit]

Ezra: Don't worry, I've got this!

Future of the Force [2.8][edit]

[The Inquisitors have just interdicted a civilian ship]
Pilot: This is a civilian ship! We were granted clearance to take off-!
Seventh Sister: It's been cancelled! [she pins the pilot to the wall with a droid]

Zeb: [sees a droid get smashed to pieces by the Inquisitors hunting for the baby he took from it] Uh oh, that's not good. [The child in his arms cries, alerting the Inquisitors to their prey] That's really not good!

Seventh Sister: Ah, Kanan Jarrus! You've crawled out of last! [ignites her lightsaber]

Seventh Sister: Your capture will please Lord Vader!
Ahsoka: [Making her escape] Tell your master he'll have to wait!

Legacy [2.09][edit]

A Princess on Lothal[edit]

The Protector of Concord Dawn[edit]

Legends of the Lasat[edit]

The Call[edit]


The Honorable Ones[edit]

Shroud of Darkness[edit]

[Ahsoka meditates in the Jedi Temple on Lothal. She hears the voice of her former master, Anakin Skywalker]
Anakin Skywalker: Ahsoka.
[Ahsoka looks around, then returns to meditating. Anakin speaks to her again]
Anakin Skywalker: Ahsoka. Why did you leave? [A vision of Anakin appears behind Ahsoka] Where were you when I needed you?!
Ahsoka Tano: I made a choice. I couldn't stay!
Anakin Skywalker: You were selfish!
Ahsoka Tano: No! [tears forming in her eyes]
Anakin Skywalker: You abandoned me! You failed me! Do you know what I've become?! [The vision of Anakin has become one of Darth Vader]
Ahsoka Tano: [quietly] No! [Ahsoka screams, turns, and swings at the air with her lightsaber. The vision has disappeared]

The Forgotten Droid[edit]

The Mystery of Chopper Base[edit]

Ezra:[to Zeb over communication link] That's great, Zeb. I'm going to get eaten, the last Jedi in the galaxy, chopped up by some crawlers, because [begins yelling and causes Sabine to jump] you were too afraid to go outside!

Twilight of the Apprentice Part 1[edit]

Ezra: Were you a Jedi?
Old Master: No, no, no but I was once a Force-wielder long ago, long, long ago.
Ezra: Then you're a Sith!
Old Master: The Sith...the Sith took everything from me! Ripped me from my mother's arms, murdered my brother, used me as a weapon and then cast me aside! Abandoned me! Once I had power, now I have nothing. Nothing.

Old Master/Maul: Your anger is a wellspring; you must use it.
Ezra: But a Jedi is never supposed to act out of emotion.
Old Master/Maul: Your passions give you strength and through strength you gain power. You have seen it, you feel it. You must break your chains.

Old Master/Maul: Unless you take risks, do what must be done, there will always be limits to your abilities.

Twilight of the Apprentice Part 2[edit]

Maul: [talking to Ezra after he showed reluctance to kill the Seventh Sister] The next time you hesitate like that, it may cost you your life...or the lives of your friends.

Ahsoka Tano: If you want to finish our fight, you'll have to deal with him first.
[Maul turns to see Kanan, now wearing an old Jedi Temple Guard mask over his face]
Kanan Jarrus: [to Ahsoka] Go get Ezra!
[Ahsoka runs up the stairs toward the top of the Temple]
Maul: I will make this quick.
Kanan Jarrus: You had your chance.
[Maul moves slowly, with Kanan using the Force to sense his enemy's movements. Maul attacks, but Kanan quickly defeats him and sends him hurtling off the side of the Temple]

Darth Vader: You have unlocked the secret of the Temple. How did you accomplish this?
Ezra Bridger: You're smart, figure it out!
Darth Vader: No matter. The power within will soon serve the Emperor.
Ezra Bridger: I don't fear you!
Darth Vader: Then you will die braver than most.
[Darth Vader clashes with Ezra several more times before he destroys Ezra's lightsaber. Ezra stumbles to the ground; he looks down at the remains of his lightsaber, then back up at Vader]
Darth Vader: Perhaps I was wrong. [Vader raises his lightsaber to kill Ezra]
Ahsoka Tano: It wouldn't be the first time!
[Darth Vader turns to see Ahsoka]
Darth Vader: It was foretold that you would be here. Our long-awaited meeting has come at last.
Ahsoka Tano: I'm glad I gave you something to look forward to.
[Darth Vader deactivates his lightsaber]
Darth Vader: We need not be adversaries. The Emperor will show you mercy...if you tell me where the remaining Jedi can be found.
Ahsoka Tano: There are no Jedi! You and your Inquisitors have seen to that!
Darth Vader: Perhaps this child will confess what you will not.
Ahsoka Tano: I was beginning to believe I knew who you were behind that mask, but it's impossible. My master could never be as vile as you!
Darth Vader: Anakin Skywalker was weak. I destroyed him.
Ahsoka Tano: Then I will avenge his death!
Darth Vader: Revenge is not the Jedi way.
Ahsoka Tano: I am no Jedi!

