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Stargirl (2020–2022) is a television show that aired on DC Universe and The CW based on the DC Comics character Courtney Whitmore.

Season 1


Pilot [1.1]


S.T.R.I.P.E. [1.2]


Icicle [1.3]


Wildcat [1.4]


Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite [1.5]


The Justice Society [1.6]


Shiv, Pt. One [1.7]

Courtney Whitmore: You haven't looked at the directions once.
Cindy Burman: Yeah. This is child's play. I literally did this as a child.
Courtney Whitmore: You played with dangerous chemicals as a kid? That's kind of unusual.
Cindy Burman: Yep, not when your dad's a chemist and leaves the cupboards unlocked. On purpose.

Shiv, Pt. Two [1.8]


Brainwave [1.9]


Brainwave Jr. [1.10]


Shining Knight [1.11]


Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E., Pt. One [1.12]


Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E., Pt. Two [1.13]

Building Manager: Can I help you?
Man: I'm looking for Pat Dugan.
Building Manager: He doesn't live here. Moved. Months ago now.
Man: Any idea where I can find him?
Building Manager: Who are you?
Sylvester Pemberton: I'm an old friend. Name's Sylvester Pemberton.

Season 2


Summer School: Chapter One [2.1]

Pat Dugan: Court? It's four in the morning. What are you doing down here?
Courtney Whitmore: Going through the JSA files.
Pat Dugan: Please don't tell me you've been up all night.
Courtney Whitmore: We agreed to be honest with each other, so ... I have been up all night, yes. But with good reason.
Pat Dugan: Okay, well, what about your history final?
Courtney Whitmore: Oh, I'll ace that. What happened to Per Degaton?
Pat Dugan: Per Degaton? Uh, the Flash banished him to an alternate timeline.
Courtney Whitmore: Whatever that means. Uh, okay, um, Black Briarthorn.
Pat Dugan: Uh, Green Lantern destroyed him in '88.
Courtney Whitmore: Uh, Baron Blitzkrieg.
Pat Dugan: That's enough, Court, okay.
Courtney Whitmore: It's not nearly enough, Pat. I've got a responsibility as Stargirl to stay vigilant.
Pat Dugan: Okay, look, you got a responsibility as Courtney Whitmore to focus on normal life instead of this stuff, okay?
Courtney Whitmore: This stuff is my destiny.
Pat Dugan: Your destiny isn't just about being Stargirl, okay? It's about going to school, getting good grades, working towards a career.
Courtney Whitmore: A career as Stargirl. [Pat sighs] Pat, just ... The Staff chose me when my own dad didn't for a reason that clearly goes beyond the Injustice Society. I mean, look at the obvious. We stopped the ISA, and the Staff is still lighting up. It's still working, so that means I have to be.
Pat Dugan: Okay, well, it's not that simple, Court. Being a superhero doesn't mean that the rest of your life takes a backseat. It's about finding a balance. Taking advantage of times like these. The fact that things are quiet? That's a good thing.
Courtney Whitmore: We just think it's quiet. Just because we don't see it doesn't mean it's not there. If we want to find and stop the bad guys, we're gonna have to turn over some rocks.
Pat Dugan: Well, I think you've turned over enough rocks for tonight, so time to hit the sack.
Courtney Whitmore: But what about Gentleman Ghost?
Pat Dugan: Go to bed.

Maggie: What can I get you, hon? Earl makes a country-fried steak that you will be telling your grandkids about. I have it four or five times a week, myself.
Sylvester Pemberton: Well, who could say no to that?
Maggie: Need anything else, handsome?
Sylvester Pemberton: Yeah, I'm, uh ... I'm looking for your ex-husband.
Maggie: Which one?
Sylvester Pemberton: The one who likes stripes.

Summer School: Chapter Two [2.2]


Summer School: Chapter Three [2.3]

Pat Dugan: Turns out the girl who cried wolf was right after all.
Courtney Whitmore: Of course I was right. There's a wolf in Blue Valley. He's called The Shade, the last member of the Injustice Society.
Pat Dugan: The Shade worked with the ISA in the past, but he quit a while back. I don't know what he's up to now, but he's going by the name Richard Swift. He's posing as an antiques dealer and he's basically an antique himself. There's photographic evidence of him going back to the 1800s.
Yolanda Montez: So, he's like really old.

Summer School: Chapter Four [2.4]


Summer School: Chapter Five [2.5]


Summer School: Chapter Six [2.6]

Cindy Burman: You're here because of me. Remember? You owe me.
Eclipso: No. I owe you nothing.

Summer School: Chapter Seven [2.7]


Summer School: Chapter Eight [2.8]


Summer School: Chapter Nine [2.9]

Pat Dugan: What are you guys doing down here?
Jay Garrick: There were four of us sitting around the table tonight, but we needed an odd number in case of a tie.
Pat Dugan: Tie for what?
Rex Tyler: Green Lantern and The Spectre couldn't stop it. Doctor Fate, the Hawks, Eclipso beat them all, and he vowed to kill our families too. We're out of time.
Ted Grant: So we're voting. It comes down to it, we gotta do what The Shade said and take out the host.
Pat Dugan: Talking about killing a man? If you do that ... I mean, it goes against everything that we stand for.
Ted Grant: We? Last time I checked, you were the mechanic. We're the ones that are putting our lives on the line and have to make decisions like this that we don't want to make. You ain't a member of this team, Stripesy. You're Sly's driver, so stay in your lane.
Jay Garrick: That's enough, Ted.
Ted Grant: Sorry. I just call 'em like I see 'em.
Rex Tyler: Nobody wants to do this, but we might have to. For Rebecca.
Jay Garrick: We came together to find justice, not vengeance. Didn't we, Rex? Ted? Sylvester, we're talking about victimizing a victim here.
Ted Grant: I got a son, so I'm gonna do what I gotta. Let's vote. I'm a yes.
Jay Garrick: I'm obviously a no.
Rex Tyler: I don't want to hurt anybody, but if there's no other choice, if it comes down to it, I'm going to do what we have to to protect our families. Yes.
Jay Garrick: Pat?
Ted Grant: He shouldn't get a vote.
Jay Garrick: He does. Pat?
Pat Dugan: I vote no. It's like Starman says. There's always a way.
Jay Garrick: That's two to two.
Pat Dugan: So it's down to Sylvester, right? Then it's decided. It's two for, but three against.
Sylvester Pemberton: My vote's a yes.
Pat Dugan: What?
Sylvester Pemberton: Eclipso threatened my family too. I'll do whatever it takes to protect them.
Jay Garrick: I won't take part in this.
Sylvester Pemberton: You won't have to, Jay. [to Pat] Get the car ready.
Pat Dugan: No. I voted no.
Sylvester Pemberton: Right now.

Pat Dugan: [after telling Courtney how the JSA originally defeated Eclipso] There was no last meeting, there was no decision to break up. Everyone just drifted away after that. I kept coming around though, hoping to see if any of 'em showed up around the table. Nobody did. Not until the ISA reformed, but, you know, that was a lot of years later. And even when the JSA got back together, well, they were never the same. They were broken. And that's why the ISA won in the end. Killing Bruce Gordon ... When the JSA did that, it wound up killing them.
Courtney Whitmore: We promised. No more secrets.
Pat Dugan: I know.
Courtney Whitmore: You've been ... You've been lying to me for weeks, Pat. Lying while, while my friends were being hurt and destroyed by Eclipso. What's my mom going to say?
Pat Dugan: She knows.