[As Vader tries to use the Force to take the Sith Holocron from Ezra, Ahsoka attacks him from behind; Vader turns to face her and Ahsoka slashes him across the face, knocking him down]
Ezra Bridger: Ahsoka! Come on, hurry!
Darth Vader: [slightly distorted] Ahsoka.
[Ahsoka, surprised, turns to face Darth Vader. Part of his mask has been destroyed, revealing part of Anakin's face]
Darth Vader: [Anakin's voice] Ahsoka.
Ahsoka Tano: Anakin. I won't leave you! Not this time.
Darth Vader: Then you will die. [ignites lightsaber]

Season 3[edit]

Steps Into Shadow[edit]

Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin: Governor Pryce, how are things proceeding on Lothal?
Governor Arihnda Pryce: Lothal is secure, Moff Tarkin, but I am here because of the recent Rebel attack at the prison on Naraka, which I believe is only the beginning of a larger Rebel threat.
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin: I am inclined to agree. Although Lord Vader has dealt with the insurgency's Jedi leadership, these rebels have proven particularly stubborn. How do you intend to solve this problem?
Governor Arihnda Pryce: I want the Seventh Fleet.
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin: I see. And what of Admiral Konstantine and his fleet?
Governor Ahrinda Pryce: Admiral Konstantine is more politician than soldier. I need someone who sees a larger picture.

Governor Ahrinda Pryce: Grand Admiral Thrawn believes the Rebels intend to raid the plant, and steal fighters for their fleet.
Grand Admiral Thrawn: Every ship they add to their arsenal increases the threat to our own armada and the Emperor's plans.
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin: I trust you have a solution.
Grand Admiral Thrawn: I will start my operations here and pull the Rebels apart, piece by piece. They will be the architects of their own destruction.

The Holocrons of Fate [3.1][edit]

Bendu: Once something is known, it cannot be unknown.

[Maul and Ezra use the Sith and Jedi Holocrons to gain greater knowledge. They sit across from each other peering into the bright light created by the two Holocrons.]

Maul: I see … nothing! Only oblivion. I must go deeper! Deeper!
Ezra Bridger: Wait … I see something …
Maul: What do you see? What is it?!
Ezra Bridger: I see …
Maul: Tell me! Tell me what you see!
Ezra Bridger: I see …
Hera Syndulla: Ezra! [the light from the Holocrons increases. The Ghost crew is blinded] It’s too bright! Where is he?
Kanan Jarrus: [removes his face mask, and sees Maul and Ezra standing out against the light] Ezra! I see him! Maul’s close! I’m going to get Ezra out! Be ready!
Hera Syndulla: Wait, you see him?! Kanan!
Kanan Jarrus: Ezra! Ezra, listen to me! Look away!
Ezra Bridger: Kanan?
Maul: No! Stay focused, apprentice. Gain the knowledge you desire.
Kanan Jarrus: Remember Bendu’s warning! Turn away before it’s too late!
Ezra Bridger: It’s so close. The key to destroying the Sith is just a little farther.
Maul: I see him!
Ezra Bridger: Twin suns
Kanan Jarrus: It’s not worth it Ezra! Trust me.
[Ezra begins to look away. As he does, the Holocrons pull slightly apart from each other]
Maul: NO!
[An explosion of light from the Holocrons forces all occupants of the room back. The Holocrons float down to the floor, shattered glass around them. The crew of the Ghost starts to get up. Sabine Wren looks around.]
Sabine Wren: Where’s Maul?!
[Maul, disoriented, makes his way to his ship, laughing softly and maniacally]
Maul: He lives! [still laughing, Maul enters the cockpit of his ship and sits down] He lives! [Maul pilots his ship away from the station]

The Antilles Extraction [3.2][edit]

Rake Gahree: Yeah, and all of ours.

Hera's Heroes [3.3][edit]

Grand Admiral Thrawn: [interrogating Hera] War. It's all you've ever known, isn't it? You were so young when you survived the Clone War: no wonder you are as equipped in spirit to fight as well as you do. War is in your blood. I studied the art of war, work to perfect it, but were forged by it.
Captain Slaven: [confused] Sir, she's just a peasant-!
Hera Syndulla: It doesn't matter where we come from, Admiral: our will to be free is what's going to beat you!
Captain Slaven: [outraged] You, you dare-!
Grand Admiral Thrawn: Please, Slaven, you embarass me in front of our host.
Captain Slaven: Host? What?!
[Thrawn points to a mosaic painting on the wall, indicating the Twi'lek family that originally owned the mansion.]
Grand Admiral Thrawn: May I introduce Hera Syndulla, Rebel pilot, freedom fighter and military leader. Daughter of your nemesis, Cham Syndulla.