Summer School: Chapter Ten [2.10]

Sylvester Pemberton: I was wrong to bring you with us. Bringing you, I thought there would be a chance. That somehow, we could find a way to save Bruce Gordon. 'Cause we always find a way. And that's what we do, right? Instead, I brought you to a murder. Family isn't born. It's chosen. You taught me that. My sixteenth birthday, got into a fight at school. Do you remember Hop Harrigan?
Pat Dugan: Yeah.
Sylvester Pemberton: He and his buddies beat me up, stole my watch. That was my birthday gift. It was an engraved watch. Parents left it on my dresser for me that morning. I owned that watch a whole four hours and it was gone. I was so scared to tell my mom and dad that I had lost their present. But I did. I told 'em. You know what? They had no idea what I was talking about. They never gave me a watch. They even forgot it was my birthday. You snuck that gift into my room 'cause you knew they'd forget. They always did. I caught up with Harrigan the next day. And I got it back 'cause it meant the world to me. Still does. You taught me how to drive, Pat. You taught me how to stand up for myself. You taught me how to think for myself. You're more than a friend. You're my brother. And I know, most of the time, I don't treat you that way. I gotta say, I have a little too much of my mom and dad in me still. I'm sorry.
Pat Dugan: It's okay.
Sylvester Pemberton: Pat, when Eclipso was threatening everyone's families ... Rex's wife, Ted's son ... he threatened my family too. He threatened you. I don't know what's gonna happen with the JSA, but I do know that I don't want this to destroy our family.

Courtney Whitmore: Why did you lie to me?
Pat Dugan: Thought you were better off not knowing what happened.
Courtney Whitmore: How could you think murder was okay?
Pat Dugan: I didn't, and I don't. There was a vote.
Courtney Whitmore: So they voted to do it?
Pat Dugan: Some of 'em did, yeah. Dr. McNider had lost his daughter. Eclipso had threatened everyone's family. They were scared and they thought that they were out of options. They thought that people that they loved were gonna die.
Courtney Whitmore: What did you do?
Pat Dugan: It's what I didn't do. I didn't stop 'em.
Courtney Whitmore: I mean ... Do you understand how much damage you've done by keeping the truth from us? Yolanda would have known that she wasn't the first member of the JSA to take a life and regret it.
Pat Dugan: She might have quit anyway. You all could have.
Courtney Whitmore: Maybe, but we were flying blind. We didn't have the full story.
Pat Dugan: You're right, and I'm sorry. I just didn't want the way you saw the JSA to change. I didn't want the way you saw me to change.
Courtney Whitmore: Well, it has.

Summer School: Chapter Eleven [2.11]

Courtney Whitmore: How did you not lose your mind in here?
Charles McNider: Time passes differently. That's part of it. But I also was able to hack into the real world. I could see glimpses of things, news mostly. It wasn't until your friend activated the goggles that I had hope of ever escaping.
Courtney Whitmore: Even if they find The Shade, why would he help us?
Charles McNider: Because he's complicated. A few nights after Rebecca died, Myra went to her mother's. I was in bed. I couldn't sleep. And I heard someone in the house. I found The Shade in my kitchen with a bottle of absinthe. He'd half-drunk it himself already.
Courtney Whitmore: What was he doing there?
Charles McNider: He said he'd known about Eclipso before and done nothing. And it bothered him. He blamed himself, but I dismissed the notion. Then he asked me about Rebecca. We finished that bottle and then he left. The Shade wasn't like other members of the ISA. When he sent me to the Shadowlands, it wasn't punishment. He was trying to save me from the ISA. I think he considered us friends. There's a chance he may help us now.

Summer School: Chapter Twelve [2.12]


Summer School: Chapter Thirteen [2.13]

Nurse Love: Green Lantern's daughter is back in Milwaukee, searching for her brother. But she found friends. Friends like her.
Mister Bones: Where are those friends?
Nurse Love: They're in a small town in Nebraska that appears to be populated with heroes and villains.
Mister Bones: Heroes and villains living side by side. What an interesting experiment. Perhaps we should take a trip to Nebraska.


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