The Last Battle [3.4][edit]

Hera Syndulla: You're sure you don't need help?
Kanan Jarrus: I'm sure everything will go horribly wrong.

[Kanan, Ezra, Rex and Zeb have been trapped in a ray shield and are surrounded by battle droids]
Battle Droid: [receiving orders] Uh huh. Roger, roger.
Ezra Bridger: Wait - who's Roger?

Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios: Looks like my friends are doing pretty good. You might as well surrender now.
Kalani: I am not programmed to comprehend your humor.
Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios: I wasn't joking.
Kalani: Ha. Ha. Ha.

Rex: We don't have the firepower to take on walkers.
Kanan Jarrus: What about the bombs we came here for?
Kalani: We have no cannon to fire the shells, otherwise I would have used them on you.
Kanan Jarrus: [wryly] Oh, thanks.
Ezra Bridger: We're running out of time.
Rex: Ah! We roll them - the proton bombs. We roll them across the hangar into the feet of the walkers, and then we blast them.
Kalani: My battle droids are not accurate. However, you are, Master Jedi.
Kanan Jarrus: I don't understand.
Kalani: My droids will line up and fire at you and your apprentice. You two will then redirect their blaster bolts toward the shells more accurately, thus setting off more targets than my droids could hit alone.
Rex: Well, this takes trust to a whole new level.

Imperial Super Commandos[edit]

Iron Squadron[edit]

The Wynkahthu Job[edit]

An Inside Man[edit]

Morad Sumar: I can't stop it...NOOOOOO!!!

Visions and Voices[edit]

Ghosts of Geonosis[edit]


Trials of the Darksaber[edit]

[Kanan and Sabine are dueling each other. Kanan tries to force Sabine to admit the truth about her past.]
Sabine Wren: The truth ... is that...I left to save everyone! My mother! My father! My brother! Everything I did was for family! For Mandalore! I built weapons. Terrible weapons. The Empire used them on friends. On family. People that I knew. They controlled us through fear. Mandalore ... fear of weapons I helped create! ...I helped enslave my people! I wanted to stop it. I had to stop it! I spoke out. I spoke out to save them. To save everyone! And when I did ... my family didn't stand with me. They chose the Empire. They left me. Gave me no choice. The Empire wanted to destroy worlds, and they did. They destroyed mine.

Legacy of Mandalore[edit]

Gar Saxon: I'll never yield to you, girl! You'll have to kill me!

Through Imperial Eyes[edit]

Secret Cargo[edit]

Mon Mothma: This is our rebellion."

Double Agent Droid[edit]

Twin Suns[edit]

Maul: [disdainful] Look what has become of you. A rat in the desert.
Obi-Wan: Look what I have risen above.
Maul: I have come to kill you, but perhaps it's worse to leave you here, festering in your squalor.
Obi-Wan: If you define yourself by your power to take life, your desire to dominate, to possess, then you have nothing. [Maul growls angrily and ignites his lightsaber]
Maul: And what do YOU have?! Why come to this place? Not simply to hide...[realizes] Oh, you have a purpose here! Perhaps you are protecting something...No! Protecting someone! [Obi-Wan ignites his own lightsaber and stands ready]
[Maul ignites the second blade of his lightsaber, and both he and Obi-Wan prepare to fight. After several long moments, Maul attacks. Maul and Obi-Wan exchange three blows before Obi-Wan cuts through Maul's lightsaber. After a short pause, Maul realizes he has been hit, and he falls to the ground, his lightsaber cut in half. Obi-Wan holds Maul as he dies]
Maul: [mortally wounded] Tell it the Chosen One?
Obi-Wan: He is.
[Maul succumbs to his wound. Obi-Wan closes Maul's eyes]

Zero Hour[edit]

Thrawn: What manner of creature are you?
Bendu: One beyond your power to destroy.
Thrawn: It would not seem so.
Bendu: You cannot see...but I can.
Thrawn: What? What do you see?
Bendu: I see your many arms surrounding you in a cold embrace.
[Thrawn, visibly unnerved, shoots him, only for the Bendu to disappear, laughing.]

Season 4[edit]

Heroes of Mandalore Part 1[edit]

Heroes of Mandalore Part 2[edit]

In the Name of the Rebellion Part 1[edit]

Saw Gerrera: Members of the Alliance to restore the Republic...
Ezra: Saw!
Saw Gerrera: Your losses today, stem from your leaders' cowardice. Their unwillingness to take decisive action against the Empire. All across the galaxy, your people suffer while this (chuckles)... "Rebellion" refuses to act.
Rebel guard: (to Mon Mothma) Should I shut him down?
Mon Mothma: No, I want to speak with him.
Saw Gerrera: (sarcastically) Madam Senator. I am honored.
Mon Mothma: What is your business here?
Saw Gerrera: You ignored my warning about the Jalindi relay, and paid the price. Now you have confirmation, yet, still, you refuse to destroy it.
Mon Mothma: So long as our allies in the Senate have hope of a peaceful resolution to this conflict, I will not risk-
Saw Gerrera: If you continue to allow this war to be fought on the Empire's terms, not yours, you are going to lose!
Mon Mothma: I will not be lectured on military strategy by a man who has proven himself a criminal.
Saw Gerrera: The Empire considers both of us criminals. At least I act like one.
Mon Mothma: You target civilians! Kill those who surrender! Break every law of engagement! If we degrade ourselves to the Empire's level, what will we become?!
Saw Gerrera: THERE she is! That's the leader the Rebellion needs. Where is that fire, that passion, when your people need it most?! I hope, Senator, after you've lost, and the Empire reigns over the galaxy unopposed, you will find some comfort in the knowledge that you fought according to the rules.

In the Name of the Rebellion Part 2[edit]

The Occupation[edit]

Flight of the Defender[edit]


Crawler Commanders[edit]

Rebel Assault[edit]

Jedi Night[edit]

Governor Ahrinda Pryce: (as she tortures Hera) You have a lovely voice, General Syndulla.

[Thrawn enters]

Grand Armiral Thrawn: Has she revealed the location of the Rebel fleet?
Governor Ahrinda Pryce: (smirks) Oh, I haven't begun asking questions yet.(shocks Hera again)
Grand Armiral Thrawn: Then allow me.
Hera Syndulla: I'll die before I tell you anything.
Grand Admiral Thrawn: I imagine you will, General. Like so many of your friends in the failed attack, and so much of your family back on Ryloth. (holds up her Kalikori) I wanted to ask you about your Kalikori; I like to know the deeper meanings of the pieces I collect. To me, they are not merely trophies, but... symbols, that truly represent some of my greatest adversaries.
Hera Syndulla: (scoffs) You don't need to know what it means... since I'll be taking it back!
Grand Admiral Thrawn: From my own analysis, I have determined that, these shapes represent individuals important to you at some time in your life. This design, I found most interesting. For, it seems to refer to a... brother. (Hera looks away) One who died, while he was still quite young. I imagine it is a... bittersweet memory for you?
General Hera Syndulla: You aren't worthy of holding that, let alone understanding it!
Grand Admiral Thrawn: Of course. I do apologize. However, its' legacy likely ends with you. You should take heart, knowing that this work of art is... at least appreciated by its' new owner. Governor Pryce, I'll leave you to complete her interrogation.

[He leaves]

Governor Ahrinda Pryce: I don't care much for art. (she shocks Hera again)

Hera Syndulla: Kanan! I know what to say now... I love you.
Kanan Jarrus: ... Must be the truth serum talking.
Hera Syndulla: No. It's me... all me.

[She kisses him as Sabine's gunship arrives]

Ezra Bridger: Hey, enough of that! Time to go!
Governor Ahrinda Pryce: Target that fuel pod! Now!!
Walker Driver: But, sir, the fuel-!
Governor Ahrinda Pryce: I gave you a direct order!

[The AT-AT walkers fire, rupturing and igniting the fuel pod. Kanan uses the Force to shield Hera, Ezra and Sabine from the blast]

Hera Syndulla: KANAN!

[She tries to run toward him, but Kanan uses the Force to push her back onto the gunship. As his vision returns, he pushes the gunship to safety as the entire fuel depot explodes, killing him]


Grand Admiral Thrawn: (communicating via hologram) So, you lost Hera Syndulla... yet you hold a parade? Explain yourself, Governor Pryce.
Ahrinda Pryce: A celebration of our victory over the rebels, Grand Admiral. As for General Syndulla... I have something better. (she holds out Kanan's lightsaber]
Grand Admiral Thrawn: Ahh... it's true, then. But, the Jedi's death came at a cost... did it not? Did you really believe that holding a parade would hide the fact that you destroyed our entire fuel supply? In defeating Kanan Jarrus, you have accomplished what the Rebels failed to, and given them a victory. The operation on Lothal, my TIE Defender project, has been compromised.
Ahrinda Pryce: Eh, Grand Admiral, I-
Grand Admiral Thrawn: (darkly) I will deal with you... when I return, Governor. With their leader gone, the remaining rebels will flounder; the boy, especially. Use that against them, Rukh. Expect them to strike out recklessly, and when they do... eliminate them. (Rukh smiles)

Wolves and a Door[edit]

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